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Make it Stop.

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"I'm so over it"

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Hi guys!

I'm writing this on my cell, so sorry for grammar and other stupid mistakes. Spelling especially. I just wanted to let you know I'm alive and well! yay! I have AP exams this week, so booo no update till Saturday at the least! :( sorry guys!

I miss you all so much, Ficwadians! Ryan and Eddi, I know you can't see this, but I wish y'all would come back. srsly. It'd make me quite happy! I miss Ryan's peppy reviews, and him leaving means he doesn't get his chapter, which screws the story up a bit. So Ry, if you're reading this... GET YOUR LOVELY BUTT BACK ON HERE.

So, many new surprises in the chapter, and we're nearing the end. The sequel's first chapter has been written, and I can guarentee a sneak peak if all my story chapters are turned green (; It'll be a 2k word sneak peek, and I promise you'll love every word of it! Now turn my chapters green!

I have some bad news now! cue the boos Yes, how tragic. I've noticed a lot of drama on here, and I'm really over it. I'm really gonna leave if it doesn't end. In addition, I've been ripped off yet again. Can I once again say, I DONT MIND PEOPLE WRITING SOMETHING LIKE MY FIC, JUST GIVE ME SO DAMN CREDIT. SERIOUSLY. ColorfulShadow, someone I've never seen on here (to my memory) has ripped me off with Mad Gear Academy or some BS name. I mean, c'mon, a bit of credit would be GREAT. Not to mention hers or his has been rated green overall, whereas mine is white and labeled "Boring". Can someone PLEASE explain why all my green chapters eqaul white overall?!? Cause I work hard on this fiction, and if you all think it's boring let me know. I've read Mad Gear Academy, and whoever writes it is a decent writer. I don't ecourage spamming, but I'd really like you to let the author know they ripped me off. Oh, and turn my story to atleast a 3? That'd be the best gift you could give me! :)

I miss you all, in the reviews give me an update on your life! (: I love you all like siblings, and wish you nothing but the best. Remember, Green chapters = sneak peek at... KILLJOY ACADEMY 2: SOPHOMORE SLUMP OR COMEBACK OF THE YEAR. (title is subject to change, if someone gives me a better idea. I will give them mad props.)

X's and so many O's

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