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I Wanna Scream "I Love You" From the Top of My Lungs

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It's really sucks when someone's mad at you. It's even worse when you have no idea why.

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Ryan threw me yet another loathsome glare from across the room. What was his problem? Brent had invited me to join the band and Spencer welcomed me with open arms. Not Ryan though. Ryan hated my guts and took every chance he got to remind me of the fact. It always put me in an uncomfortable position, considering the fact that I had feelings for him. Complicated feelings.

As soon as I stepped into the garage, perfection came into my field of vision in the form of George Ryan Ross III. The way his mop of coffee-colored hair fell in front of his deep chocolate eyes, the way his emotions flowed onto paper so easily, the way he bit his lip shyly constantly, all of which made me melt on the spot. However, the sparkle in his eyes disappeared and was replaced with an ominous coldness whenever he looked at me. I was simply a nuisance in his eyes.

Finally, I’d had enough. I stood up from where I was sitting on the piano bench and stalked over to him. He frowned up at me with a look of pure disgust .

“What do you want?” Ryan demanded with emphasis on “you”, as if to ask why I was even here.

“I want to know what you have against me. What the hell did I do wrong?”

Ryan sneered at me.

“As if you don’t know. You just barge in here and expect everyone to be happy and cheerful and listen to everything you say. I’m not going to let some kid take control of our band.” he stood up and did his best to look intimidating.

Although I was more toned than him, Ryan did a damn good job of scaring the crap out of me. I took a step back and Ryan followed. He pursued me until my back hit the wall. Not a sound was heard besides his heavy breathing, each breath filled with more hostility than before. I swallowed and tried to focus on getting words to form, but his body so close to mine made my mind empty out instantly.

“You took my place and I don’t really appreciate that.” he whispered.

His warm breath tickled my neck, causing any snarky replies to slip my mind.

“I-I didn’t mean to-”

Ryan pressed his lips against mine roughly, cutting me off immediately. My knees turned to jelly so I laced my fingers together behind his neck to steady myself. His tongue traced my bottom lip, requesting entrance. I opened my mouth obediently, not sure of any other choices. His sweet tongue explored my mouth, pulling a soft moan from my lips. Ryan hummed in satisfaction and let his fingers tangle themselves in my hair. He broke away, leaving my lips tingling.

“I hate you.” he whispered.

“I love you.” I murmured back without thinking.

Ryan let out a little chuckle and stroked my cheek.

“Yeah, I guess I love you too.” he pulled me close and wrapped his skinny arms around me.

“So this means you’re a couple now?”

Ryan let go of me to see Brent sipping a diet coke. It took all of my willpower not to pull Ryan back to me and continue kissing him madly.

“Brent, how long have you been here?” Ryan stepped towards him.

“Only long enough to see that wonderful make-out scene of yours,” he held up his phone, “and get it on tape.”

I lunged at him, grabbing for the phone. Brent expected it, moving to the side swiftly and sending me crashing into Spencer’s drum set. He was so busy laughing at me that he didn’t notice Ryan sneaking up behind him, ready to pounce. Ryan tackled him to the ground and seized the phone. With the press of a button, the video was gone and done with. I took the phone and helped Ryan up, not that there was much to help up. He was a toothpick, and a cute toothpick at that.

“What video?” I asked smugly before tossing the phone at a defeated looking Brent.

“Asshole.” he spat back.

“Why thank you, Mr. Wilson.” I gave a little bow.

Ryan grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the garage. My cheeks reddened slightly at his touch.

“Let’s go somewhere,” he looked at me seductively, making me blush even more, “private.”

I was speechless. Ryan’s attitude towards me completely changed in less than ten minutes. He hated me so much, now he couldn’t let go of me.

Not that I minded.

BTW I don't like Brent for some reason (Maybe b/c he's rlly ugly jk) so he's the bad guy, probably because I could never make Jon a villain. :)
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