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A Game of Touch_and_Go

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Neji and Sasuke mess around with Naruto's feelings... to the point where it drives him mad.

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A Game of Touch_and_Go
: Playin_lover

Neji came back the next morning, Sasuke had opened the door to find him. he scowled at him but let him in all the same. Neji sat down on at the kitchen island, accepting a cup of coffee. Neji watched Sasuke walk around, watching the way he walked. No doubt about it Sasuke had a limp, Neji thought with a finality. The girls would notice, you could only tell Sasuke had a limp if you looked really closely, which was just about all the girls at school did anyway. Sasuke finally sat down,"Well, what do you want?" he said, with a tiny sliver of anger in his voice. He was mad, who wouldn't be? Neji had strung him up and f*ed him to the brink of his sanity. "I have a plan." Neji replied simply. Sasuke looked up from his toast,"Well, what's the plan?" impatience clear in his voice. "I was thinking of it last night, after cough I uh.. left you yesterday." Neji said,"Its a game of touch_and_go." he said. Looking up at Sasuke with a mischievous look in his strange pale eyes.


Naruto watched Neji give Sasuke a kiss before leaving to his first period. Some of the rookies looked away from Sasuke he turned to them. Some of them turned and whistled, some blushed and kept staring. Naruto was fuming inside, when Sasuke ran after Neji. Neji turned to Sasuke and gave him another kiss, this time on the lips. Everyone stared as Neji lifted Sasukes chin for more access to Sasukes throat. Everyone gawked at their openly expressed actions of affection towards one another. Naruto scowled and pouted at them. He turned away as Sasuke kissed Neji again. The bell rang, and the students filed into line to enter the classroom. The girls were giggling and talking about the scene Neji and Sasuke had made. HInata on the other hand was as red as a tomato. Out of the corner of his eye Naruto saw Sasuke lean in to the kiss then move away to enter the class.
Naruto was angry, Kiba had asked Naruto a question and Naruto threw a fist. He was sent out of class naturally. Sasuke smirked, as he watched Naruto fume out of the classroom.


No one at the rookie eating area talked or ate, they we're too busy staring at Sasuke who was curled up in Neji's lap. They sat in the shade of the oldest tree in Konoha. The lunch was ramen but Naruto was too angry to eat. Hinata was sitting next to Naruto, her blush had turned down some what, but was still noticeable from a mile away. The girls even tried to pull out cameras but Neji swiped it from them before they could wind it. "Do you think its working?" Sasuke whispered into Neji's ear. He felt Neji shift to look towards Naruto. He felt Neji's hand slip in between their bodies as he shifted. He was to embarrassed to say anything out loud to Neji. He was already uncomfortable sitting in his lap in front of everyone. Word had spread quickly about him and Neji had kissed, so everyone was staring at the rookie table. Sasuke gave Neji a last kiss and got up and sat on the seat across from Neji... right next to Naruto. Much to his dismay. Suddenly he felt someone nudge his legs. He looked around, not wanting to look under the table, in fear of being asked what was happening. The foot slowly moved its way up his leg, he almost jumped in shock as the foot found his groin. the foot was kneading him. He wanted it to stop but to keep continuing.
He hadn't touched himself since he was with Sasuke and to him that was a pretty long time. He looked around, hoping to find a clue to who was doing this... ahem bad thing to his now growing erection. He jumped up with flusteredness (A/N: sorry i know thats not a word) holding his backpack in front of his throbbing member. Everyone looked at him, "Sorry, I just remembered something important." he told them, trying to get rid of their questioning looks. He ran, flushed, running to the restroom. He locked himself into a stall and slid down a wall, hands linked making a bridge across his knees. He stared down at the bulge in his pants, softly gasping for breath. Some one knocked on the bathroom stall door. "Occupied!" He yelled. He heard a rustle of fabric, and watched as the person got onto their knees and peered under the door, Hinata. "What Are YOU doing in HERE?!" Naruto yelled, pulling his backpack hastily back to his lap. "Um... well your in the girls restroom..." she said hesitantly. Naruto got up and unlocked the door, as he did HInata got up and dusted her pants off.
"It's okay I think I'm the only one who saw." she said, staring at him with a curious look in her eyes, which she quickly stifled. "Will you walk with me?" Naruto asked, she nodded wondering what was troubling him. The first few minutes of the walk was awkward, they had never spent any time together let alone talked one-on-one. Hinata finally broke the silence, "What's wrong?" she asked, pretending not to sound that obvious that she already knew. She had figured out a little bit of a fraction on a second more than Neji had taken. Their behavior towards one another wasn't the only clue she had. She had had enough time to come to the reality that Naruto could only return her friendship feelings. In a way she had slipped from him to another person who was less oblivious but she loved Naruto all the same.
"Just some stupid fight I got into some time ago, it's nothing" he replied. She laughed a small cute laugh. Naruto stared at her surprised, he had never heard her laugh before. He didn't even know she knew was laughing was, she was always so emotionless, unless it came to her teammates. "What's so funny?"he said, smiling nervously. "Nothing, it's that I can read you like a book. I know this 'thing' has got you clearly upset." she said. "Yeah... huh you have no idea." Naruto feeling comforted some how by Hinata's laugh. "Then, why don't you tell me so that I have an idea what's going through your head" Hinata suggested. He looked at her strangely but decided to tell her anyway, not to the extent of who with. "Hmmm, well why don't you just tell this person how you feel?" she told him. "Well it's not that easy , i have my pride and they have their pride. Our personalities are just too complex to fit together."
"Some people say that opposites attract, just remember that the best relationship is when you need the person more than you need their body" she advised him. "Great! Thanks Hinata! We're still on for Friday right?" he says walking away, towards the school entrance. "Yeah...Sure! Wouldn't miss it for the world!" she said waving good-bye. She looked after the boy she had cherished for so long, grinning maniacally at anyone who was around. 'I hope he's happy in whatever he chooses she thought as she turned to return to her cousins make out scene. Putting back on the fake blush, everyone had seen earlier.


Neji had been the one nudging Naruto, smirking at his success as Naruto jumped up swiftly pulling his backpack up to his midsection, where Neji knew only too well what was hiding behind the rucksack. Sasuke and Neji watched Naruto walk away. Neji smirked at Sasuke, the Uchiha finally realizing that their plan had worked. They were going to dangle Sasuke in front of Naruto until he begged.

A/NSorry I left you on a cliffhanger but i have to go! It will be fixed in about a day.
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