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Chapter Nine

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Jared finds himself kept in a rotted prison....

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Chapter Nine

They were leading me somewhere dark, there was something over my head so I couldn't see. I was beginning to feel like one of those hostage movies and inside the thought pulled harshly at my imagination. I didn't like the idea but it was the only one I could come up with given the situation I was in. Them killing me would be as easy as swatting a fly, except I didn't have wings to try and get away from them. All I had were some bound limbs, a racing heart, and a million words nobody would hear.

Somewhere close a door slammed shut and I jumped at the sound. I turned every which way hoping that someone would grant me the ability to see again. God had given me sight, they had made me blind.

"Leave us here, wait outside the door." It was Dr.Lawrence's voice that sounded like an echo all around me. Where the hell were we?

Again the door slammed shut and I could feel myself grow more alone and yet I knew the doctor was there with me. A prominent figure beside me. Perhaps a lying figure beside me. Janelle had said he wasn't a doctor, then what the hell was he?

Harshly he grabbed my arm and pressed me forward before finally I felt him shove me down into a chair. The sound of straps buckling came to my ears and the feeling of constriction was felt on my wrists and around my ankles. He pulled whatever it was from off my head and my eyes blurred the images all around me. I let out a small breath, readjusting myself. My eyes went clear and I saw that I was in some sort of prison area. It looked like one of those scenes with dripping water coming from a cracked ceiling, dirty ground, and opened cell doors. This place was no doubt underneath the asylum. That thought made my fear heighten painfully.

"I have orders to keep you under the most severe isolation we have until we receive further help from the outside." Dr.Lawrence was looking down at me, contemplation heavy in his eyes. He looked a lot like his son, the same dark skin, and an almost friendly way of approaching things.

"Orders from who?" My voice dragged, the hoarse feeling crawling up in my throat with each word.

"That doesn't concern you." He replied simply, as if that was enough to sweep away my curiosity.

"Course it doesn't" I muttered, looking away and staring at one of the rusted cell doors. The very sight made an ache form in my chest and a fear to swell inside of me.

"You're our most dangerous patient, Jared. Where the others throw fits in front of mirrors you magically unlock your doors at night. When the others are muttering incoherent words to themselves, you're killing your neighbors. What an interesting subject you are." There was a hint of a smile then as he looked to me.

"You been studying me?"

"Of course I have. You are my patient, I must study you. To find a cure for your illness."

"What's next? Dissection?"

"Although that does seem tempting, I don't need to know how you function...yet." The smile broke through, curling the corners of his lips and glinting in his eyes. "I do want to know what goes on through your head when you do it. I want to know...Everyone wants to know."

"Who's everyone?"

"Again, that doesn't concern you."

I sighed and lowered my head. It stank like death, feces, and rot down here. It would have made me puke had there been anything in my stomach.

"I want to know something too, doctor." I said, looking up at him when I did.

"What's that?"

"How the hell did my door unlock from the outside?" I demanded it not only of him but also of the powers that be. Someone somewhere had to have an answer.

"Still raving on with that nonsense, Jared? No one believes it. The only reason you do is because you're telling yourself it's the only truth you can accept. Because you don't want to accept the things you've done."

I only stared blankly at him, buying his crap would have been easy but it would also place me in deeper waters than before. If I even so much as uttered a confession I was done for.

"I'll come back when you're ready to tell me something. I really thought we had graduated past this."

I smirked a little and watched as he made his way to the door. "Hey doctor, your son's a good kid. Wonder what the hell he's doing in a place like this." I said to his back.

He didn't turn around but he did stop at my words, a halt in his step before he carried on. At that I knew that there were more bones to dig up than just my own.
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