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No Reflection

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Present day, another teen suicide blamed on My Chemical Romance leads Gerard Way down a dark path he swore never to go down again.

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The rain drops fell rapidly outside of his hotel window, hitting the pavement below with little splats. But nothing could be falling faster than his own disappointment. Disappointment in himself was all it was, when these situations occurred, which they rarely did, he always blamed no one but himself. He didn’t blame the media, didn’t blame his band mates, didn’t blame the parents or the child. It was his fault, and his fault alone.

He lit a cigarette, seeing it was the last in his pack, had he really just sat there and smoked half the pack? It was going to catch up to him one day, he would have cancer or some health problem, but right not he didn’t give a fuck. If he could make it all right, if he could bring the girl back, than he would do it in a heart beat.

The door of the hotel room suddenly opened and Mikey Way stepped in, pressing buttons on his phone. “Gerard? Where is your phone? Your wife keeps calling me, she’s worried about you.” Mikey moved to stand in front of his older brother who sat by the window smoking, his freshly bleached bangs hanging in his face.

Gerard didn’t even look up at his own brother. “It’s….dead…needs charged.” he muttered an explanation, taking another drag off his cigarette.

“Gee!” Mikey threw his phone into his brothers lap. “Call Lindsey! She’s worried sick about you, she saw the news, hell, everyone has seen the news!”

“Way to help me feel better!” Gerard growled at his brother, looking up at him through heavily blood shot eyes.

“Gerard….it’s not your fault.” Mikey said in a softer tone. “It’s not-”

“The fuck it’s not.” he mumbled, getting up from his seat to plug his phone into the wall charger. “The note was faxed to Brian, Brian showed it to all of us, it was my fucking words that motivated her to do it!”

Mikey just shook his head and looked down. “Gerard…..”

“What?” he snapped, and Mikey raised both eyebrows, followed by another long sigh.
“I’ll give you your time.” he said, touching his brother’s shoulder. “We’re all ordering room serve in Ray’s room, if you feel like coming to join us, there will be plenty to eat.” he told him. “I love you bro.” he said before turning to leave.

“Yeah, love you too.” Gerard said as he went into the bathroom, starting the shower and letting the scalding water wash over his skin, turning it red, too bad it couldn’t wash away all of the guilt he felt.


Hey, it's vampyGee. I can't really say if I am "back" now, or if any of you remember me, but hello. This story if very new, very different, and there is much more to come. Thank you for reading, please review, all good writers need feedback from their readers.

p.s. I know this chapter is crazy short, but the next will be longer. I promise.
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