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Buy yourself the motivation

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“No point asking mentally, you’re already insane.”

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Chapter two- Buy yourself the motivation

Mikey’s point of view.
I and Gerard were sitting in the sitting room, perched on the sofa, my head on his shoulder, eyes glazed over while my brother just stared at my mom in disbelief as she continued to rant at us.
lBlah blah blah, God, you would have thought we had done something completely out of order-like had a paint fight in the hallway or knocked down that old grumpy guy who looks like he’s permanently got a dick shoved up his ass, or something. I thought to myself.
Needless to say, I’m not exactly the most mature guy around here if my thoughts are anything to go by.
Mom took a deep breath and judging by the sigh of relief coming from Gee’s mouth, he thinks she’s finished. I on the other hand, who has had almost three years of this sort of thing due to my and electric appliances not getting on too well, knew better.
“Honestly what were you two thinking!” Here she goes again.
Gerard groaned and laid his head on my own. I on the other hand rolled my eyes before closing them. This, is gonna be one hell of a long rant. And it’s been half an hour already.

An hour later…
Both me and Gerard jumped, suddenly awake.
“WHAT! WHO WHERE? I’LL RUN THOSE DISCORPED ZOMBIES WITH MY PAINT BRUSH OF DEATH” Gerard yelled suddenly looking left and right sharply.
It was quiet; mom looked at us disapprovingly, hands on her hips, face still rather red with anger while I and Gee breathed heavily from our dreams. We looked at each other, sheepishly, wiping sweat off our faces then-
“EW MOM GERARD/MIKEY DROOLED ON ME!” We both shrieked with disgust, pointing at one another.

“Holy shits the cannibal moosi are coming to eat you! Run unicorns run!”
“Oh shut up! Mr I’ll-run-those-discorped-zombies-with-my-paint-brush-of-death-Way.”
“Oh nice comeback, at least I didn’t dream about things that don’t exist.”
“Oh like zombies totally exist, vamp boy.”
“Vamp wannabe.”
“Walking dead.”
“Drama queen.”
“Zombie lover.”
“Guitar shagger.”
“Drag queen.”
“At least I don’t have wet dreams of Billie Joe Armstrong.”
“At least they involve a person not a hair appliance.”
“At least I don’t get beaten up by lockers.”
“Well I don’t blow up toasters.”
“Well I don’t fall downstairs-or up them for that matter.”
“Well I didn’t think a blowjob was another name for a leaf blower.”
“Well I didn’t get completely wasted and snogged the Chemistry teacher at the end of term party last year.”
“Wow wow wow! Low blow bro! Way below the belt! Harsh! Cruel! Inhuman!” Gerard exclaimed in horror, holding on to the stair railing and pointing at me.
“Truth hurt Gee?” I asked innocently while smirking.
“You promised you wouldn’t mention that!”
“I did?” I asked.
“Yes you did!” Gerard yelled exasperated.
“Oh wait I did!” I exclaimed in mock realisation.
“Told you!”
“Well guess what?”
“I lied.”
“You are so dead!”
“FUCK!” I squeaked then all but ran down the rest of the stairs, into Gee’s basement and slammed the door behind me.
“FUCK!” I winced then burst out laughing while Gee swore furiously, having just ran into the door.
“Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it bro?” I asked innocently as I giggled uncontrollably.
“Not as much as you are!” he spat back, “Open the god damn door you lanky, geekoid!”
“Bite me blood sucker!” I shot back, grinning.
“Open the door and I will you bass guitar loving fucker!” Gerard retorted, his voice going up a pitch.
“Ah ha! You admit it! You are a vampire!” I cried out triumphantly, “YES! I told Ray it was true!” I said smugly.
Childish? Yes. Immature? Yes. Do I care? Not really.
“Oh for the love of all things retarded and horror related will you grow the fuck up and OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR!” My brother shouted, “OR I’LL LIVE OUT YOUR THREAT FROM EARLIER YOU SCRAWNY ASSED DORK!”
“Ohhh I’m so scared.” I said sarcastically, “Why should I open it?”
“Who classes a basement as a bedroom anyway?” I asked, frowning thoughtfully.
“Who classes an attic as a bedroom?” he asked sardonically, “Oh wait, that’s you!”
“Well done! You finally realized that!” I said in mock enthusiasm.
“Oh real funny! Just open the door or I’ll kick it!”
“Oh please you get beaten up by your locker, you fighting the door? My money’s on the door to be honest.” I said truthfully, grinning.
“Aw go to hell Mikey.” Gee said exasperated, “You know what? Fuck it, I give up. I’ll just call Ray and say that you said he could keep your Anthrax CD he borrowed”
I made a silent gesture of triumph as I heard Gee walking away, smug that I had won. Then something he said clicked as I heard him say loudly;
“Hey Ray, you know that Anthrax CD you borrowed from Mikey last week?”
“GERARD ARTHUR WAY I AM SO GONNA KICK YOUR-“ I yelled though I was cut off as I tripped over the small step as I opened the door, “WHATEVER HE SAYS IS NOT TRUE!” I yelled scrambling up the stairs.
Gerard started laughing, “Yeah he said that you can-ah Mikey get off!” he screeched, still laughing as I jumped on his back.
“He’s a liar!” I yelled, “Liar, liar pants on fire!”

Gerard’s point of view.
“You know, I really cannot believe mom is making us clean out the garage-again.”
“Yes Mikey I know you cannot believe it-again. You told me again.” I said slightly annoyed as I struggled to put a box up on the shelve.
Mikey laughed dryly before letting out a screech. I whipped round, then burst out laughing.
“Shut the fuck up.” Mikey growled at me, taking the box of our Dad’s old vinyl CDs off his head.
“My lips are sealed.” I said biting back a laugh.
“Fucking better be.” He grumbled, picking up the vinyl CDs.
I sniggered then had a coughing fit as a cloud of dust rose from me removing a box from its place. Mikey laughed then shut up as I threw a wet cloth at him.
“Nice, real nice.” He muttered sarcastically, dropping the cloth on the table.

After two hours of clearing out the garage, mom came to tell us we could leave it and do the rest tomorrow. Needless to say, both I and my brother were relieved.
I bagged the shower first, much to Mikey’s annoyance, got washed and pulled on some purple skinnies and an Iron Maiden shirt. I just finished buckling up my red belt when Mikey burst into the room, hair sodden wet and clad in only his grey skinny jeans.
“MIKEY!” I screeched.
“What!” He all but screeched back at me.
“Ever heard of knocking?” I asked irritably, “I could have been naked for all you know!”
“Oh quit being over dramatic, we shared baths until I was nine for God sake.” Mikey said rolling his eyes as he leaned against the wall.
“Because you were scared that the shark from Jaws was gonna eat you if you sat in the bath tub by yourself.” I pointed out, smirking slightly as I laced up my red converse.
“Hey, you were the smartass who let me watch it.” Mikey said defensively.
“So you admit it then?” I asked smirking even wider.
Mikey rolled his eyes but didn’t reply.
“So what’s with your dramatic entrance then bro?” I asked, running a hand through my damp brown hair.
“Did you nick my eyeliner?”
I let my jaw drop, “That’s it? You risked seeing me naked over freaking eyeliner which I don’t have?” I asked raising an eyebrow.
“Pretty much yeah.” Mikey admitted.
“Couldn’t you have waited until I came out the room? Or if you had actually put a shirt on?” I asked giggling slightly.
Mikey frowned, brushing his wet hair out of his face then down at his thin, pale chest before promptly turning scarlet and bolting back upstairs.
I laughed before scrutinizing my reflection in the small mirror I had over my desk which was cluttered with drawings, pencils, scraps of paper and paints. Before I could even move to grab my own eye liner, Mikey was back in the room, tugging his Metallica shirt over his head.
Have you got my eyeliner?” he asked.
“No Mikey, I don’t.” I said sighing slightly though I grinned, “Besides, I thought I only wore make up out of the two of us?”
I glanced in the mirror and sniggered as I saw Mikey flipping me off in my reflection before walking out the room, tripping over the small step as he did so.
I shook my head, grinning in amusement as I applied some black eyeliner. Before I could smudge it for effect, Mikey charged back in again, shouting my name and making me jump in shock and poke myself in the eye with my eye pencil.
“What now bro?” I asked exasperated, holding a hand to my now sore eye.
“Have you seen my eyeliner anywhere?” Mikey asked.
I winced slightly as I realized my eye was now rather red before replying, “No I haven’t, check the bathroom maybe?” I suggested.
“Cool, thanks Gee. Oh your eye looks pretty red, want me to grab those eye drops?” he asked.
I refrained from chucking a pencil at him, “Um yeah thanks bro.”
Mikey grinned then exited the room again. I rolled my eyes then huffed, grabbing one of the makeup wipes I had and rubbed off the eyeliner, ready to start again.
“Gee!” I jumped at the whine from my brother, poking myself in the eye again.
“Ah shit fucking, what now Mikey?” I asked exasperated.
“My eyeliner isn’t there.” Mikey stated as if it was obvious, “Oh and here’s the eye drops.”
I rolled my eyes as Mikey skipped down the stairs and handed me the small bottle.
“Thanks.” I said before applying it, blinking slightly.
“Hey can I borrow yours?” My brother asked.
“Couldn’t you have asked me that in the first place?” I asked, scrutinizing my reflection again to see if the eye drops had worked.
“I could have, but I didn’t.” Mikey shrugged, before grabbing my eye pencil, “Here, I’ll do your eyes then you do mine.”
I rolled my eyes but held still and let Mikey apply my eyeliner before he smudged it for effect.
“You know.” Mikey said conversationally as I applied the eyeliner around his own eyes, “You should really consider dying your hair black.”
I blinked as I smudged the eyeliner, “Really? How?”
Mikey shrugged, “I think it would suit you to be honest.” He said “You know, emphasize the gothic vampirism and shit like that.” He added in grinning.
I scowled and hit him over the head making him yelp though he laughed, “Chill I was joking. But seriously you should.”
“I’ll think about it.” I said then frowned in thought, “I am getting bored of the brown anyway now that I think about it.”
“I can smell a shopping trip coming on.” Mikey sang.
I laughed, “And I’m the gay one here?” I asked grinning.
“Oh be quiet you know I’m confused about which team I bat for.” Mikey snapped though he grinned.
“Hey can’t figure it out, fuck it, swing both ways.” I shrugged as Mikey ran a hand through his hair messing it up a bit.
Mikey laughed and was about to reply when our mom shouted to tell us dinner was ready.
After dinner, I and Mikey were planning on watching a horror movie when my mom pointed out something that I had forgotten.
“Yeah mom?” I asked looking up from putting my plate away.
“Don’t you have work at that late night music store tonight?” she asked smiling in amusement as she took my plate from me.
I paled, “What time’s it?” I asked hoarsely.
“Seven thirty Geetard!” my brother called.
“FUCK!” I shrieked.

I sighed as I leaned over the store counter, arms folded. I was bored completely out of my sadistic, pyromaniac, plotting revenge on my brother each more violent, mind. Oh and I was tired. Yet I still had two more hours of work in this place which was rapidly becoming the home of the undead due to no customers and a sleep deprived sale.
“Hey Gee-Gee you ok?” I felt a small twitch of annoyance as my co-worker, Lyn z appeared at my side, grinning like a freaking happy pill popping hippy, her black hair tied up in big pigtails bouncing as she equally bounced just as much over to me. She was wearing a red cut off shirt with badges of zombies and bands clipped on and ripped black jeans and neon pink converses with a green belt and a black choker around her neck and black eye liner and red lipstick which went well with her pale complexion-though nowhere as pale as me.

“Why must you call me that?” I asked rather annoyed as I glared at her, my eyes narrowed into slits.
She shrugged, “Same reason why you're so moody I guess.”
“Then you would suck at quizzes.”
“Why?” she looked confused.
“Cause you got that so wrong.”
“How?” she leaned her back against the counter, rather amused.
“What? You’re telling me you call me Gee-Gee because you've only had three hours of sleep the night before?”
“Ah.” she made a small popping noise, “So that's what's wrong with you?”
“Depends.” I shrugged and watched as a guy in his fifties looked at girl model posters we had. Why did we have those again? There like clippings from a porno magazine, “Physically or mentally?”
“No point asking mentally, you’re already insane.” Lyn z replied causing me to roll my eyes.
“I'm not insane.” I said flatly, great comeback Gee.
“Sure you’re not.” Lyn z said absent minded as she filed her nails. Why do girls carry such pointless shit with them, “That's why you look like you haven't slept in what two months?”
“I slept last night!” I shot back defensively, “Sorta.” I admitted, “Well not really a lot.” I mumbled.
“See? My point exact.” Lyn z said matter of factly causing me to roll my eyes again, “Seriously you've got bags under your eyes that look as if you've got hit with a brick like a hundred times.”
“Yeah I realised that when I woke up this morning.” I replied flatly as Lyn z continued to come up with ways why I had bags under my eyes.
“Oh do vampires sleep?” she asked puzzled mid rant as she smirked teasingly.
“Shut up! I am not a vampire!” I shouted causing her to laugh, “Seriously! Why does everyone always think that!”
“It's cause you look like one!” a voice called back from the store room causing both of us to roll our eyes,
“Shut up Bert no-one asked you.” we replied in unison. Bert was probably the most stupid and perverted person I ever met. And I'm related to Mikey. Anyway he was annoying, loud, and arrogant, not to mention he's got it in his head that I and he are friends with benefits. See where the stupid part comes in? Oh and he gropes me. That's the perverted part. If it wasn't for the fact we were kinda friends and that I could handle his antics (kick to the balls no sweat) I would have him reported for sexual harassment. If my boss wasn't a homophobic against my oh so vampire emo style. Seriously I'm lucky to even have the fucking job never mind complaining. Besides Bert is a nice guy. We get along 50% of the time, the other half made up of us arguing and fighting. Yeah I'm surprised Lyn z hasn't lost it. Though she can be just as bad sometimes. Still got the scar from that time she wore boots and I said she looked like a prostitute.

“Free speech!” he shouted back.
“Since when? Since we all became deaf? My hearings still working funny enough so shut it.” I replied then yawned widely while Lyn z giggled behind her hand.
“We live in the states Gee Gee.” Bert sighed grinning as he walked over to me, hand over my ass speaking as if he was explaining simple math to an eight year old. He's really gotta stop talking to himself then. I made way to punch him in the ribs then he hastily moved his hand. Now I know who asked for the porno posters to be stocked.
“He's got a point Gee Gee stupid question.” Lyn z pointed out as she drummed her nails on the counter.
“Ok one will you guys quit calling me that! It’s Gerard! Not Gee Gee ya dumb fucks!” I said sharply flipping them off causing them to roll their eyes smirking in an oh so superior fashion, “Secondly Bert I'm surprised you know we had free speech considering the fact you sleep 90% of the time in history class, more chance of you getting a question right then me not setting the chem lab on fire.”
“That'll be the day.” Lyn z mumbled then whistled innocently as I glared at her warningly.
“And thirdly you two are so annoying you make Mikey look like a freaking Saint in disguise.” I finished frowning.
“Screw you!” they both shot back at me. I just stuck my tongue out childishly.
Bert rolled his eyes.
“They're gonna stick there if you keep doing that.” I pointed out to him.
“Says the guy who rolls his eyes every five minutes.” he shot back.
I rolled my eyes, “Hypocrite.” he exclaimed childishly as he pointed at me.
“Idiot.” I mocked him then stuck my tongue out again.
“Do that again and I'll pierce it while you sleep.” I quickly shut my mouth.
“Hey what happened to your eye?” Lyn z asked curiously.
“Oh you just noticed? I've been here for the last three hours and you just notice? Very observant you two are.”
“Wow sarky much?” Lyn z pouted arms folded.
“When is he not?” Bert scoffed as he sat down lazily in the chair I usually occupy, legs up on the counter.
“Never to be honest.” she admitted shaking her head.
“Has to be sarky at some point.”
“Yep sarcastic prick.”
“Uh hello?!” I waved my arms up in front of them, “That sarcastic prick is standing right here you know!”
Both of them started laughing, “DAMN IT I HATE BEING THE YOUNGEST!” I shouted then pouted crossly and folded my arms causing them just to laugh harder at me.

It had been yet another hour since Lyn Z and Bert had annoyed the hell outta me. Honestly they are so not funny. I sighed heavily then switched on the hi Fi just to have something to do. Lyn Z was in the store room looking for more stock while Bert was in the office probably playing with himself. Just a guess. I moved my head to the beat of Iron maiden for a little while as I randomly drew some zombies on a scrap of paper. Nothing much had changed. Just a bunch of girls about fourteen or something had came in, and kept giggling. They approached the counter like ten times only for them to go in a laughing fit the minute I looked over and opened my mouth to ask if they needed anything. Damn junior school girls. Did I look that weird? Needless to say, my confidence took a bit of a hit.

I sighed again, I could seriously be doing something more interesting right now. Like scaring the shit out of Mikes. No wait I done that before I left. I could be finishing off one of the songs I started at third period today or watching the new Paranormal Activity flick. Might ask Mikey if he wants to go see it at the cinema after work tomorrow. That's if he hadn't tried to make himself toast and blew himself up. That would be those plans up in flames now wouldn't it? Gee bad day when your social life is based around your fifteen year old brother.

Suddenly the store door opened and I prayed it wasn't those giggling junior girls again. No it wasn't. I sighed in relief. It was some kid. A short scrawny kid for that matter. When was St Patrick ’s Day again? I was pretty sure the leprechaun appeared then. Ok harsh bad Gerard. I snorted in laughter. Bad day when you scold yourself too.
“What are you laughing at vampire boy?” Bert asked amused as he walked in holding two mugs of steaming coffee. Damn it smelled good.
“Sod off Bert I'm not a vampire.” I said sharply though my eyes looked over at the coffee longingly.
Bert just laughed, “Thought you'd want some here.” he handed me a mug, “Looked like you needed it earlier. Still do by the way.”
“Thanks.” I grinned as I took it gratefully; I took a huge drink out of it causing Bert to laugh, “Mike's gonna kill me though.”
“Oh whys that?” Bert asked amused as he leaned against the counter.
“It's my fifth cup today.”
Bert let out a whistle, “Coffee addict coffee addict.” he chanted causing me to laugh.
“You just realised that now?” I asked shocked as I took another sip while grinning.
“I know you like it, not addicted to it.” he replied grinning as I laughed again, “Wanna check into rehab dude.”
“Think you need it though.” I started laughing again as I shook my head then found myself face to face with the kid that came in earlier. Only I noticed he wasn't a kid.
He was small in height probably about four nine and probably the same age as me and I had to admit he was freaking hot! He had slightly pale clear skin, dark chocolate brown eyes and small thin pink lips where I noticed he had a lip piercing. He had a small nose too where he had a nose ring. I hate piercings as those meant needles but damn did he make them look sexy. His hair went down to his shoulders and was a dark brown, some of it swept across his eye. He was wearing tight ripped grey jeans and a misfits t-shirt which was slightly baggy on his skinny frame. He also had the same style of belt I had except it was pink and wore worn out purple converses and skeleton gloves which looked awesome.
Suddenly I heard a kiddish yet hot laugh and I realised it came from this guys mouth then I realised I had been gaping at him like a right retard. I could feel my face heating up as I quickly shut my mouth over mentally cursing Bert who was sniggering in the background.
“Uh yeah?” I asked the teen rather embarrassed. Smooth Gee the guy probably thinks you're a freak!
“Um I was just wondering if you had the, the uh Smashing Pumpkins albums here.” he sounded nervous as he tugged at his tee shirt but damn he had a nice voice. I could talk to this guy for ages. Get a grip Gee!
“Oh yeah! There at the back next to the fire exit can't miss it.” I explained pointing over to the back.
“Oh cool.” he grinned at me. Wow he had a fucking hot smile wish I could...WHAT THE HELL GERARD STOP DROOLING.
“Thanks a lot.” he smiled wider at me.
“No problem.” I grinned slightly. I noticed the teen suddenly had a pink flush across his pale face. Ah what is it with people! Am I that embarrassing to talk to!

The minute the guy was outta sight and absorbed into looking for a CD, I slammed my head off the counter causing Bert to jump about a foot in the air.
I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing. Not the slightly embarrassed laugh I usually do in public but an actual laugh. The one where I sound like a maniac on helium in my opinion. But I couldn't help it. Bert looked annoyed, then surprised then he grinned. He hadn't no wait, no one had ever heard me laugh like this in awhile. I didn't know why I was laughing so hard because what Bert done wasn't exactly hilarious but I swear my ribs had cracked. I knew I sounded stupid but I couldn't stop.
“You Ok Gee?" Lyn z called over grinning at Bert who was still watching me in amusement.
“I, I think so!” I choked out, my eyes watering. I noticed the teen was looking over at us, grinning slightly.
“That's, that's the first time I've heard you laugh like that Gerard.” Bert admitted starting to laugh himself.
“What did you do?” Lyn z asked hands on her hips as she looked at Bert with false disaproval as I started to sober up as bit
“I shouted holy mother fucking ass fucking chicken fuck.” Bert replied flatly with a straight face. This caused me to start laughing again. Both looked at one another in shock then just laughed.
“Fucking retard.” Bert shook his head then nudged me in the ribs and whispered, “Hey Gee it’s your friend.”
My head shot up from lying on the counter, my laughter now dying down a bit, my face flushed and throat sore with laughing so hard, to see the same teen from earlier looking at me with amusement, eyes shining slightly as he placed two Smashing Pumpkins CDs on the counter.
“Hey.” I mumbled feeling even more embarrassed then before, “That all?” I asked rather sheepishly running my bandaged hand through my hair.
“Yeah.” he smiled at me again, “You've got a nice laugh by the way, you should laugh more often, it suits you.” he grinned.
“Thanks.” I let my hair fall in front of my eyes trying hard not to say something stupid, “That's $9.99”
“Sweet.” he took out his wallet and handed me the money, “You work here all the time then?” he sounded almost hopeful.
“Yeah except weekends.” I replied handing him his change and CDs.
“Awesome, I'm Frank by the way.” he grinned and winked laughing.
“You new here?” I asked curiously, my face flushing slightly, why was I feeling like this? Hell why was I talking to this guy so easily!? It doesn't make any sense!
“Yeah just moved here today actually, but I wanted to check out some music and comic book stores before they closed so.” he shrugged slightly, damn he looked cute!
“Awesome you like comic books?” I grinned brightly, “Sweet.”.
“Finally someone who doesn't think I'm a weirdo.” he exclaimed throwing his arms up causing me to laugh. He grinned again as he heard me.
“No laughing like a maniac again Gerard.” Bert called over earning an elbow to the gut by Lyn z. I flinched then grinned.
“I'm Gerard by the way though I think you might have caught on to that.” I pretended to glare at Bert who whistled innocently while clutching his stomach.
“Gerard.” Frank said as if testing to see how my name sounded across his tongue, damn he made it sound hot. I officially love having a weird name, “Cool name, never heard it before.”
“Part of being weird.” I shrugged.
“No part of being unique.” he corrected me, “Unique is what makes you cool cause it suits you.” I felt myself flushing again.
“So you just moved here huh?” I asked trying to sound casual as I placed my arms on the counter-only for my elbows to slip off causing me to hit my head off the counter, “SHIT!”
“Oh fuck are you okay?” Smooth Gee smooth, make an ass of yourself in front of Mr Hot and drool worthy why don’t cha?
“Um..” I bit my lip, suddenly not able to unwrap my tongue and say something that wouldn’t involve the guy calling the cops.
“Gerard? Are you okay?” Frank asked slowly as if talking to a mentally unstable patient who can’t understand a word of American.
I flushed and spluttered out something that kinda sounded like this; “GFHFGTILG!”
Translation: Yeah I’m great.
Frank raised his eyebrows before laughing and I swear I just wanted to sink into the dirty concrete floor underneath my feet. Then again, maybe not, pretty unhygienic death to be honest.
What the hell Geetard? You got a drool worthy guy standing in front of you, and your rambling to yourself about whether your death is unhygienic? What the hell is wrong with you!
“Um yeah I’m fine-I think.” I replied unsure as I frowned, my eyebrows raised slightly.
Frank giggled and I flushed again, “Yeah I’m new here, still don’t know the area.” He said shrugging.
“I could show you around if you want.” I suggested trying not to sound desperate.
“Really?” Frank asked looking at me in amusement.
I resisted the temptation to kiss him right there. Just.
“Yeah, I mean I live here, well not here I mean it would be pretty weird if I lived in a store. I mean I live in the area and I know it pretty well, not personally, well it’s a place so you can’t really have a conversation with it and.” I realized I wasn’t making any sense whatsoever, “And yeah I’ll shut up now.” I finished blushing again.
Frank laughed and I heard Lyn Z and Bert laughing like asylum rejects in the back room.
“Yeah sure that will be fun.” Frank smiled at me and my brain cells-whatever was left of them- went into meltdown, “Can I get your number?”
My eyes widened, “What?” I croaked. Nice one Gee.
“Yeah you seem like a cool guy, maybe I can call you at some time to talk?” he suggested, grinning slightly, not once dropping eye contact with me.
I swallowed, “Um yeah sure I'll give you my number.” I replied as I fumbled with the pen I had.
“Here write on my hand.” Frank too off his glove, I saw the first few words of Halloween tattooed across his knuckles.
“You serious?” I laughed, he nodded enthusiastically, “Ok then.”
I wrote it down then handed him the pen and laid out my own hand, “My turn.”
Frank laughed then wrote his number down across my own hand. I swear I felt a shock running through me as he wrote it down.
“There.” Frank sounded pleased as he put on his glove, “I'll text you tomorrow kye Gee?”
“Yeah cool.” I grinned slightly, “Cya later Frankie.” I waved then started laughing as he waved back only to run into the door, laughing he waved again then walked out.

That was when it hit me. Did I just get asked out? On a date? Nah its probably just to hang out. Yeah that's it. I couldn't help but remember his smile and the way he laughed when I noticed my two goof balls of friends where standing beside me, grins on their faces.

“What?” I asked after a few seconds.
“He likes you!” Lyn z shouted so loudly I could've sworn people outside could hear her causing me to go red and splutter out protests, “He really really likes you!”
“Gee gee's got a boyfriend!” Bert all but shrieked then started a chant.
“Oh shut up I do not!” I snapped still flushing furiously it put Lyn Z's shirt to shame.
“I'll see you tomorrow Frankie!” Bert mocked me fluttering his eyelashes, as he pretended to flick his hair.
“Oh shut up I so do not sound like that ya jerk!” I shouted at him, going even redder.
Both of them continued to laugh like crazy.
“Damn it I give up with you two!” I exclaimed throwing my arms up in defeat.
I sighed as they continued to laugh then glanced down at my hand, and let a small smile appear. Frank had written his number and his name with two small x's next to it.
Maybe today wasn't so bad after all.
“Gee and Frankie up a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!” Bert and Lyn z sang.
Then again...
“OH SHUT UP! That is so elementary school!” I exclaimed though I started laughing, “Honestly!”

Why do I even bother trying to be a responsible adult?
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