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Reviewing Stories in a New Way!

by ShadowSouls 16 reviews

New, interesting, creative way. Submit your stories or anyone else's story that you'd like reviewed.

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Hello, this is Ivy.

I know I should be updating Saturday Night le sigh I will this weekend, I promise :)

Okay, so I'm going to be reviewing stories from now on. But this time...I shall be using pictures! The pictures will be all different. No two authors picture's will ever be the same....ever.

How, do you ask?

Well, start submitting and you will see ;) I'll be able to review multiple stories at once. And if your story is THAT fantastic, then I might give you a couple of different pictures..

Basically, they are kinda like my expression when I was reading your fic. They are hilarious and not just smiley faces and sad faces. Did I mention they were hilarious?

Start submitting!

-Poison Ivy xo
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