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When Sasuke finds a sleeping Naruto calling out his name, who knows what'll happen! SasuNaru fic (i mean is there any other way?!)

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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any other character on the series, but if I did they'd be f*ed up. (^_^)


"Aaaahhhhh!" sighed Naruto, " After all that training, I sure need a rest!". He plopped down onto the orange couch in his apartment. He fell asleep, not noticing the indistinct clinking of a metal slinky, coming closer and closer towards his door. Dreaming of new techniques he could create "Hhhhhmmmm...... something like the 'sexy-no-jutsu' ......" he murmured sleepily. 'Then I could finally get Sasuke.'


Click! 'Baka!/' thought Sasuke, '/The dumb-ass doesn't even lock his door. Why am I returning his slinky its his fault that he forgot the damned thing!/' Sakura had asked him to return it to Naruto. She had borrowed it. She said Naruto used it to think up ideas, used it for inspiration, and she didn't know his new address. Sasuke only knew his new address because they were put together for an assignment, while Naruto was moving. Looking around, everywhere there was empty ramen bowls and dirty laundry. His apartment had been clean and almost empty, last time Sasuke had come over. Then the smell hit him. '/Ohmigod, what the hell is that smell?!/' Sasuke almost fainted from the smell. An old moldy tuna sandwich sat on the window sill, it looked as if it was baking in the sun. Sasuke's O.C.D. kicked in. '/Uuuuggghhh, its bad enough that I'm here but to want to clean his pig sty. Dammit!/' thought Sasuke as he picked up the ramen wrappings. '//Where is that idiot?!/'
Just as he thought those words a snort came from the couch, Naruto was turning over to face the raven haired boy. Sasuke stood there actually astounded that his face could be so... so peaceful. He took a step forward and another and another and before he knew it he was kneeling beside the sleeping boy. Sasuke reached out to touch the boys face, wanting to study every part of his face, those whiskers, the usually furrowed brow. '
/What am I doing?! He's my teammate for gods sake!/' Never the less, he touched the sun-kissed ninja. His face was as soft as and it looked as if the cut ,he was sure would leave a scar, Anko-san gave him before the second chuunin exam was no where to be found. "Sasuke..."murmured Naruto, licking his lips.
Sasuke stumbled back a little bit, but kept his eyes on Naruto a little while longer. 'Is he dreaming about me?' he thought ,bewildered. He turned around determined to rid himself of thoughts about Narutos dream. He returned to his task picking wrapper after wrapper off the sticky floor. More than once he felt his eyes drifting towards the blonde haired boy who lay only a few feet away from where he was standing, and more once he made himself concentrate on his job. He looked around for a trash can but all he found was a few black lawn bags hidden in a drawer full of jutsu scrolls. '
/For some one with so many jutsu scrolls he sure is slow/' looking towards the window sill he saw something, he dropped the plastic bag.
It was a picture of Yondaime, the fourth Hikage, he stood next to the Third. Grinning holding up the peace sign, the Fourth was what it looked to be a party, he wore a black tux but instead of a tie, he was wearing what looked like his forehead protector. You could see the symbol of Konoha peeking out from the folds of his collar. He turned away but something in the picture caught his eye. A woman in the background, she was looking towards the Fourth holding her stomach as if she were.... as if she were pregnant. Sasuke finally realized, the woman was Yondaimes wife, rumor had it that before Yondaime sealed the Kyuubi into a baby who's name is not know, for Yondaime only told one person, and that person was the Third. The rumor was that she had disappeared taking with her the Fourths baby.
Search parties for her, came and went their efforts proved fruitless. She disappeared with out a trace, no note, nothing. The day after she left Yondaime was named the Fourth Hokage, his body was buried right next to the Second Hokage. That very same day Naruto was found in a temple near the outskirts of the city. A woman's body was found nearby but the body was too mangled to recognized. She was attacked by wild dogs after being robbed and raped. They never found out who she was, but they I.D.ed her as Narutos mother. Sasuke looked out the window, Naruto's new apartment had a view of the Hokage cliff. All their faces stern and grim, but their eyes were sympathetic and kind. "Sasuke..." Sasuke heard Naruto call again, still half asleep. He looked at the sleeping boy then turned back to the picture. Narutos eyes flickered open and seemed to rest on Sasuke.


"Sasuke.." he called. The image had turned to him, then turned back to his only picture of Yondaime, his idol, the person that inspired him to get up every day, his savior. '
/He's standing in my living room//' thought Naruto with glee. '//Since this is a dream might as well take advantage!/' he stood up, quietly. He walked up to Sasuke and wrapped his hands around the raven haired boy. Sasuke gasped, in surprise. Naruto had slipped his hand into Sasukes pants before Sasuke could protest. He felt like Naruto always imagined he would, he rubbed Sasuke, up and down up and down. Sasuke tried to make sense of it all but all he could think about was the feeling of Narutos hand jerking him off. "Na...! P..please..ahhh~! stop!" Sasuke yelled, realizing what Naruto was doing and what his hands were awakening in his pants. " I have you now... and.... I don't want... to pass up this opportunity." Naruto said between kisses on Sasukes neck. With his other hand, Naruto unbuckled Sasukes belt, as his pants slid down his pale muscular legs, the fabric rubbed against his growing erection.
Sasukes breath became irregular, his voice raising in tenor every time Naruto rubbed up. Naruto pulled his hand out of the panting Uchiha's black boxers, Sasukes eyes were half closed. He felt Naruto move so that they were standing face to face. He pushed Sasuke towards the table pushing the plastic bags off, scattering the ramen wrappers once again. 'Its better here, the beds too far' thought Naruto. He placed Sasuke on the table holding his hips rocking against the dark eyed boy, feeling the delicious friction caused by his orange jumpsuit. Licking Sasukes bottom lip, the Uchiha's mouth opened with a gasp. Naruto explored every taste, every texture of Sasuke's mouth with his tongue. Sasuke had lost all control now, he rocked against Naruto. He held Naruto's hips controlling the pace, the strength. When Naruto moaned he almost lost control, he wanted... he wanted... he didn't know what he wanted. He had never been in this kind of position before. There was never a situation he couldn't handle, even when his fan-girls had ambushed him, he had never felt this. "Ahhh~" Naruto's voice brought him back. Naruto had hastily pulled back and took off his jumpsuit off. "This is one hell of a dream...", Sasuke heard Naruto mutter.
"Naruto... Naruto!" Sasuke whispered in a hushed tone trying to catch Naruto's attention. Naruto's blue eyes met with Sasukes eyes, suddenly Naruto realized, his eyes looked as if they would fall out of their sockets. "This isn't a dream, so you don't have to dream it anymore." Sasuke said, realizing his true feelings. The words hit Naruto like a brick, then he started again with a new tenor in his voice. '
/Its real, its all real.../' Naruto thought to himself, this thought excited him. It excited him so much he angled more sharply, and then thrust harder than before. Causing Sasuke to lose his breath, "aaahhhh~...nar..Naruto...i..I'm close! Hurry!,"Sasuke whispered trying to catch his breath.
This almost brought Naruto over the edge, he tugged at Sasuke's boxers. His erection was so hard it hurt, the table was slick with pre-cum, Sasukes boxers were soaked with it. Sasuke was so impatient to get Narutos off that their hands kept getting in the way of each others. Finally Naruto slipped out of his, Sasuke felt Naruto put his ankles on his shoulders. He felt something nudging him in the ass, " Brace yourself.' Naruto said hastily, Sasuke felt Narutos dripping cock slide into his ass, he felt as if he was being torn into two. "You feel so good...Sasuke~!" he was so painfully tight, "nnnn~ gods!" His pre-cum made the entrance smooth, he pushed in forward inch by inch. Stopping for a few seconds for Sasuke to adjust to his invasion. It felt like an eternity before Narutos balls hit his ass. '
/Aaahhhh... I'm so damn close.../' Sasuke thought.
Naruto pulled out a little, and brushed against a spot that made Sasuke arch. "More Naruto aaahhh~ i want more!" Sasuke whispered into Narutos ear treating him to every sound. Sasuke moaned a moan from deep in his throat that Naruto knew no one but him would ever hear again. They moved hurriedly but quietly, barely keeping themselves from crying out in pleasure. Their bodies were peaking almost there, to that drugged place, to that place they dreamt of in their bed as they lie awake, thinking of taboos. To their left they heard a soft knock on the door. Naruto stopped in panic.


His eyes shot open, but their bodies kept moving, but slowly they came to a halt. "Naruto! Naruto are you home?!" they recognized the voice at once, Iruka-sensai. Pleasure receded from their bodies, as they stayed perfectly still. Sasuke moved his hips up, bringing Narutos attention back to the task at hand. But Naruto merely put a finger to Sasukes lips, Sasuke tried again, pulling Narutos hand and kissing his palm his eyes never leaving the blondes face, which was turned to the door. Naruto just pulled his hand away without even looking at Sasuke. Furious Sasuke roughly pushed Naruto off him, got up and hastily pulling his pants on. Concealing his gasp just in time as the fabric brushed against his still hard erection.
Naruto had finally turned his attention to Sasuke as the Uchiha pulled his shirt on. He rushed to him ignoring the pleasure as his erection bounced up and down. "Stay! Please!", Naruto whispered. Another set of knocks. Sasuke looked at him with a murderous look in his eyes, " You had your chance, but you decided to pass it up!" he whispered angrily. His eyes teary, but turned away just as one came rolling down his cheek. He walked to the window, and with a rustle of fabric, he left. Not even turning back, to look at the boy he finally became aware what his feelings we're for. "One minute!", he called out to Iruka- sensai at the door.


Sasuke rushed off his mind still thinking of what had just happened. Tears ran down his face, shame only made him go faster. The last time the had cried was when Itachi had killed their entire clan, he had vowed never to cry from then on. He reached his apartment in less than ten minutes,'
/Dammit i showed more emotion than i should have./' The apartment was a two roomed apartment, a kitchen, a bedroom, and the restroom was down the hall. He lived on the top floor so he sent the owner of the building a letter asking if he could put in a sky light. he was granted permission and he laid down on his bed under the sky light trying to count the stars to keep his mind off Naruto. Thinking of might have happened if Iruka-sensai didn't interrupt them. Reaching down to pull the blanket over him, he realized he was still hard. He rubbed himself up and down to the same rhythm that Naruto had used. His breaths shallow and ragged. His body tensed up, and him let himself thrust up into the cold air as he came.
His body recovered quickly after that, but he still lay in bed with his now soft member still in his hand. He got up and grabbed a towel and a change of clothes, and walked down the hall towards the bathroom. Flashes of Narutos face came to him as he took a shower, of Naruto in his sleep, of him calling out to him in pleasure, of him distracted by Iruka-sensai's voice. 'I need to take a colder shower' thought Sasuke as he turned the knob to cold.


Naruto put on a robe, and walked to the door. Opening it slightly, finding him face to face with his teacher, Iruka-sensai. "Hey Naruto, I hope I'm not intruding but, I was in the neighborhood and I was hoping we could get some ramen." "Yeah, sure in fact i was going to go there after i took a shower you can hang out here for a while, I won't take long." letting his sensai in. "Dammit Naruto! What did i tell you about your hygiene? It's putrid in here, well I see you at least tried to clean up", looking pointedly towards the black lawn bags. He plopped onto the orange couch and turned the T.V. on and started channel surfing. "Well?", Iruka-sensai said. "Oh, right", Naruto said starting to head towards the restroom. 'Sasuke....' he thought as he stepped into the Arctic cold water.
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