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59. Peeling Off Skin

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"Peeling him like an apple, Gerard could feel cold air hitting bare flesh." Suggested by wedonotsow, FlyingSmoke, anotherknifeinmyhand

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59. Peeling Off Skin

With not much else to distract him, Gerard could not get what he had just seen of his wife out of his head. He certainly did not try to purposely dwell on it, but images and replays of it found its way to the forefront of his mind anyway. A vengeful feeling churned his stomach.

Viewing the tape seemed to have planted some seed of anger inside him, a seed that was flourishing into an ugly, twisted flower. It was both a blessing and a curse -- For Gerard had thought himself emotionally dead to the world long before then. To feel this gripping new frustration was not pleasant by any means, but it at least proved that he could still feel something. Or perhaps, something was returning to him.

Gerard was not necessarily angry at Lindsey. He supposed it had only been a matter of time before she had moved on with her life. What was left of his rational mind did not blame her, and only frowned in sadness. The truth was, in the haze of pain and torment, he had been starting to forget about her as well.

His seething hatred had no particular target. But it was undeniable, and would keep him tossing and turning in bed, restless and annoyed.

The blackbirds came again soon enough. The three of them wheeled in the same cart of medical supplies that Gerard felt they had been bringing repeatedly in their latest excursions. He could see that most of the "supplies" on them were scalpels.

Each of the blackbirds took one, and began to approach Gerard, who laid expressionless on his bed. Once they were close enough, they divided to stand at different positions, as per usual. The one by his right side was the first one to move, leaning down and putting the knife to his skin. He pinched the skin of Gerard's waist, pulling it so that it separated from his side. His skin contained this ability, as his body was generally devoid of much flesh.

Once the pinched skin had been stretched enough, the blackbird took the scalpel, and quickly nicked off the skin. Gerard winced. The blackbird on his left repeated this action, but peeled off a longer strip than the first blackbird had. The third nicked some skin around his ankles.

They continued to do these "practice nicks" for a little while, before almost gently, they turned him over so that he laid down on his belly.

Gerard could only then feel the cold metal being pressed against his skin. They all seemed to be targeting the same spot, right where his hips ended and his buttocks began.

He felt the knives pressing so hard against his back, they penetrated the skin. After penetration was achieved, the knives continued to move upwards, although not going any deeper. Just advancing further.

And very slowly, they began to skin his back.

Peeling him like an apple, Gerard could feel cold air hitting bare flesh. He grunted and squirmed, his face buried in his pillow. He was grabbing fistfuls of whatever he could reach, his knuckles turning white. His eyes were watering, but he wouldn't let them see that.

One of them seemed to prod the exposed meat with a gloved hand, and it hurt unbearably. Gerard let out something of a squeal. He couldn't imagine how lying down on his back would feel. Gerard figured that will probably be impossible after this.

When they were halfway up his back, with much of his lower back skinned off, Gerard saw some of the skin simply falling off the bed carelessly -- like hair falls off a head during a haircut.

"Did you enjoy the home movie we showed ya?" The one on his right remarked, a snicker hidden behind the ski mask. "That broad sure ain't looking for you no more."

"She's too busy enjoying herself, clearly." laughed the one on his left.

Gerard grunted. The ugly flower that the seed had planted was twisting itself inside him. A hot rage came over him abruptly, and he could barely feel the knives that were moving around on his back, peeling him like rotten fruit.

"You're a lucky man." said the next voice, although Gerard could not tell who it was coming from this time. "She looks like she gave great head. We should bring her over here, try her out ourselves. We might even let you get some, for old times sake."

Gerard felt someone nudge him. The anger was shaking him so badly, he felt he was close to vomiting.

Instead, tapping into some hidden reservoir of strength, Gerard pushed himself upwards. He leapt off the bed, and he tackled the nearest blackbird to the ground.

And, pinning him to the ground, Gerard punched the man over, and over and over.

Next Chapter: "She bites her trembling mind. It began as all tragedies do...with pain and deception. If you'll be the paper I'll be the pen. This is it -- I've tasted hell, and it tastes just like you."
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