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Party Queens

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Alex and Amy decide to show Tammy how to have fun at Tom's party.

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I was wearing a T-shirt dress that came to just above my knees and had Mickey Mouse on, it was pulled in slightly at the waist and on my feet I had a pair of faded red doc martins. Frank was driving the three of us over to Tom's place and he was currently happily chatting away to Amy and Ellen about various parties he had been to when he was younger... it would appear they mostly consisted of him getting pissed and doing something stupid/outrageous. I was nervous about seeing Drew again but excited as well, I was hoping he would like my new hair colour! I then tuned back into the conversation the others were having.
"So the next day I woke up to find myself up a tree in the middle of nowhere completely naked!" Frank finished to the other two's hysterical laughter. Luckily before he could go into any more detail about his adventures in the nude we arrived.
"Here we are ladies, have fun and if things start to get interesting remember to use a condom!" He grinned at us. I rolled my eyes and thanked him for the lift, the other two both thanked him too and we all said bye before getting out of the car and making our way up the drive. Before we could ring the bell the door opened and we got jump-hugged by a tipsy looking Alex.
"I'm so happy you guys are here the party is awesome and all your hair looks fit as fuck!" Maybe he was more than a bit tipsy...
"Thank you Alex honey" Amy said in a mocking voice. "Now do think you could let us in and lead us to Tom?"
"Sure thing lovely ladies!" He exclaimed and bounced out of our way into the house. When we reached Tom, after fighting our way through the crowded room, he was talking to Drew. Drew saw me and smiled making me blush, he walked over and hugged me.
"You look fantastic!" He whispered in my ear.
"You look pretty good yourself!" I whispered back. We turned back to the others and I caught Ellen staring at Tom, hmmm did she like him I wonder? I made a mental note to ask her about it later before jumping out of Alex's way as he paraded over holding a tray full of drinks.
"I come bearing alcohol!" He cried
"Gimme some you fool!" Amy laughed grabbing the nearest cup and a second one for me. "Here you go now do me proud and get pissed!"
"That's not very responsible of you!" I laughed
"Since when was I the responsible one?" She said smirking.
"It's true. Amy seems to make it her mission to be the life of every party." Tom informed me. "Between her and Alex we are friends with two of the world’s biggest party queens!"
"I'm a queen am I?" Alex snorted
"Well you sure as hell aint a king." Amy grinned
"Touché my dear. Now let’s introduce Tammy here to how we party stateside!" He giggled and grabbed my arm, Amy grabbed my other and we made our way through the throng of drunk, dancing people.

Stupid amounts of alcohol later
I was dancing with Alex and Amy when Drew appeared by my side.
"Mind if I steal you?" He grinned. I just nodded and grabbed his hand, he led me away and we were dancing again. Someone behind me knocked me forward into Drew who grabbed my shoulder to steady me.
"You okay there?"
"Yeah I'm fine!" I said and for some reason unbeknown to me I threw my arms around his neck pulling him into a kiss. He seemed slightly surprised but kissed me back all the same, after a while we came up for air and he leaned his forehead against mine. We stayed there swaying along to the music for ages before being interrupted by Alex who thought we were being far too quiet. Soon we were all dancing again and everything started to blur. One moment I was with Alex and Amy while the next I was with Ellen or Tom. Eventually I found myself outside sitting on the patio.
"Lonely?" A familiar voice called out behind me. Drew then came and sat next to me and soon we were kissing again. When he pulled away however his happy expression quickly changed to one of shock and worry. I followed his eyes and saw that my dress had ridden up to reveal the criss-crossed mesh of plasters on my thigh. We had discussed my previous problems before but this was different.
"Tammy... tell me that isn't what I think it is." He said his voice shakey; I was suddenly feeling much more sober. I wanted to lie to him. To tell him I had just had a clumsy accident but I couldn't, tears sprang up in my eyes as I looked into his own eyes.
"I'm sorry..." I whispered, tears pouring down my face. He pulled me into his arms then and I sobbed into his chest.
"You WILL get through this Tammy." He said forcefully. "You will get through this and I will be there for you whenever you need me." He was being so nice to me, I didn't deserve him. Most people would turn away in disgust but he was supporting me.
"It's just so difficult you know?" I wailed into his now soaked shirt... man I must have sounded pathetic.
"Your mum?" He asked, I couldn't tell him the truth then; he didn't deserve to be burdened with my problems. So I just nodded. "Tammy it must have been terrible for you. I know you loved her so much but you need to live your life still. She would want you to as well." I nodded again miserably into his chest and we sat there huddled together for quite some time.
"I need another drink." I announced suddenly and got up, wiping my eyes and hoping my makeup hadn't run too much. I wound my way back to the table and bumped into Ellen.
"Oh there you are!" She smiled, and then took in the state of my makeup. "Looks like you and Drew had fun!" She giggled... seriously? What did she think we had been doing to cause this much cosmetic damage?! Oh well at least she didn't realise I had been crying. "Let's get you fixed up she giggled again and led me to the loo and got her emergency makeup out of her bag. What a life saver she was! As I was re-doing my eyeliner she turned to me, obviously wanting to ask something.
"Tammy... what do you do if you like your friend?" ahhh so it appears I was right about her liking Tom.
"This is Tom we're talking about right?"
"Chill! He doesn't know, I just caught you looking at him as if he were a gift from god earlier." She blushed bright red then.
"You're exaggerating."
"Believe me i'm not. Look I think you two would be adorable together and I wanna help you out so I'll try and find out how he feels okay?"
"THANK YOU SO MUCH TAMMY!" she squealed hugging me.
A short while later, with freshly applied makeup I resumed my search for the alcohol, I didn't get far before being grabbed by Alex.
"Time to hit the harder stuff methinks princess!" I couldn't agree more. He then pulled a bottle of Smirnoff out from behind his back, and grinned wickedly.
"You beautiful genius!" I cried, this was so good.
"What can I say? Some people are just born with it!" he shrugged nonchalantly. "Now ladies first." He said offering me the bottle. I grabbed it from him and took a swig, sighing as the alcohol burned my throat. Soon the fuzzy, blurry feeling was back and the lights and noise and people were swaying and vibrating around me. I focused my eyes again and I realised me Alex and Amy were sitting in a circle on the floor.
"Let’s play truth or dare." Amy grinned.
"I'll start!" Alex shouted. "Amy I dare you to make out with one person of your choice who isn't playing this game right now."
"I wasn't gonna kiss you anyway." She then got up and walked up to a girl with long black hair dancing a short distance away. She tapped her on the shoulder and when the girl turned round she put her arms round the girl’s neck and started to make out with her.
"I didn't see that one coming." Alex giggled
"You thought she would pick a guy?" I asked curious
"I guess I kinda assumed she was straight... Tom will be gutted."
"Tom likes Amy?!"
"Yeah! Didn’t you know?"
"NO! Oh man but Ellen likes Tom!"
"It's a love triangle!" He giggled, so mature, but then again it was kinda funny. We turned back to Amy who still had her tongue in the girls mouth... at least the girl was kissing back!
"OI AMY GET YOR TONGUE OUT OF HER MOUTH AND COME SIT WITH US AGAIN!!" Alex yelled. Amy pulled away and kissed the girl on the cheek quickly before skipping over to us.
"Nicely done, though i'm kinda hurt you didn't tell me you were a lesbian!" Alex said
"I'm not a lesbian. I'm bi actually." Amy replied
"Whatever. Makes no difference to me!" he giggled.
"My turn now!" Amy said "Tammy I dare you to clime the oak tree out the front."
"But it's stupidly high!" I protested, in truth I was kinda scared of heights.
"Nahh you'll be fine!" she laughed. So next thing I knew we out the front of the house, and just us three either, a load of other people had come to watch.
"Take this with you for luck!" Alex grinned, passing me the bottle.
"Cheers." I said sarcastically. I stepped up the tree and started to climb. I didn't look down until I reached the top since I knew it would just scare me. When I reached the highest thick branch there was I stood on it whilst holding the trunk with one hand for balance and the vodka in the other, and I looked down at the others. Fuck it was high. The ground looked like it was moving, waves of grass rippling round the tree... shit this was a bad idea.
"What's it like tammy?" Amy shouted up
"Fucking terrifying!" the laughed thinking I was joking. I didn't feel so good, kinda woozy actually... I should probably get down. I started to climb down but about half way I lost my footing. Screaming I plummeted downwards. However I didn't hit the hard ground like I had been expecting but rather landed in a warm pair of arms. I looked up and into the eyes of Drew.
"I think maybe it's time you get home." He said firmly before I could protest. "I'll drive you since I suspect I'm the only one here that isn't over the limit."
"You're probably right... I haven't seen you with a drink all night!" I slurred
"That's because I like to keep a clear head." he chuckled. We found Ellen and Amy and soon he was driving us back to mine. I must have passed out because the last thing I can remember was watching the lights flash by then a blanket of nothingness covered me.
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