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Dirty Encounters

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As the title tells, dirty. Not bondage, not whips, chains or tentacles. It's nasty touching in the bathroom.

Category: Naruto - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Naruto, Neji, Sasuke - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006-12-09 - Updated: 2006-12-10 - 636 words

Sasuke walked into the restroom, and to the closest stall. 'Friday... todays the day. Geez! I know he's only going out with her just to piss me off... And it's working!' He thought doing his business. He shook himself dry and gasped at an image of Naruto doing it popped into his head. He shook himself a couple more times, the image of Naruto still clear in his mind. He looked around and pulled his pants up, trying to recompose his heating body. Suddenly arms wrapped around him, Naruto.

"Don't you have a boyfriend to do this? Or is he leaving you unsatisfied?" Naruto asked, slipping his hands into Sasukes pants and boxers.

"No... ahh~ he's not so get off me!" Sasuke cried as Narutos hand slipped up his cock, and back down over and over again. "At least he didn't leave me dissatisfied like you!"

"I wasn't the one who left, remember?!" roughly stroking Sasukes cock. Angry at the statement.

"So get off me now..." he said pushing at Narutos arm, letting Naruto know he still wanted it to go on, by the way Sasukes grip fluttered on his arm.

"Are you so sure you want me to?" his hands not stopping or showing any sign of doing so.

"Of course, i'm fucking su~" Sasuke reached behind himself and buried his hands in Narutos hair. Pulling hard enough to pull all of it out. "Fuck~!" Sasuke cried as he grinded back into Naruto, into an erection that he had not know was there.

"Say my name, Sasuke." Naruto groaned, through his teeth, with pain and pleasure. Sasuke pushed back more, making Naruto walk backwards, into the sink. "Say it, Sasuke."

"No! I said~ to ahhh~ get off!" his hands sliding down Narutos neck more. Naruto licked the bare space behind Sasukes ear, and whispered the words again.

"Why? You want to scream HIS name?" Naruto whispered into Sasukes ear. Sasuke whimpered from the pleasure, as Naruto nipped sharply at his neck, and slowing the pace even more. "Scream his name, I want to hear you scream it." Naruto ordered.

"Neji..." came the faint whisper. He repeated the name over and over again, almost screaming it as Naruto stroked faster with every word. Sasukes eyelids heavy, his voice husky, sobbing out Nejis name.

"I say to scream it." Naruto ordered again.

"Neji!" Sasuke cried out in white hot relief, as he thrust into Narutos tight warm hand. Naruto kept stroking, pumping every last drop from Sasuke, faster with every thrust throb and jolt. The white hot pleasure bringing him to his knees. "God!" Sasuke cried.

"Now, now, there's no need to call me now." Naruto said kneeling down next to Sasuke, taking his chin into his hand. Licking his other hand in front of Sasuke, "Now if you excuse me I have a date to get to." Naruto informed Sasuke. Naruto stood, looking down, smirked an all knowing smirk and walked away, leaving a the gasping Uchiha to the cold of the bathroom. His erection less obvious in his orange jumpsuit. Sasuke was left to face the silence in his mind.

"Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke... so vulnerable to the pleasures of the flesh. What are we going to do about you?" Nejis voice rang out in the bathroom. "I like you calling out my name like that... maybe I should jerk you off too." The soft pat of shoes came closer and closer, until Sasuke could see Nejis shoes. Kneeling down, Neji brushed his hand across Sasukes cheek. Then captured Sasukes mouth with his own, roughly. Sasuke was too tired to fight back, so he let the pale-eyed man. Tasting lust and hunger in Nejis movements, even as Neji zipped and buttoned his open pants.

"Come on, we have a double date to get to." Neji commented.
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