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Revenge Never Was So Phsycotic

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La la, now this is where things really begin at the Black Parade. I had to introduce Black mariah and Our Lady of Sorrows into it. Let me know if i am rushing into anything. I don't want to rush shit into it but i think this is going at a good pace and all that is mentioned in this will not happen straight away :3


Aura :

Laughter was all that could be heard from them, my heart ached seeing the two of them together. Sharing common interest's, getting to know eachother a little better, happy that they were in eachother's company and it hurt me that i wasn't the one over there instead of her. She only arrived 2 days ago and look all flirty with him. I have been trying to get him to notice me and probably like me ina different way for a while but it's not happening. Usually i live life to the full but this was just killing me.

"Your jealous!" Hozzie said creeping up behing me making me jump.

"I am so not!" I said defensively, noone knew what i felt and i planned to keep it that way.

"Then why have you got that look that your jealous that Gerard has been getting to know Our Lady Of Sorrows?" Hozzie questioned folding her arms and moving her eyebrows up and down.

"I-i he is my best friend!" I stuttered thinking of a good reason to hide the feeling.

"Nope Gerard is your crush!" Hozzie pointed her finger at me and a wide chesire cat grin spread across her face.

"Who is crushing on Gerard?" Dana asked walking around the corner her eyes wide with curiousity and looking up from her phone.

"Aura" Hozzie said dragging my name and her voice became high pitched.

"AM NOT!" I shouted quickly.

"Then why are you being so defensive?" Dana said leaning against one of the trees and squinting her eyes while raising her left eyebrow.

"I'm not!" I repeated.

"yes, you are" Hozzie and Dana said not giving up i didn't plan to keep on having his fight and they wanted me to hear the words

"Alright! I may like him a little" I muttered, but instantly regretting it because now they have something against me.

"AWWWWWWWW" Hozzie and Dana laughed jumping up and down like a bunch of 5 year old girls.

"Shut up" I said looking over at them and turning my back to them again.

"Don't worry maybe she will die" Dana smiled still a little jumpy because at the Black parade it wasn't normal for people to be crushing or liking anyone else.

"I will fucking kill her if she hurts him" I said seriously looking at the back of Our Lady of Sorrow's head, my eyes burning holes in the back of it.

"Have fun with that" Dana smiled giving me a hug.

Party Poison :

"So you pull this and make sure it's straight" I said fixing Frank's arm to make it straighter.

"Like this?" He asked shooting it leaving a hole in the wall and smiling at me

"Yes, but don't destroy the wall" I laughed taking the gun off of him.

"I'll try" Frank laughed sitting down on one of the sofa's

"Good, don't want Gerard to take a fit at you now do we?" I laughed knowing about Gerard's temper problems.

"Definite no" Frank smiled.

"Hey you guys want anything? Me and Mikey is going up to star bucks?" Frankie smiled appearing at the door and looking at the hole Frank had created and laughing at it knowning exactly where it had came from.

"Yeah get me an Iced latte" Frank smiled licking his lips.

"You?" Frankie smiled at me after writing down Frank's order on his hand which was covered in other orders.

"Just an expresso" I said lighting a cigarette and plopping down beside Frank.

"Rightio" Frankie smiled then walked out of the room laughing at the wall again.

"Frankie and Mikey are getting close" Frank said winking at me.

"So is Gerard and Our Lady Of Sorrows" I smiled at him offering him one of my cigarettes.

"ROMANCE!" Frank said excited clapping his hands together and taking one of the cigarettes.

"A Chemical Romance" I smiled glad everyone was getting to become close friends with eachother

Helena :

"NO" I shouted slightly worried.

"Fuck sake dont go phsyco on me!" Black Mariah said stepping back.

"When?" I asked shocked at the news i had heard and running my hands through my hair.

"Oh my god" Tanner laughed not used to this idea.

"Aven is this about Sorrow?" Ray asked Aven his eyes wide.

"She likes Gerard" Aven smiled and giggled.

"Our Lady Of Sorrows likes Gerard" I whispered scared now.

"Just call her Sorrow, it's easier to say and remember" Aura said, she seemed pissed off.

"This isn't going to end well" Dana said it was as if she had read my mind.

"My life is bad because your still in it" Emily snapped at Dana.

"Fuck sake wise up will you, im not going anywhere" Dana said straight into Emily's face.

"Guys, really, i know you dislike eachother but dont get moody!" Melissa said pacing.

"Loving how this is girl talk!" Aven laughed

"Feeling the love here!" Ray said. Aven laughed and then apologized to Ray.

"Huh" Black Mariah said

"Aura you look like your going to blow any minute" I said noting her mood

"Just leave me alone" Aura then got up and walked away sadness across her face.

"Where the fuck is Frank?" Tanner said

"I dont know, i think he is with Party Poison or something, not to sure" Aven smiled

"Aura is really pissed off" I said distracting my mind from Sorrow and Gerard.

"Yeah" Emily said. Dana and Hozzie looked at eachother but didn't say anything

"You two know whats up with her?" I asked suspicious at the two girls who were practically like sisters.

"Nope" Dana and Hozzie both snapped up at the same time

"You would tell us if something was up wouldnt you?" Tanner said not liking the idea of her friend being upset.

"Of course we would" Hozzie said her voice happy but serious

"Good" I smiled calpping my hands together, the last thing i need is the girl getting hurt.

"Hozzie come with me" Dana said walking off with Hozzie.

"They know whats up with her" Melissa said disappointed that Dana and Hozzie wouldnt tell her what was wrong

"Fuck sake i swear some day Dana will get herself in trouble and i will be the one laughing" Emily said venom dripping from her mouth. The amount of hate between Emily and Dana is unreal. Emily had told me why she disliked Dana and i can understand why. When Emily first arrived at the black parade Dana would make fun of her and sometimes make fun of her brother Kai even though she does not even know the guy. So i'm not surprised she wants her to go die.

"Dana has changed from when you arrived" Tanner said sticking up for her friend. Tanner was one of those girls that was friends with everyone.

"Dont get involved in this Tanner please" Emily said calmly

"Okay" Tanner said dropping the subject.

"Im worried now" I said taking a deep breath

"So am i" Black Mariah had been through this aswell.

"What happened?" Emily asked

"I'm not going through that story again" I muttered and watched the tears fall as the memory creeped up into the front of my brain.

The moonlight shone down. A soft glow lay on her face. Our Lady Of Sorrow's face. It was midnight and she was waiting for him to arrive. A small breeze was whistling through the branches of the tree where they both had agreed to meet. Slowly he approached her. The love he had for her clearly shown upon his face.
[/"Hey!" He smiled appraoching her. She turned around and dropped down her hood a small smile across her lips.

[/"Hi" She smiled walking over to him and sofly his lips pressed against hers.

[/"Sorrow, i want to ask you a question" He smiled

[/"Yeah Billie?" She smiled curiousity gleaming from her soft eyes.

[/"I want to know" He started

[/"Know what?" Sorrow laughed

[/"If you would marry me" Slowly Billie-joe pulled out a ring and knelt to the ground. Sorrow's face was in the mist of 2 emotions. See this girl was a different type of girl.

[/"I" She stuttered. Her face blank.

[/"It's okay if you dont" Billie-joe reassured her

[/"I" Sorrow repeated putting her hands behind her back. She had to carry this out because well it was her, it's what she thought was the right thing to do.


[/"I dont love you" Sorrow spat out looking at himblank with no emotion.

[/"I don't understand" Billie-joe then stood up and closed the case with the ring inside.

[/"Billie i never loved you" Sorrow spoke.

[/"So basically you have been using me?" He said sadness and pain warping around every word.

[/"No" She smirked and came even closer to him looking at him deadly in the eye.


[/"Vampires Will Never Hurt You in hell" She whispered into his ear and then staked his heart. Sorrow had this thing where if she fell in love and had a feeling that they were making use of her she would kill them. She has killed every single guy that she ever loved. Before Billie-joe and the other guys that she killed for no reason was another guy called Oli and he had proposed to her, he was first to propose to her. She accepted and then on the wedding night she walked outsixe and found him making out with another girl. She swore her revenge and never wanted it to happen again so ever since then she killed the guys that had proposed, Billie-joe being her 4th.

I was not about to let the same thing that happened to Oli, Jared, Ronnie and Billie-joe happen to Gerard. Because she had killed them for no reason. Why did i bring her here? If Gerard dies it is going to be all my fucking fault. I didn't realize but i was crying.

"Shit Helena are you okay?" Black mariah then hugged me tight

"Sh-she's going to ki-kill h-him" I stuttered and then screamed.
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