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Hardly Hollywood Material.

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They come to a decision about how to deal with the press and Tammy decided she needs to change in light of her new found fame.

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Sorry I haven't updated for a while, I was gonna update on wednesday but I was feeling ill. However even though it's late and her birthday was on wednesday i'm dedicating this to my friend Emma! (Or maybe just the happy bits if you would prefer?)- Katy

It had been a good practice at Amy's and the band was shaping up, however it would appear my mental health was going in the opposite direction. In my room I pealed the poorly constructed bandage from my thigh, biting my lip to avoid shouting from the pain, it was worse than any I had done before and would certainly scar.
"Shit" I breathed. My emotions about this were conflicting; on one hand I knew it was wrong and i was destroying myself but on the other hand I couldn't imagine myself being able to stop myself now I had started again. I hobbled over to the bathroom and began to clean myself up. When I was done I dressed and went downstairs, Dad and Ray were sitting in the living room, and they looked up when I walked in.
"I'm gonna guess you saw they paper?" Dad asked, I could see the concern in his eyes.
"Yeah any idea how that got out?" I asked lightly, they couldn't know about Milly and they couldn't know about the cutting; that was final.
"We're not sure but it's probably just a case of them snooping around at an unfortunate time for us." Ray said. "It can happen, though it does present a bit of a complication of what to do next."
"We are leaning towards the idea of a press conference to try and put any rumours to rest." Dad explained
"But obviously that's only if you feel comfortable with the idea." Ray added. This wasn't good. A press conference would only attract more attention, something I didn't want, but at the same time it did make sense to put rumours to rest. Also i didn't want to make things harder for Dad and the band by being awkward about it.
"Okay I'll do it."
"Are you sure you're okay with this? I mean it might cause the media to pay more attention to you." Dad said gently
"Yeah but i guess they would do anyway now they've found out about me and at least this way they'll only publish facts." I assured him whilst internally laughing at my stupidity. The press only publishing facts?! Yeah right.
"Don't worry Tammy we'll sort it out." Ray comforted me.

After Ray had left I went back to my room. Paranoia was setting in and the thought of the press watching me was horrible. I looked at the mirror and saw myself through their eyes, hardly Hollywood material. I needed to lose weight, I had done it before and I would do it again, starting now. I put the radio on loudly so that no one could hear and went to my bathroom. It came back to me easily and I efficiently purged everything I had eaten before taking care to wash my hands thoroughly. I brushed my teeth and washed my mouth out with Listerine to get rid of the bitter taste, feeling relieved to have gotten rid of all that potential fat I went and sat at my computer. I went and searched for what I needed a local store selling diet pills. Once I found one I decided that when I had the opportunity I would drop in and get some. I would change.

Saturday morning
I woke up with a gasp from my nightmares. Before I remembered that I had the press conference tomorrow and the party tonight. Amy and Ellen were staying here after the party so that should be fun and maybe the party would help distract me from tomorrow's impending doom. My mobile started to ring and I saw it was Amy.
"Hey Tammy just wondering what time you want us round?" I narrowed my eyes, she knew i said to come round at 1 so we could hang out and get ready so why was she really calling?
"Come at 1. Now what's your real reason for calling?"
"ahhh rumbled!!" she giggled "Well you know how you were talking about what you want to do to your hair next?"
"Me and Ellen have got hold of a load of dye from my cousin's salon and we were thinking that maybe we could all dye our hair before the party?" That actually sounded pretty fun
"Sure! I can't wait!"

Later on that Day
When Ellen stepped out of the bathroom she had red hair, Amy had black hair and mine was now bleached blonde with pink streaks. We laughed as we each took in each other’s new appearances.
"WE ALL LOOK AWESOME!" Ellen yelled
"Totally!" Amy added and I just laughed along at how ecstatic Ellen’s face was.
"Anyone wanna get a coffee?" I asked
"Hell yeah. I need some caffeine." Amy replied. So we made our way into the kitchen and I started making the coffee, then we heard the front door open.
"Quick hide and we can jump them!" I whispered, so we all squished behind the door and listened.
"Tammy where are you?" Dad called from what sounded like the hallway.
"Maybe she's been eaten!" Frank chimed in
"By what?" Uncle Mikey's voice now added sounding slightly curious as to what Frank suspected had eaten me.
"I dunno a dinosaur or maybe the sofa turned evil or something?"
"Makes sense I guess..."
"Tammy has not been eaten by the sofa." Ray sighed "Though I wish it would eat you two."
"Awww you don't mean that Ray!" Uncle Mikey said "At least only Frank, he is way more annoying than me!" I felt Ellen giggle from next to me and the footsteps were getting nearer.
"Someone was making coffee..." Dad said from just outside the room.
"I vote we finish it for them." Ray said
"Seconded" Uncle Mikey added and they all entered the kitchen.
"NOW!!" I screamed and we all jumped out and threw nearby pillows at them.
"ARGGGHHH!!!" Frank yelled "AMBUSH!!"
"Hang on its only Tammy and her friends!" Dad called out
"Nahh they had different coloured hair last time I saw them" Uncle Mikey said
"Ever heard of hair dye?" I pointed out.
"Fair point."
"You all look awesome by the way!" Ray Added
"Where did you get the dye from?" Dad asked
"My cousin owns a salon and she said we could help ourselves!" Amy said, I was glad that she and Ellen were being normal around the guys now.
"Sounds useful!" Ray said
"Yeah it means free dye and haircuts from me and my friends anytime we want them!"
"I'm guessing you and your cousin are close then?"
"Yeah she's more like a sister than a cousin."
"So is this for the party tonight?" Uncle Mikey asked
"Yeah we thought we would surprise everyone!" Ellen said
"PARTY?! WHY WAS I NOT INVITED?!" Frank shrieked.
"Because you don't know Tom?" Ellen tried
"And you're too old!" I added cheerfully
"Whatever makes you feel better!" I grinned and threw another cushion at him.
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