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We hold in our hearts the sword and the faith

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(AN: I’m at my grandparents for the weekend. So curse words will be typed awkwardly, just in case. Also it’s my grandmas birthday today. Also I’m actually using her computer.)
Frank’s Pov

Michael....Michael. Michael...and Gerard. Wait What? The Fuuuuqqqq?! What? Excuse me? “Bob say what now?” I asked. I’ve been watching too much Hannah Montana, I mean, I’ve been babysitting too much. My neighbors daughter, she loves Hannah Montana, yeah. Hehe. “Michael and Gerard are related. They’re brothers. How do you not know this?” Bob stated, like it was no big deal. “Why didn’t I know this?” I yelled, pacing around. “Dude, I just asked that.” Ugh. Boooobbbbb! Michael. Michael. Bob. Gerard. “Who else knows?” I asked, still pacing around the room, utterly confused. “Um, everyone. Its no secret. The whole reason Michael built the company is because he realized it had to be a paranormal creature that killed his brother. Nothing normal explained it. Of course police didn’t believe him, even after he found proof. So he started the agency seeking revenge.” Bob said, as if reading it out a handbook. Creepy. “Well I know that, geesh. But Gerard? My, my..... my target? Really? No one felt the need to tell me that?!” I waved my arms around frantically with my words. “Well they only found out AFTER they briefed you on him. Like weeks later, just days before execution ” Bob explained. “They couldn’t have told me then??” I dramatically countered back. “Maybe it didn’t seem as important. I DON’T KNOW OKAY!”

NOT IMPORTANT? NOT IMPORTANT! FUQ THIS SHITE! “Have they ever turned anyone back into a human before” I asked calmly, sitting on the floor against the wall. Must stay calm Frankie, must stay calm. “Not successfully, there has been tons of complications.” Bob replied, sitting next to me. A sudden anger whooshed through me, but I forced it aside, I have to keep my cool. “Could he die?” My voice cracked a tad. Must keep cool Iero, you will not cry today. “Yes, but they’re being extra careful. Running a lot of test on him and things, make sure they don’t screw it up.” Okay. I think I’m going to break down. “He’s gonna be fine. Tell me, why do you care?” His question bringing tears to my eyes. “I love him.” I hugged Bob and just cried. “As a co-worker, that’s against protocol Frank. As a friend, I think it’s all gonna be alright.” Bob said reassuringly. “Thanks Bobster.” I wrapped my arms around my friend and squeezed him, burying my face in in chest. “This moment, NEVER leaves this room.” My words muffled through his shirt but I’m sure he gets the point. So I cried and we stayed like that for hours. (An: Listening to Desert Song the my chem one, I’m about to cry. So I’m going to leave you with this short 460 word story. Sorry. Longer Chapter will be up sometime next week)
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