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This Watercooler Romance

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One-shot in which Frank and Gee's Algebra EOC studying session goes horribly wrong. And they end up studying each others anatomy. Fredardiness Level: Loads

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Gerard's POV:


I bounded up the stairs to Franks room, ignoring the time line of pictures hung above the banister and clunking up the steps, wood creaking angrily under my
leather combat boots. "Hey Linda!" I yell through the house, greeting
Frank's mom, who was practically my own I was here so often as I hurriedly
made my way up to my boyfriends room. Crashing through the door, Frank
yelps, yanking out his earbuds in surprise.

"Holy fuck Gerard! You scared the shit out of me."

I grinned, stepping across the clothes strewn messily about his room, like
present wrappings on Christmas.

Scooping him out of his red desk chair giggling stupidly, his warmth seeping out of the clothes already a familiar comfort, I flop him down on his bed. I smiled down at the doe eyed boy snuggled in my arms, grinning up at me.

Leaning over I kiss his nose, trailing sloppy kisses down his
jaw. The jaw I knew so well, chiseled and tan, so perfect and linear compared to my awkward round face.

"Hi Frankie." I whispered into his ear.

I heard his breath hitch in his throat as I trail my tongue across his
earlobe, biting down softly.

"Gerard" he moaned. "We need to do the... Oh fuck... math thingy..." He
said, trailing off before kissing me back.

"Math? With you in the room?" I said, scoffing into Franks lips.

Sure, if you want to calculate the decibels of our moans or something...

I fiddled with the hem, stoking his waist, and then winding my hands under Franks shirt, scrunching the fabric around his shoulders, revealing a toned torso.

Though I had seen it at least fifty times, it never ceases to make my heart skip a beat. Or two. Hell, if it skipped anymore I'd be dead.

Leaning over I ran my tongue against his chest, biting all the way down to his lower

I pawed the the metallic buckle of his belt with my teeth, beginning to
undo the thing holding me from my happiness.

Curse you studs.

"WAIT." Frank breathily calls out. Hauling himself upright panting, he starts to object. "Gee, I love you. And your body. And your make- out sessions. And you lips. And most definitely your tounge, especially when you do that little thing with..." He leaves his sentence there.

Oh, that thing.

"You knowwhat? We need to do some math. Get out the review packets, we can do this

"But Frankieeeeeee! I protest. "We can do math right now. I mean, your
boner is like a good 8 inches, so we could measure that in millimeters!"

"Speaking of that, can I fix that for you?" I lower my voice and eyes,
sauntering over to him.

"No Gee. We have to finish first."

I knew that Frankie wanted the best for me, like any great boyfreind would. Wanted me to pass the End of Course Assessment that determined whether I passed or failed, and wanted to make sure I could graduate... but damn. He looked so hot with a glistening forehead, biting his lip, wanting more.

Still winded from our little adventure on his bed, Frank turns around, eyes still glistening, porcelain chest still bare, holding...

Math books.

Damned things. Created by the most evil peopl- Whoa. Maybe one day we
could do student teacher role play. Frankie could wear his tight, black
skinny jeans, with a hot tie around his neck and he could punish me an-

"Earth to Gee!" I heard Frankie call.

I whipped around, slipping on a piece of stray paper on the floor.

"Augghh!" flailing wildly I fell to the floor, shouting.

Darn, that's gonna bruise.

"What were you thinking about Gee?" Frankie said teasingly, in a low,
throaty voice.

He slithered into my lap, face just centimeters from mine, breath caressing
my lips ever so slightly.

I sat there frozen, gasping for Frankie's sweet breath.

Frankie giggled, pulling away.

"Seriously, what were you thinking about? You were laying there moaning
and biting your lip."

I looked up guiltily.

Frankie's eyes widened in surprise, realizing it was him.

Through giggles he managed, "Gee, you little horndog! We have studying to do!"

Reluctantly, I slid off the end of his bed, crawling into his lap.

Still pouting, I reached for one of the math packets on quadratic equations and polynomials, snuggling down further into his legs.

For the next two hours I was bombarded with fractions, sent on impossible quests to find someones "x", and full out tortured by the cute little ass in front of me.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore.

Frankie stood up, "Do you want some water?" he questioned. "We've been working for a long time." turning to the door and awaiting my answer he looked down at me.

I grabbed a math packet on factoring, rolled it up and smacked his butt.

His nice butt.

"Gee, what the fuc-"

I yanked his arm, causing him to tumble to the floor, climbed on top of
him, and kissed his mouth.

"Dmfhtsrkjjfaerttr!" Frankie shouted, his jabber muffled by my lips.

I laughed into his mouth, and he grinned, realizing that our little study session was very much over.

I caressed the top of his boxers, slightly sticking out of his skinnies.

A slow fire started in my lower stomach, a match, burning with want for the little 5'4'' sex god in front of me.

Frankie moaned into my mouth, the vibration welcome against tender lips, making my heart pick up.

"Wait but we still have... uhm... math to do..." I reminded him trailing off, planting kisses on his jaw.

I nipped at his neck, "Fuck Mrs. Milian and her stupid packets." He groaned, gasping when I sucked on the same spot. "Actually, dont. Fuck me."

"Ooh, someone's gotten a bit demanding." I teased.

"Yes. And you love it." Was Frankie's reply.

He rolled over, slamming my shoulders into the floor and grinding his hips
against mine.

Sparks of pleasure crackled in front of my eyes, knocking the breath out of me.

He reached for an empty water glass, and slid and ice cube in his mouth, leaning back down on me.

We just lay there for a few minutes, playing with our frozen tongues, tossing the ice cube back and forth between teeth, and sucking on each others cold lips.

Suddenly Frank pushed his arms up my shirt, parting our kiss for only a few seconds
to throw it over my hair and then to the floor before hungrily diving back
at my mouth.

I tugged on his shirt, forcing it over his head.

"And it will be more like a song,
and less like it's math.
If you pull on my hair,
and bite me like that."

Frank's phone started singing, buzzing with a new call as I skimmed his chest with my breath.

"When you bite me, scratch me like that" I murmured against his neck, crawling on top of him.

Grinding down on his hips, I could feel his jeans getting tighter as he mewled.

I ducked down to his waistband, tracing from his belly button, down with my mouth. I slid his button out of the fabric, and undid the zipper with his teeth.

Yanking the jeans off, I rolled over, smiling when I realized Frank wasn't wearing any underwear.

Well, hello there Frankie.

Pulling ,my jeans off myself I lightly forged a trail of licks and sucks down Franks entire torso, leaving a developing path of swirling purple marks.

Gerard struggled to take all of Frankie into his mouth, but succeeded, and was rewarded with a throaty moan.

Yea bitch, that's for me.

Hollowing his cheeks and sucking harder, Frank meshed his hands into my jet black mess of hair.

"Holy fuck Gee." Frank whispered, scarcely audible, followed by a string of jumbled curse words.

"I'm gonna-"

Without notice, the door swung open.

Frank's mom, oblivious to the copulation going on within his room, pushed the door open.

"Frank, your math teacher, Mrs. Milian came by. She said you forgot your math packets at school- AAH!"

Stunned for a few seconds at the sweaty tangled scene in front of her, she whirled around, quickly shutting the door.

Speaking through the wood, she called, "I'll just tell her.. your'e, erm... busy. Okay."

Only then did I realize what Frank's mom had seen.

Well, there's always my house.

A/N hope you all enjoyed :)
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