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Chapter 4

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Finally! I'm working on it, I swear.

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So that’s how Alexandra and I ended up hanging out with one of the biggest bands in the world.

She was playing some kind of card game with Mike while Billie Joe and I sat to the side and watched. Billie and Mike had been the first ones to shower so now everyone else had run off to get one.

“So, were you and your mom close? If- if you don’t mind me asking?” Billie asked me. The funny thing is he sounded nervous. Why the hell would he be nervous?

“Well um… Yeah. Yeah we were. She died a long time ago. I was about eight or nine, but I still remember her like she was here just yesterday.” I finished quietly.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

“Don’t be. It’s not your fault. I came to terms with everything a long time ago. You can’t change the past, you just have to move forward.”

“I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same way.” He said looking at me.

I had to take a deep breath just so I wouldn’t do something embarrassing like squeal or something. That man has beautiful eyes, you have no idea. The air felt so charged I could hardly stand it.

That’s when Tré came bounding into the room shaking his head like a dog and getting water all over us. Billie turned towards him and they started shouting and being generally silly. It broke whatever I had felt.

No. No, I must have imagined it. I thought.

These guys were great fun to hang out with, but eventually we had to leave. We got our goodbye hugs and then started to walk toward the venue exit.

“Wait up. I’ll walk you guys out.” I heard someone behind us say.

We turned to see Billie Joe catching up to us.

“I don’t want you guys getting lost.” He said smiling at us.

Alexandra gave me a look and we followed after him. We got to the parking lot and it was empty. I guess we had stayed for quite awhile.

“Alexandra, could you give a second with Marilou?” she nodded, smiling at me. “It was great hanging out with you, goodnight!” he called when she started to walk to our car.

I was staring at the ground when he turned towards me. I didn’t know if I could get a full sentence out if I had to look at his eyes while doing it.

“You didn’t have to walk us out.”

Oh good, I still know English.

He laughed and looked down too.

“Listen, we’re staying in Sacramento for a few days until we all head home, do you maybe want to hang out while we’re here? I mean Mike will probably sleep for three days straight and it’ll be boring but…”

He was biting his lip. I licked mine. Was he still talking? Oh! Right. He wants an answer.

“Yes! I mean that’d be cool ‘cause we don’t know anyone here so it’d be nice to… well, be around other people.”

God, I’m so lame.

“When do you leave to go home?” he said with a frown.

“Oh, we don’t. I mean we are staying here for good, but we- uh- just moved.” I told him. Not really a lie, but I still felt bad. It wasn’t my story to tell though.

He started smiling again. I felt like I had stopped the rain or something. My head started singing that old song “Who’ll Stop the Rain” and everything.

“Cool. So, I’ll call you guys at your room?” he asked.

“Yeah.” With a big smile breaking out onto my face. “Well, I gotta go catch up to Alexandra.” I said pointing to where she had gone.

“Alright,” he said stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jacket. “Good-bye then.”

I gave him a small wave and ran off to the car. When I got there Alexandra was leaning on the car waiting for me.

“What?” I asked her.

“You have the keys.”

“Oh! I’m sorry!” I tried to apologize, but I could tell there was still a massive smile on my face. We drove back to the hotel and it stayed there all night.
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