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Under Pressure

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Mikey's POV for the very first time. Bob Bryar enters the story. Gerard likes to be pet.

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Franks POV
Ashamed. I've never felt more ashamed in my life. Betraying Gerard put me in a bad spot. He's acting mental. He's cracked his case. He's been here for weeks now, they're trying to figure out what's wrong with him and if it's some rare vampire disease . 

Gerard's been put in a special room. Been labeled as crazy. It hurts me every time they experiment on him and shove numerous amounts of colorful pills down his throat. They use they're specially designed needles to pierce his vampire skin. My heart breaks when I hear his screams at just the sight of those little things. I'm the only one he responds well to, but I'm not sure if he even knows who I am or he'd hate me.  He'd seek revenge. I can tell he doesn't comprehend what's going on a lot of the time. Can't tell he's gonna be caged like an animal and be experimented on until he's no longer needed and terminated. What hurts the most is when I look in his eyes, they aren't Gerard's anymore. They're void of life, passion, and creativity. They just look confused and hurt. 

Sometimes I visit him I just sit next to him, talk to him and stroke his hair. He likes it when I do that. I can tell he enjoys it when I visit. Most of the time I just hide in the office, observing the man I destroyed, the man I loved on the monitor.  I couldn't bring myself to visit him a lot. It hurt, reminded me of what a terrible being I am. It shatters my heart to pieces when I have to leave his side. I want to steal him away, so these people can never hurt him again. But I can't, they'll kill me and Gerard. I'll figure out a plan sooner or later and everything will be fine. We'll run away, go someplace they'll never find us. We'll settle down and be together forever. Late dawns and early sunsets, just like my favorite scenes. We'll be  holding hands and life will be  perfect, just like up on the screen. 

I'll think of something Gerard, I'll get us out of this mess. I promise. 

Mikeys POV

Gerards vampire parents  have been terminated.  When I set the Iero family up to terminate Vampire Coven #25996258 I didn't know I'd find Gerard. I'd thought he was murdered, dead, thanks to those demons. That's the whole reason I founded this damn organization, now that I know he's alive I promise on my life I'll find a cure. Then he can be Gerard again, my brother. Thank God those evil people who turned my brother have paid the price with there lives.  

"Franks at the door sir." Alicia my assistant, let me know through the intercom. "Tell him he can come in." I answered back. My door swung open immediately after the words left my mouth. An angry Frank Iero entered my office. I lifted my finger off the intercom button. "Frank. Sit." I gestured towards the seats on the other side of my desk. He ignored me and starting going about with his usually rif raf. "What are you guys doing to him?!" He yelled. I gestured for him to sit again, this time he obeyed.  

He sat, but twitched around anger boiling inside of him giving him the inability to sit still. "Calm down Frank. We are simply doing research. This will all change things, lots of things. " I smiled at him. "Fucking research on somebody else!," he suddenly calmed his voice saddened, "I can't stand seeing him like this". I don't understand what's gotten into Frank, he was such a good agent. "Fine, you're fired. Happy? Goodbye now." 

Franks POV 
I rose from the chair, leaving his office but not without slamming the door hard enough for the knob to come off. Fine, Michael, if that's the way you want to play it. 

I hate working here anyway. I was about to turn over my I.D. before I realized I needed access to the 6th floor first. One of my best friends works on the sixth floor. He was born into it as well, just like me. He's the only friend I've had longer than a year. He's my best friend. I've known him since my first trip to main headquarters 12 years ago.  

I jogged up the stairs. Room, 612... Where's room 612. I scanned the hall. The rooms while numbered are not numbered normally. You'll have a room B9 right across from 629 right before 90G across from 7479. Ah, room 612. I waved my I.D. over the scanner and pushed through the doors instantly spotting my blonde friend as he's the only one around. He's kind of muscular with a lip ring and just looks like a tough as nails punk biker. In reality he can be such a teddy bear, he even refuses to do field work, just works in filing. "Frank!" Bob greeted me with a hug. "I need a favor, Bobsterina." I hugged back quickly. "You just got one, I didn't pummel your face in for calling me Bobsterina." We laughed, I get away with calling Bob whatever I want. Only thing I can't get away with is filming him. He hates being on camera. 

"What file do you need that you aren't supposed to have?" he asked with a sigh. "I want to know what there doing with Gerard. Number 56120698573246" I said urgently. "Okay, I can remember that. Hold on." Bob disappeared behind some door.  Number 56120698573246, Gerard. But he's so much more than a number. Bob appeared out of nowhere with two folders and handed them over to me. My eyes scanned through all the documents. They want to cure him, make him human again. "Why do you care about Mikey's brother so much anyway?" Bob asked. MICHAEL'S  WHAT NOW?!
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