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High Tension

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Neji and Sasuke have come up with a plan to make Naruto jealous and it worked!

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High Tension
By: playin_lover

Authors notesSorry it took so long to put this chapter up, but i've been going through a rough time. But i'm fine now, so here you go 'In My Dreams...' Ch. 2
Disclaimer:I do not own Naruto or any other character from the series, I just make them do naughty things!

'Frickin' ass...' Sasuke thought as he watched Naruto flirt with Sakura. Naruto looked over at Sasuke teasingly, challenging him to speak up. Sasuke scowled and glared back defiantly at the fox, he wanted to crush him, he wanted him to pay for the humiliation Naruto made him endure. Sakura blushingly looked up to see why it had gone quiet, both of the boys were staring at each other with a murderous look in Sasukes eyes and a mischievous look in Narutos eyes. Sakura thought they were being their normal selves, so she turned away looking for Ino, who promised to bring her teammates and the other rookie team. "Ahhh... she's late... as always..."Sakura complained out loud. She turned back to her teammates, they were still staring at each other. The tension between the two boys was unbearably. "Naruto..." she tugged at his sleeve,"Naruto.. what has gotten into you?" she whispered into Narutos ear not looking into Sasukes eyes directly.
"Sakura-chan!" came the high pitched yell. Ino came towards them hips swaying as she walked, hoping to catch Sasukes attention. Behind her were her teammates dragging their feet, Chouji was eating and Shikamaru was mumbling something about troublesome girls. Not far behind them was the other rookie team, standing tall none of them was slouching. They held their heads high looking forward towards their destination. The weapons expert, Tenten, went straight towards the other girls. While all the guys crowded together, they looked over at the giggling girls, Naruto and Sasuke stood far away from each other, still exchanging murderous looks. No one but Neji saw the tension, but decided not to say anything. Hinata hung behind with Naruto.
Neji, and Lee were looking at Sakura, Chouji and Shikamaru were looking at their teammate with embarrassment. But Shino and Kiba weren't looking at any of the girls they were looking at each other, Kiba with a teasing look in his eyes, Shino just blushed slightly. Sasuke watched this develop, he watched this so intently he didn't notice Naruto coming closer for a kiss on his cheek. Sasuke startled almost let out a squeak of surprise, he grabbed Naruto's arm and flipped him onto the ground with out a second thought. The guys roared with laughter, while the girls watched Sasuke in awe. Every one except Hinata, who went over to help Naruto up. Naruto looked over at Sasuke with a smug look on his face, and kissed Hinata on the lips. Every one gasped,even Neji, Hinata gave a squeak from underneath Narutos lips. Sasuke scowled and turned away. 'Uhhhh. whatever i try to do he's always quicker' Sasuke thought, not felling Neji's gaze on him.
"Naruto let Hinata up and smirked at Sasuke, "Would you like to go to dinner with me Hinata, maybe on Friday?" Naruto asked her. "Sure" Hinata said, biting her nails, and trying to hide her blush at the same time. "' bout time too! Shikamaru and Kiba yelled out, even Shino smiled for the sake of the moment. Sakura, Ino and Tenten started gossiping at full blast now.
"I think I'm going to go home now, too much excitement for me", Sasuke said heading home. "You know what? I think i'll walk with you.", Neji said. Glancing casually around the group, only resting his eyes on Naruto for a few seconds. Neji's pale eyes challenged him, Naruto just looked at Sasuke, eyebrows cocked. Sasuke just said" Fine let's go Neji."
Neji looked back at Naruto smirking at him with a mysterious, sneaky look. 'He's going to take him!' Naruto thought, eyes widening in shock. Neji gave Naruto another look before turning to walk with Sasuke home. "Come on Naruto! The movies are waiting! Remember it's your treat!" cried Ino. Naruto stared at Sasuke walk away. ' He wouldn't let him, he couldn't...' Naruto thought as the two boys disappeared around the corner.


"Sasuke, I know about you and Naruto." Neji said. "Why am I not surprised? I knew you would figure it out, the way he acts." Sasuke replied. "What are you going to do?" Neji asked. "I don't know really, it's hard to top him." "Why not go out with me? Just to make him jealous, you know." Neji suggested. "I couldn't, wh... what would your family think?" Sasuke said, coming to a halt. "Don't worry about my family, every one in my family are bi's. Even Hinata, though she too shy to admit it." Sasuke stared at him, thinking of a polite way to say no, but suddenly remembered Naruto wanted him bad. "Alright, I'll do it!" Sasuke said. Before he finished the sentence, he was pushed against the hallway wall just outside his apartment. Neji had somehow gotten a hold of his wrists, "Wh... what are you doing?!" Sasuke cried, but low enough not to wake his neighbors. He found himself again in another situation between a hard place and another ahem hard thing. "I knew you would say yes" Neji said lapping at Sasukes throat. Sasuke stifled a moan, how could he have been so careless as to let his guard down. He felt it now, Neji's chakra hidden, lined with lust. He couldn't believe he was doing this again, letting another person take advantage of him. But he felt so warm against his lean form. Neji had removed a small scarf from his pocket and tied Sasukes hand together.
Sasuke looked at where Neji was looking, an old plant hanger on the wall, right outside his neighbors door. Neji firmly but gently led Sasuke there, Neji once again put Sasukes hands above his head. He pulled Sasukes hands higher, higher until Sasuke was standing on his tip toes with his hands hung on the plant holder. The hanger groaned at the weight, but didn't break. Neji was steadily undressing Sasuke button by button, nipping every time at the newly exposed skin. Sasuke groaned, arching against Neji's warm tongue. Neji had finally reached his pants, and reached in roughly pulling out Sasukes hardening member. Neji stopped looking around, and finally found what he needed: a chair. Neji unfolded it and sat down in front of Sasukes trembling body, gently pulling Sasukes pants off him, feeling the warm skin under his hands. He pulled Sasukes legs apart. Neji squeezes Sasukes trim thighs gently, rewarded with a soft moan. He squeezes again, before taking Sasukes length into his mouth. Sasuke's toes curl at the overwhelming pleasure, as Neji tongues the slit on the head of his member, lapping at the underside on his length.
He looked down as Neji's head bobbed up and down, watching himself disappear into that warm, moist mouth. He groaned, feeling himself almost at release. But Neji had read the signs and had stopped, "Don't want you finishing too fast, do we now?" Neji murmured into the raven-haired boys ear. Smiling as he heard the tied-up boy moan with neglect. He pinched Sasukes hardened nipples turning expertly the tiny nubs. Sasuke felt himself receding away from the pleasure, Neji was nipping at his skin, not hard enough to break it, but just hard enough to sting. Neji took this opportunity to slip one digit into Sasukes hidden pucker. Sasukes body tensed up, not with pain but with memories. Flashes of Naruto came to him. He turned away from Neji and stared down the hall. Neji looked up, into Sasukes face. He looked as if he was looking for some one. Naruto/, Neji thought. He felt angry that Sasuke wasn't thinking of him. Maybe he wasn't good enough, maybe he wasn't as rugged enough. But god dammit he was with him right now! Wasn't that better than to leave him for a good for nothing girl who doesn't have the self confidence to just say hi to a guy?!/ Neji proceeded in anger roughly pushing another and another finger into Sasukes body.
His fingers brushed something that made Sasuke moan louder that before and arch harder against his fingers. Now he's getting it! Neji thought. He pushed onto that spot before pulling out, Sasuke groaned at the loss. Neji stood up and rubbing Sasuke, his pre-cum trickling down onto Neji's hand. Sasukes eyes opened at the sudden pleasure, groaning, panting. His breath growing ragged, in an almost euphoric tone. Sasukes body tensed up and he thrust into Neji's hand, filling Nejis hand with his own cum. Sasuke hadn't softened up, after coming, which was new to him. Neji looked at Sasuke, eye brows cocked. Sasuke was still painfully aroused, Neji unbuttoned his pants finally freeing his leaking cock, With Sasukes warm cum, he coated his own erection with it. Sasuke watched Neji pump himself before letting out a moan. Neji's eyes opened, glazed with lust and something else, Sasuke couldn't tell. Neji pulled Sasukes legs up winding them around his waist. Neji eased into Sasuke slowly, Sasuke let out a low cathartic moan as Neji's length filled him.
The tight throbbing heat was almost too much for Neji, Sasuke shifted, riding Neji slowly. Concentrating on the sliver of pleasure, and moving towards it. Sasuke's length prodded Neji in the stomach. Neji reached in between them and slowly pumped him, his member still slick with pre-cum, which made the pumps glide over his length faster. Neji thrust in and out, in and out barely hiding his emotions but still keeping his voice down. Sasuke gave into the pleasure, surging against Neji with such strength. Sasukes musky smell took Neji to where Sasuke was for far too long, shifting his position unleashing a fresh torrent of pleasure again and again. Sasuke slips they stop for a second to regain their balance, the pleasure too concentrated on the place where they join to stay still. Sasukes words quickly turn into soft cries of pleasure. Neji's resolve is done in by the purity of Sasuke's surrender. Their bodies tense as Neji pins Sasuke to the wall, their bodies trembling as they come at the same time.


Naruto watched the scene from the hall corner, discreetly hidden in the shadows. Masking his chakra from the two boys. He watched Sasukes body tremble as he came, which he never saw. As he watched Sasuke and Neji disappear into the room he so desired to see, he felt rage run trough his veins. He stared at the spot where Sasuke was taken. Angry with himself, for passing up the chance at being Sasukes first. He ran, tears streaming down his face.


Neji accepted Sasukes collapsing body, Neji pulls out of Sasuke. Sasuke trembled as he did. Neji unhooked Sasuke and reached into Sasukes pants pocket to find his apartment key. He unlocks the door and opens it, placing the still recovering Uchiha onto his sofa. Neji unties Sasukes hands as his eyes begin to close. Neji opened a door, which turned out to be a closet. He removed his now stained sweater off. Sasuke watched him through the slits of his eyes, 'His nipples are pierced!' Sasuke exclaimed to himself, before falling asleep. Neji pulled on a plain black t-shirt and looked back at Sasuke who had fallen into a deep sleep. Neji walked over to the sleeping boy and kissed his forehead. He walked out the door and disappeared with a flash of fabric.

To Be Continued!
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