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The Kids of Yesterday Were Very Confused Little Shits

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Adele puns, one direction, puppy love, back stories, and completely sexy and very hot douche bag, dick head, backstabbing, betraying, evil vampire hunter spy things

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After I came to terms with rather it's the afterlife or not, I realized I didn't give a shit. There are three possibilities. One of which says I'm dead, if I am, after life isn't so bad. The other says I'm alive and kidnapped my a murderer, so I'll be dead soon enough. Finally scenario, I'm a vampire. None of those things particularly bothering me. I was in need of change, any kind of change.

My life was shit. School sucked. My comic book career was going nowhere. Artist was out, as my artwork made people's brains hurt. I was told that about a thousand times, and to this day I have no idea what people meant by that.

Later on, at whatever time of the day or night or whatever, I was greeted by the woman who...bit me? Killed me? Turned me? She explained that I'm a vampire. She said it quite bluntly, matter-of-factly. No sugar coating anything. You know how adults in a leadership position do that thing where they say 'Now listen up, cause I'm only gonna say this once'. She did it in that sort of manner. Explained everything. How I'm her vampire son now, if I choose to stay with her and her vamp fam.

Needless to say I chose to stay with them, the trained me for a few weeks. Drilling the vamp rules in my head, giving me contact information and yada yada yada. Told me I could go. I stayed for multiple reasons. In the short time I had known them, they became like family. There was lots of moving, background story changes, name change. Fine by me. I wanted change. Those years were fine. We'd move somewhere. My name and backstory would change. I'd be someone new, I'd change my clothes, how I acted. Get a chance to experience things Gerard didn't. It was great.

Whenever we moved I'd start high school as a Sophomore and we'd live there till I graduated and we'd move again. I dyed my hair a lot, it was cool. Tried blue, purple, blonde, fiery red, auburn, green, black, strawberry blonde, canary yellow. I liked change, love change. So I didn't care that I lost my life. After a while I forgot about that life. I never saw my real parents again or Mikey. Like they say 'out of sight, out of mind.' It's true. Around my third, possibly fourth school, I went back to the name Gerard.

I don't even remember what my real family looks like.

-Present Day-

I shook my head to their yes or no questions. I got caught. Like really? How does a mother flipping vampire get caught? Because their boyfriends a backstabbing liar. I trusted Frank, I loved him.. Loved him and he betrayed me. Tossed me aside like a model tosses out a perfectly good twinky. Franks the perfect gorgeous model, but inside they're nothing. I thought he was something, I thought he was everything, my everything. Here I am, this awesomely amazing twinky, filled with whip creamy deliciousness, being tossed in the trash. I don't like trash. I'm gonna get revenge. I will set fire to their reign. Haha, Adele pun.

They asked more questions. So many questions, I just stopped listening. I shook my frantically in every direction so they couldn't tell if the answer was yes or no. They asked for me to either speak or nod and one direction. I screamed a lot. They said 'one direction'... Now 'What Makes You Beautiful' is stuck in my head again. So I sang, duh. "Baby you light up my world like nobody else! They way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed!!! And when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell! You don't know! Oh oh! You don't know you're beautiful! This is the part where we na na na na! Every hit song needs a na na na na! You'll wake at night screaming nananana! My grandmas nickname is nana! Now I'll point to the place where you make babies, I want someone to grow old and point with me! I don't know! Oh oh! I don't know that I'm gay yet!" I sang it loud and proud. I hated the song though, I only knew the first verse and the chorus and my mind always scrambled the lyrics in with the lyrics for the parody by the key of awesome. But hey, my minds weird like that. I didn't really know any more words so I just hummed and bopped my head. I noticed a hint of a smile tugging a Franks lips. His gorgeous smile. He hasn't smiled much lately. The others guys kind of just stared at me looking back and forth at each other like 'are you serious?'. So I'm not the most, manly or sane vampire on the block. But had to have captured worse, right? I'm sure they have. I'm normal.

"I think this one, needs to go to some vampire insane asylum or something" the guard with the awkward mustache that looked kind of cartoony complained. So I barked, actually barked. Just like a dog. It was fun. "I think it's cute." Aww, Frankie will always defend me, even though he's a complete douche bag, dick head, backstabbing, betraying, evil, vampire hunter spy thing. Okay no, that's a tad harsh, and totally wrong. He's a completely sexy and very hot douche bag, dick head, backstabbing, betraying, evil vampire hunter spy thing. Yup, that about sums him up. He should put that on his facebook bio.

"You are so smitten, Agent Iero." Laughed another guard, the guard with awesome hair, total sexy ass. I'd take a bite out of that. Not literally, well maybe. He had a name tag, but I didn't bother reading it. "Nobody says smitten." Frank pet my head, and I barked more happily and snuggled into his hand. I can't believe that sexy douche bag, dick head, backstabbing, betraying, evil vampire hunter spy thing pet me. I can't believe I liked it. "You didn't deny, that you aren't smitten." But he's not, is he? He betrayed me. Maybe he regrets it and wants to take everything back? Nah, dudes still a sexy backstabbing vampire hunter. So I barked and I kept barking until they all gave up with their questions.

Eventful day, got captured by vampire hunters, realized my boyfriend...ex-boyfriend is a jerk, my ex pet me, I barked. Fun. Life is great just great. Like my plan of escape and my plan of revenge.

[*AN: I'm so proud of my self, 1,123 words, not including the AN... Woop woop. I'm canceling schedules for all my stories, because they clearly don't work, also I'm looking for a job soooo.... Yeah. Good weekend good weekend. I'll have this updated by... Saturday I believe. It's possible this won't be updated till June, as I'm babysitting my great grandmother this week and next week and next weekend I'm going to a wedding down south... I know you don't care... I apologize for rambling on.
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