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First Set!

by ShadowSouls 4 reviews

Catscanflyy - CosmicZombie - bloodbunny15 - XxLaylaxX - RoseFrankiie - DisenchantedDestroya

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First set, finished!

"One For Sorrow": by Catscanflyy

CosmicZombie (Since I read most of your one-shots, I decided to do a couple)

"Love and Happy Meals":

"Where the Swallows Dance":

"Can you Remember?":

"Truth or Dare": by bloodbunny15

"Christmas Love": by xXLaylaxX

"To the End": by RosaFrankiie

"Teach Me": by DisenchantedDestorya

I'll finish the rest later today, I promise :D Don't forget to submit your fics here

-Poison Ivy xo
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