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AUDITION? :I (pwease)

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And now, folks, I am ready. :) Read if you would like to be in mah story.

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Heya guys. I posted sorta auditions yesterday, but I know I didn't give you the plot, characters needed, or the audition forum. But now, I'm ready. To the kind people who already auditioned: could you please copy/paste your auditions again and add anything else I need? I'd be wonderfully greatful. :)

Well first of all there might be a lead character that knows the Fabulous 'Joys before the story starts and they've been taken by BL/I. For the reason, not sure yet. :/ This lead character will probably be in a relationship with one of the guys. In order for the guys to rescue him/her they need the help of others. And that's where you guys come in. During all this one of you will be a double agent, too.

Main 'Joy- guy/girl whatever's cool, I'm thinkin' you will be Party Poison's gal. At the start of the story you will be stuck at BL/I. Korse wants you to tell him where the rest of your gang are. You were unfortunately kidnapped at the start of the story, but I'll prolly do a flashback.

Le Best Friend of the Main Killjoy, also whoever's love interest you want to be- guy/girl, you guys have been friends since childhood. Super close, inseparable, whateva you want to put it.

Double Agent/Traitor- Okay I know know no one probably wants to audition for this, but you will be featured in this a lot. You're on the Killjoy's side and Korse's. In the end you will have to choose which side you'll stay loyal to. Geddit? Guy/girl- doesn't matta. You're kinda the bad guy.

guy/girlfriend one of the guys- I might possibly kill one of you off. . I'm not sure, really. I'm not even certain of the plot, but this is it for now. THERE WILL BE LOTS OF LOVING!!! (No sex, I'm sorry. I suck at smut.)

Newbie Killjoy- (again you can either be a guy or a girl.) So this gets confusing. You are just another rebel kid stuck in Battery City wanting to run away. But your parents work for BL/I and you are under major surveillance. Not putting exactly what happens yet, but you want to become a Killjoy. Oh, and another thing. You will be Ray's love interest. The Fro deserves some love! :D

And that is it! So here are the audition 'requirements':

Killjoy name:
Male or female?:
Description of how you look-
body type:
scars, piercings,tattoos?:
Killjoy Outfit:
Background story: (as detailed as possible, please.)

Anything interesting/unique about yourself:
Sex Preference: (I mean do you like guys, girls. .?)

FOR EACH PART Add this to the form thingy please.

MAIN CHARACTER: What are your thoughts about BL/I?
How did you meet Party Poison/gang?

BEST FRIEND/SOMEONE'S LOVE INTEREST: Why are you and the Main Character best friends? What do you think about him/her?

NEWBIE: Why do you want to be a killjoy?

I want originality! Be as unique as possible.

I'm sorry if this sounds demanding. This is my fist audition thing I am holding. I will probably post the results in a couple days. :3

xx Allie
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