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The Kids From Yesterday (PART THREE)

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He doesn't care, death is familiar, pleasant

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I didn't care. Why didn't care, I'll never know. I had no idea where I was and I didn't care. There was screaming and yelling and chaos all around be and I couldn't care less.

That little voice in my head was screaming 'run, you fucking idiot RUN!', but I couldn't. My feet wouldn't move. I couldn't process that I was in danger, I took in the awful scene. 

A teenage girl being brutally murder in a unclassy fashion by the dark haired older woman, possible mid-30s. Her eyes glowed red. The older woman sucked the young girl clean, till she was nothing but skin and bones. 

Wait, is that even possible?

Apparently so.

It took a bit for my mind to grasp this. My own my mindless idioticly wrapped up in itself, too much so to tell my feet to move, to hide, to do anything. So I let myself get spotted by the women, the creature.. Involuntarily, but still my own damn fault. 

I ran. I ran like my life depended on it, not like it mattered. I'm out of shape, I smoke to much, and I'm up against a fucking vampire. Needless to say I got caught. She held me down and smiled, I smiled back. I was raised to be a gentleman. I waited for my death, I've come to terms with the end. I was content. There was something comforting about it. I wish I'd done more with my life, but that was a minor feeling. I wondered how'd they find my body, if they found it, who would find it and when, who would care, how'd they'd dress me for my casket, if there was a funeral, if they'd find, if I'd be found but be a John Doe. I hate the name John. 

My mind loves to screw with me because while thinking unnecessary thoughts I didn't notice the women go to my neck. I felt the familiar feel of a bee sting, and I felt the venom seep into my veins. Death doesn't feel that bad, was my last thought before it all went black. 

~+~+~+~ Next Day ~+~+~+~

I woke up to complete darkness. Is this the after life or was it all a dream? I shook my head and sat up. I was on a bed. That's for sure. But, am I dead? I pinched myself lightly. Do dead people feel? I look around and my eyes adjusted to the dark,  but it wasn't like they simply 'adjusted' it was more like seeing in night vision. But maybe  dead people just see like that? Anything is possible.  The room was pretty average, I couldn't identify colors with the whole red based night vision thing going on but it was fine. There was a tv, a door, no windows, no closet, a furniture set strait out of a magazine. You know they ones, the one your mom flips through saying 'no why doesn't my house look like that?' landing on a teens or kids picture of a perfectly organized room and says 'why can't you clean your room like that hun?'. It was a catalog room, it was perfect, I hated it. 

Sorry it's short, but I'm going to be updating twice a week now so hopefully that makes up for the shortness of this chapter. I'll be posting new chapters of this every Monday and Friday. R&R please, tell me what I can do to make my writing and my stories better, I really appreciate it. Thanks for reading.
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