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Standing Up

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Mikey and Fiona reunite but not in the way he hoped. There is a special visitor when he get's back to the hotel room though.

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Mikey’s POV

The words rang quietly in my head, growing louder and louder until I finally grasped the meaning of them. My mind sprang into action and the world seem to go in slow motion as I ran after Frankie who was leading the way and Gee somewhat trailing behind us.

I skidded to a stop as I ran around the bend into the alley way revealing the scene before me to unfold. She was there, lying on the cold floor up against the wall. She looked crumpled, almost like a rag doll thrown across a room; she seemed broken and weak; not only physically but mentally as well.

It took all my might not to break down then and there. I breathed in deeply trying to calm myself, my breath catching in my throat slightly. I walked over to her and looked at her pale face, she didn’t look peaceful, she looked worried or concerned.

I pressed my forehead to hers; silently thanking God that she wasn’t injured and that we got there first. An image of her scared face with a shadow over casting her came into my mind, I shuddered away at them. I would never let anyone hurt her; no one was getting anywhere near her unless she said it was alright.

I sighed out in relief as a single tear left my eye, cascading down my cheek, leaving a hot trail behind it. I slid my arms underneath her and picked her up, immersing myself in memories of the night I had saved her. I would always save her, whenever she was in trouble or hurt I would be there for her I promised myself and her.

I plodded my way to Gee's van with the guys sombrely following me. Frank open the back door as I carefully meandered my way swiftly into the back seat of the car with Fiona’s body sprawled half on top of me, half on top of Frank. Frank got her feet while I got her head.

I absently mindedly ran my fingers through her hair as comfort more to myself than her. Gee got into the driver’s seat while Ray was in the passengers seat.

“Huh? Doesn’t this remind you of something guys?” Frank pondered, I only just made sense of his comment, I guess I was too busy worrying.

“Oh yeah, the time when we took Mikey to the hospital after he got knocked out by that jackass Liam guy!”

“Excuse me?” I said, confused by what experience this was.

“Don’t you remember, you got knocked out by that Liam guy after he hit Fiona…” Frank said casually.

“I remember him hitting Fiona” I spat grinding my teeth together and clenching my fist. “…and the rest was a blur” I realised that I had completely forgot about this.

“Well you knocked out but Fiona was distraught, she was crying her eyes out, calling your name, hoping you’d wake up. She was also pretty scared that it was her fault…”

“And she thought I was going to hate her, for her problems to cause my brother an injury and us cancelling a show” Gee commented, his eyes fixated on the road but chuckling slightly at her naivety.

“I remember she sat exactly where you are now, the exact position but reversed, she even ran her finger through your hair too” Ray chirped in.

“And she sang! It was pretty good” Frank said excitedly at the memory.

“What did she sing?”

“Not too sure, sounded like Panic! At The Disco though…I remember she said something along the lines of… ‘What would my head be like, If not for my shoulders or without your smile. May it follow you forever, May it never leave you to sleep in the stone, may we stay lost on our way home’

I wondered for a moment, she had really cared for me. Truly cared for me.


I carried her up through the hotel while the guys decided to get a drink to calm them from the evening’s panic. I walked into the room only to find Elena sitting poised on the bed. I got angry, I had made a promise. There was no way she was going to hurt her. “Just fuck off Elena” I said quietly trying to contain my resentment.

“We had a deal, Mikey.” She purred.

“Actually we had no deal. Thank. You. Very. Much. Now leave!” raising my voice slightly.

She paused, taken back at my outrage and that I was finally standing up to her, I was never an aggressive person but when you try to hurt the people I love then you are going to get bitten. “Fine then I guess everyone will know about your little fuck buddy soon enough”

I strode towards her pressing my face to hers to accentuate my point. “Now listen to me, you’re not going to say a word unless you want a restraining order, not to mention getting arrested for sexual assault and blackmail”

She took their shock, her mouth hanging open obscenely. “I…I…”

“You were just leaving weren’t you?” I said moving past her and placing Fiona in the bed, I couldn't bear to look at Elena without my angry erupting, I stared at Fiona’s face and took note that it seemed more peaceful now. I heard the door close, taking it as a hint Elena had left.

I kissed Fiona’s forehead and took of her shoes. I heard the door open from behind me “Elena just get o-“ I shouted only to see Frank at the door. “Oh sorry, Hey man”

“Hey…I just saw Elena, I’m guessing she came in here?”

“Yep” I said unconcerned by the matter anymore. I had my plan.

“What did she say?”

“Not much, I did most of the talking. I told her that I could get her arrested if she didn’t leave me alone and she left.” Suddenly feeling carelessly proud of myself.

“That’s good but…” He pondered.


“But she still could post about Fiona without you being able to do anything about it.” He said in a disappointed tone, matching my mood.

“I know, that’s why when Fiona’s wakes up I’ll talk to her”

“Talk to her about what?” Frank pried curiously.

“About revealing her to the world” I hesitated for a moment “As my girlfriend” I said as a grin grew on mine and Frank’s faces.

“Well I’ll leave you to it, you going to bed now?”

“Yeah, I think so. I don’t want Fiona to be on her own if she wakes up.” Looking back at her sleeping soundly.

“Sure, I think we’re just going to watch a movie maybe” He said facing the doorway, planning to leave soon.

“Alright, see you in the morning man” I said while slipping my shoes off.

“yeah sure” Frank said just about to leave but he stopped halfway through the doorway “Just remember none of this was your fault.” I nodded and Frank left. I soon got ready for bed and got in next to her, she felt slightly cold so I wrapped my arms around her waist and I soon fell into a deep slumber.

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