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Pleasure Of The Pain

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We get an insight to Frank's and Mikey's mind.

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Frank’s POV:

I heard a sigh of frustration and relief; on it was the word “Hurry” carried, escaping Fiona’s lips. As the whisper faded out into silence as did Fiona’s consciousness.

I was panicking and I wasn’t hiding it other than in my voice, I knew I had to be strong for Fiona, if she heard me panicking then she would get even more upset; Fiona was never the girl who craved attention or liked it when people worried about her. In a way she was a mother to us as well as a sister, she was more the one who liked to care than liked to be cared for.

I was pacing the streets of Manchester, the guys doing the same; narrowly avoiding crashing into each other each time we passed.

“Fiona, we’re doing the best we can with what you’ve told us. We. Will. Find. You. Don’t you worry about that, just stay there and don’t go with anyone except us, Okay?”

I got no answer back, I immediately started to panic even more, if that were even possible.

“Fiona? Fiona, can you hear me? FIONA?!” I screamed down the phone, the guys got instantly even more worried at my screaming. Gee grabbed my shoulders and shook them violently to stop me from uncontrollable freaking out.

“Frank! Calm the fuck down! What is it?” He said calmly and looked straight into my eyes. I just stared back unable to speak; Gee’s eyes were like tunnels. I could see that behind his calm exterior he was internally panicking like me and Ray.

Mikey on the other hand had just stood in the corner, not saying a word, not moving, not even looking anywhere in particular. Just kind of spaced out, he was here in body but sure as hell not in mind. I knew Gee would give anything to know what was going on in his younger brother’s mind by the way he kept glancing at him. I interrupted the silence.

“It’s Fiona..” I spoke in a monotone and dead voice. From the corner of my eye I saw Mikey raise his head slightly, it would seem Mikey was here in mind slightly after all. “She’s…not responding back anymore. She won’t speak…just…silence” We all fell silent. “Something’s wrong, Gee.” I simple whispered I was starting to have the doubt that my sanity was still in tacked yet I worried for Mikey’s sanity more than my own.

Mikey suddenly groaned out in frustration and started to kick the wall next to him. “Fucking stupid piece of shit!” Mikey shouted out while kicking the wall hard repeatedly.

We all stared at him with sympathy and awe. We understood his motives but he had never swore like that before. “Mikey, cool it, we’ll find her. I promise.” Ray said putting a hand on his shoulder to stop him from causing himself an injury. Mikey began to well up but blinked back the tears and simply nodded at Ray.

“Right guys let’s get our shit together, we need to find her before someone else does” Ray said calmly, we all nodded while Mikey flinched at his words. I knew exactly why; the same horrifying thought of someone else finding Fiona before we do was a living nightmare. I could only imagine what torment was going on in Mikey’s head.

“The quickest way to do this is to spilt up, Gee and I will search around the club and then move further down the street while Mikey and Frank should search around the van and further up the street. Frank do you remember anything from the call?”

“Erm…she just kept saying she was scared...but it was really quiet so I doubt she was around the club, but still check.” Ray and Gee nodded and went back to the club while Mikey and I started searching around the van.


We search in awkward silence for a while the only sound to be heard is us shouting Fiona’s name out. Wishfully thinking she’d answer back.

“Mikey…” I started while placing a hand on his shoulder “…I meant what I said, we will find her” He sighed with remorse.

“Is that before or after someone else finds her first?” He managed to say, he sounded like he was choking, his fists clenching at his sides. He closed his eyes and breathed in slowly, trying to regain a hold on his emotions. I knew this wasn’t good.

“You really like her don’t you?” I said as more of a statement than a question. He chuckled back sarcastically.

“Yeah, of course I do. I don’t even know how it’s possible for someone to get their claws in me so deeply within a short amount of time. Not that I’m complaining about it, it’s just…kind of scary.” I nodded in response even though I would probably have no idea how scared he was of it, my thought was interrupted by Mikey suddenly kicking the wall again.

“For fuck sake!” He shouted and rubbed his face with his hands, keeping them there to hide his face.

“Mikey, don’t lose faith”

“I don’t care about losing my faith, nor my sanity, nor my own soul anymore! The only thing I don’t want to lose is Fiona and you guys. I can’t lose her Frank! I just can’t! Have you noticed that I’ve stopped drinking since she’s been around; it’s because of her, she makes me better! I’m in love her Frank!”

It was true, Gee had mentioned that Mikey wasn’t going out to the nearest bar every night but I was taken back from his words, they repeated in my head for clarification “I’m in love with her, Frank” my mouth fell open slightly as my mind drew a blank on what to say next.
“I love her more than unicorns, Frank.” He whispered as his head dropped to look down at his feet.

“Shit” was all I could say but I soon mustered up something to say “She’s got you good Mike’s”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way though” He replied as we carried on with our search for Fiona.

It was silent for a while before one of us spoke. “This is my fault” Mikey whispered, as if to himself as if to punish himself.

“Mikey don’t you say that! If you start saying that then it’s over.” Mikey looked up curiously. “We are going to find her and when we do you have to cut this crap because we know her, we know she won’t want you to blame yourself for what’s happened and she’ll just get upset. Do you want to upset her more than she already is?” I questioned.

I could see he was welling up again, maybe I had been a bit harsh I gave him one of my famous Frankie squeeze hugs to hopefully make him feel better while whispering “We will find her” more to myself now than to him, I had said those words so many times that I was actually starting to doubt them.

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