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We find out what's really going on in Mikey's mind. Will they ever find Fiona? Or will it just be too late?

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Mikey’s POV

I didn’t know how more of this I could take, I was losing my mind but it would already seem that I had lost the girl I loved so what was the point on living anymore? It was my fault anyway, if I hadn’t been so far but my ass with all those girls maybe she wouldn’t have gotten drunk enough for Ray to carry her out and maybe she wouldn’t have ran off. Life seemed somewhat meaningless now.

After some more pathetic excuses for looking for her Gerard and Ray soon found us with nothing but more disappointment. “We’ve looked everywhere, all the building around the club and further, all the alley ways, we even asked the bouncers and by standers if they had seen her but they all said ‘No’. How’ve you done?” Ray said. I didn’t move; I was too busy wallowing in self misery.

“We’ve looked around the main streets and that’s it.” Frank replied after an awkward silence and realising I wasn’t going to talk. From the corner of my eye I saw Gee and Frank share a worried yet composed glance, most likely for my sake.

We all went around the main streets again and me and Gee went in some of the other buildings nearby, Gee did all of the talking I just simply followed him wanting to be put out of my misery, I needed some sort of closure and I would take anything at this point, even suicide. What would it be though? Alcohol poisoning? Overdose? Maybe I would get run over by the tour bus. I chuckled darkly at the irony of that death. I could see it in the obituaries now ‘Band member killed by own tour bus’.

A flicker of images flashed into my mind, a crowd jumping and singing along with our songs. The Fans. I looked down in defeat; oh the hard life of a rockstar. I kill myself, what will the fans think? How many of them would cry over my dead corpse? How many would join me in an idea of paradise? How many wouldn’t survive because of the band breaking up due to my death? Or would it? Would Gee carry on without me? I looked to my brother who was now investigating as well as Sherlock Holmes behind some bins. He was leaving no box unturned. Just as I was trying so desperately to answer all of my questions, Frankie ran into the alley way Gee was currently excavating. “We found her!” He gasped.


Frank’s POV

“Okay, you check down that alley way and I’ll check in the Tesco if someone’s seen her.” Ray said being very commander chief at the moment.

“But Ray the alley way is dark and scary! Can’t I go to Tesco! Plus don’t you think Britain has some pretty weird shop names? Tesco, Asda, Sainbury’s, Spar? I mean it’s a shop not a spa, that’ll just confuse people wouldn’t it?” As I babbled on Ray was giving me a look that said ‘What the fuck?’ all over it. “…What?” I asked him cringing under his consistent stare.

Ray faced me square on, folded his arms and tipped his head to one side as if I was some sort of experiment. “You alright Frank?” Damn he had seen right through my babble.

I shook my head and looked to the ground in shame and guilt “No, not really” Ray didn’t say anything as a signal to continue. “I’m scared that we won’t find her Ray, I was just talking about shop names because…well I don’t know why, I just wanted to talk about something else.”

Ray nodded. “I understand buddy, but we need to look for her” I nodded and made my way toward the dark alley way while Ray went over to the oddly named shop.

The alley was a long one; it seemed to go on forever. I started to walk down it, immediately tripping over a boxes and green plastic wheelie bins. I fell to the floor and was lying on top of something hard. I picked myself up and took out my phone to see what it was that I had landed on.

I looked in horror at my discovery so much that it shook me to my core and made me drop my phone. I sat there silently for a moment, unable to put anything into action or words. After a few seconds of pure shock and despair I saw Ray walking out of Tesco “RAY! RAAAY!” I shouted at the top of my lungs as if I myself was in danger. He bounded over to me and he gasped in horror at the sight of our once conscious friend.

At least we had finally found her.


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