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Results!!! :)

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After a nice ranting, I have le answers! :D

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Hi people of Ficwad! -waves- So I know you guys have probably been waiting for this moment for ages. . . -cricket noises ensue- Hehe just kidding. But here 'tis! It was REALLY hard choosing the parts. I apologize to the people who didn't get in. You guys had great auditions though. No fear, I will put you in my story! :D

Main Killjoy ElectricBlackOut as Dani Farrelly aka BlackOut

Best Friend aMoronGoneViral as Kathryn Weatherspoon dating the lovely Frankie. :) aka Atomic Sunrise

Girlfriend of Mikey MyNomeDePlume as Liz Manor Is your killjoy name just Detonator? Sorry just wondering.

Newbie Killjoy XCherrikidXD as Lucy May aka Cherry Kid You don't mind being with Ray, do you?

Double Agent ChasingPavementsxoxo as Izabella Crow aka Atomic Detonator Thank you!

I noticed that Izzy and Kat have the same first killjoy name. Do you wanna change it or do you just want me to call you both by your last killjoy names? And Liz has the same last killjoy name as Izzy. . .Tell me what you want me to do! :]

Thanks to everyone who auditioned! I'm extremely grateful. I will try to upload the first chappie as soon as I can, but Imma apologize in advance, because like you may have, . . . Homework. . .

xx Allie
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