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Awkward silence

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“So what cha like best? Chains or handcuffs?”

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Chapter 3 Awkward silence
Summary: “So what cha like best? Chains or handcuffs?”

"You gotta be kidding me."
"No I'm not Mi-"
"You have got to be fucking kidding me bro."
"You met someone!?"
"Yeah Mike-"
"You! You socialized!"
"Ok getting a little bit over dramatic here br-"
"What the hell man?!"
"What-look Mike will you calm the fuck do-"
"It's a guy!"
"Yes what are you, a homophobe? Now will you sh-"
"You gotta date!?"
"It's not a date! Now will you let me-"
"Holy mother fucking cow fuck!"
"MICHAEL JAMES WAY WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET ME FINISH DAMN IT FOR FUCK SAKE BRO!" I finally snapped. Mikey bit his lip trying hard to hide the smirk on his lips by avoiding eye contact and looking down at his feet.
"God think I've got a migraine coming on." I groaned as I lay my head against the sofa, running my bandaged hand through my hair, eyes closed.
After about two seconds, I felt as if someone was watching me. Opening my scarred eye slightly I realised I was right.
"What?" I glared at my brother. I know I sound really mean right now, but hey I'm pissed. Off that is. I mean Bert and Lizzie teased the hell outta me when Frankie left, those annoying little giggling junior girl brats came back even more annoying and well…gigglish if that was possible and to top it off, some prat asked me if we stocked Justin Bieber CDs. What the fuck? Who likes listening to Alvin & the chipmunks on helium! Seriously! Oh and now my brother's acting retarded again because he's just burst out laughing for no reason whatsoever. Far as I know anyway.
"Why in the fuck are you laughing like a chipmunk on crack bro?" I sighed, an arm behind my head, the other between my legs.
"All cause you laugh weird!" he choked out defensively. I pouted; it was true! He did sound like a chipmunk on crack! Wait a mouse! Yeah that's it! He's now officially Mikey Mouse!
"Yeah, whatever Mikey mouse." I stuck my tongue out in an oh so mature fashion then started giggling as he all but choked on his coffee.
"What the hell man!?" he exclaimed laughing.
"You heard me." I smirked arms folded feeling rather smug.
"Fuck you man!" Mikey shook his head grinning still.
"Can't lil bro, it’s illegal!" I pointed out innocently.
"True such a shame." he sighed in a pretend disappointed fashion causing me to laugh. Then he looked at me smirking slightly, "Then again, I'm sure your new ‘friend’ wouldn't mind doing you for me if I asked nicely." he said casually trying hard to keep a straight face.
Ok! Fuck animal cruelty and laws against murder! Mikey mouse is gonna get it!
"OH THAT'S IT!" I jumped up from my chair and chased Mikey who had all but ran for it the minute he said those words, "I'M GONNA KILL YOU WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU BRO!" I shouted as I sprinted upstairs.
"If you get your hands on me!" he shouted back smugly.
"Why you little-FUCK!" I had ran into his bedroom door and was now bent over covering my nose. "Language bro!" Mikey scolded me while laughing like crazy behind his shield.
"HEY!" Mikey shouted back indignantly.
"Hay's for horses now OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR!" I yelled hitting said object as I did so.
"Oh and what are you gonna do?" he asked.
"Nothing!" I said in a sweet innocent voice while flexing my fingers in a strangling motion.
"Oh then why were you chasing me!" he challenged me. I moaned in annoyance running my hands through my hair in frustration,
"GEE!" Mikey whined.

Half an hour had passed and Mikey still hasn't opened the damn door. I was now fed up and was sitting on the floor, back against the wall with my knees up and arms sitting on them crossed looking up at the ceiling where I had counted at least twenty holes in.
"Mikey!" I groaned, "You alive in there?"
It was quiet then as I blew some stray hair out my eyes only for it to fall back down again much to my annoyance, Mikey called back, "Yeah thanks to the oh so lovely invention called a door Gerard!"
"Oh haha real funny, real witty!" I snapped sarcastically earning a scoff from my younger brother.
I frowned then threw my head back causing a thud sound.
"Did, did you just hit your head off that wall?" Mikey asked trying hard not to laugh.
"No!" I said as if he was stupid, "Ow." I mumbled wincing rubbing the back of my head.
Mikes snorted in laughter, "More nonexistent brain cells dead and gone then. Must be what negative three thousand?"
"Just fuck off man." I moaned causing him to start giggling like crazy. Yeah giggle. I groaned in annoyance, "You calmed down yet bro?" There was a thud sound and I started giggling like crazy, "Did you just fall off your bed?" I choked out.
"NO!" It was quiet then- "Okay I did but still!" He admitted causing me to laugh again, "What cha mean 'Have you calmed down yet bro?' You were the one banging my door like a maniac!" "
And you’re the one making perverted remarks you lunatic!" It was silent again then-
"OK THAT DID NOT COME OUT RIGHT!" he all but shrieked.
"What, the words or the scream?" I snorted.
"...Both!" he admitted exasperated.
I started to giggle hysterically.
“Shut up! Now come on, what is he like?” Mikey called.
“A guy.” I said simply.
“Oh that’s very informative Gee, thanks a lot.” Mikey said sarcastically.
I rolled my eyes, "He's okay I guess." I shrugged.
"Gee that info will get me far."
"No need to get sarky." I teased him grinning.
"Yeah like you’re not sarky at all." Mikey retorted, "So what's he look like."
"Short." Mikey snorted in laughter at this, "About four nine at most, got sorta long messy brownish black hair, brown eyes too, palish skin, sorta scrawny too and has a lip and nose piercing."
"Guy sounds like your dream prince Charming." Mikey said flatly causing me to laugh.
"He's a great looking guy." I admitted reddening slightly.
"In other words you think he's hot." It wasn't a question, it was a statement
"What!" I yelped, "Mikes I just met the freaking guy!" There was a skeptical silence, "Okay fine I think he's hot." I admitted, and then said reluctantly, "You would probably think so too."
"Probably." Mikey said sounding amused, "You should ask him over so I can see for myself sometime."
I laughed, "You might faint like you done when you saw Haley."
"Oh come on! Are you still going on about that!" Mikey whined laughing slightly causing me to giggle like crazy, "You're an asshole!"
“Deal with it!” I replied sassily.
Mikey mumbled something that distinctly sounded like ‘sassy vamp looking motherfucker.’
Ain’t he full of compliments?
“So, is he fuck worthy?” Mikey asked sly.
“MIKEY!” I yelped outraged, flushing furiously.
“What! You know I’m curious that way!” Mikey said defensively.
“Did you have to be so crude?” I asked exasperated.
“How is it crude?” Mikey asked sounding not at all bothered.
Sometimes, I almost forget he is a naive, innocent sixteen year old. Almost forget.
“So come on, is he fuckable or not?”
I was sorely tempted to kick the door down and hit him with something but my foot was still sore from hitting the locker earlier so I resisted-just.
“Oh yeah like I’m really gonna tell my brother that I think a guy is fuckable.” I said sarcasm all but dripping from my voice.
“Oh so you do think he’s fuckable then!” Mikey clarified smugly.
“God damn it four eyes I hate it when you do that!” I snapped.
“Do what?”
“Play mind games! You know like some sort of brain ninja! You mind fuck my brain seriously! I should get you jailed for mind rape!” I ranted, improvising what I was saying.
It was quiet then-
“Dude, are you incest or what? I mind rape you? Seriously?”
I smacked my head off the wall-deliberately this time while my brother giggled uncontrollably.
“You are seriously the most perverted twat ever.” I stated flatly.
“Perverted? How am I perverted?” Mikey exclaimed defensively, his voice going up a pitch.
“Oh I think the internet history explains well enough.” I said smirking only to let out a squeal as Mikey opened the door, sending me flying backwards.
“Whatchatalkingaboutmotherfucker?” My brother said in a rush.
“Oh I don’t know, I was looking something up for my history homework yesterday.” I said casually sitting up and sweeping my hair out of my face then raised an eyebrow, smirking, “And guess what I found out?”
“Let’s just say, I had no idea my innocent, naive brother who has more sexual experience than Ray’s cat that got castrated last week, has a fetish with certain porn sites.”
“I do not have a-“
“Ah no chance bro, no way am I letting you off with this.” I cut in smirking, holding a finger up, “So didn’t know you were into bondage bro. Kinky much.”
I bit my bottom lip as Mikey’s usually pale face went a shade of scarlet as he stuttered indignantly.
“I was just curious!”
“Really? For six months?” I asked not at all fooled as I continued to smirk.
“Shut it.”
“Oh so you admit it.” I said smugly.
“What, like you don’t watch porn at all?” Mikey asked sarcastically, hands on his hips.
“Well at least I’m smart enough to delete my internet history-dumbass.” I stated bluntly.
“Oh be quiet!”
I just laughed while Mikey stormed back into his room. I stood up, still giggling before I opened his door, to see Mikey sitting on his bed, pouting. Arms folded and looking like a two year old.
“What?” he asked in as voice that made me think Mikey just might want me to drop dead right now.
“So…” I dragged the word out as I leaned against the doorway still smirking.
“So…what?” Mikey asked mockingly.
“So what’s your preference?” I asked.
“Preference?” Mikey blinked at me blankly behind his specs, “Preference to what dumbass?”
“What’s your favorite?”
“Favorite what? Don’t start trying to mind fuck me bro! You did this last time when you thought I was gay!”
“You’re sexuality confused though.”
“Whatever, fuck you.” Mikey flipped me off.
“Okay, I can see you’re ready to murder me in probably the most painful and torturous way possible, so I’ll cut to the chase.” I smirked.
“Shoot, before I shoot you.”
I rolled my eyes. Poor, poor Mikey. All that bondage porn has gone to his over hormonal teenage brain. Silly boy, how can he shoot with no gun? Idiot.
“So what cha like best? Chains or handcuffs?” I asked as if it was perfectly normal to ask your sixteen year old brother what turns him on.
Mikey just gaped at me and I laughed before quickly escaping the room as Mikey threw one of his metal steel capped boots at me.
“Fucking asshole!”

Mikey’s point of view.
I was still pissed off at my brother despite it now being two hours ago he had pissed me off. Right now, I was getting dressed for bed considering it was two am and senior Dickhead was in the bathroom, brushing his teeth. Give him credit, he’s managing okay considering he’s still giggling uncontrollably. Seems like he can’t look at me without laughing considering he knows I watch porn.
“Fucking dick. All cause he’s got a stash of gay porno magazines in his basement.” I said loudly enough for him to hear.
Sure enough, I heard him spit into the sink before yelling, “I heard that you four eyed scrawny bondage watcher!”

“Good!” I called back, “Maybe now you won’t jerk off so loudly so I can hear you when I decide to go downstairs for a drink of water at four in the freaking morning!”
Speaking of which, who the fuck decides to do that anyway?
“Hey I just thought of something. When you watch it, is it the girls you watch or do you prefer the gay version?”
That son of a motherfucker!
“Oh you interested? The gay mags don’t cut it for you anymore?” I asked innocently.
“Well maybe when you hear me coming upstairs to take a piss, what you should do, is intercut it, if you get what I mean.”
“Why I ought to come in there and fucking-“
“Boys!” I felt my eyes widen as our mom shouted from downstairs, “I don’t need to know what porn you kids watch!”
There was an awkward silence then-
“NIGHT!” I and my brother yelled quickly, me quickly turning off my light and Gerard all but bolting downstairs and into his basement as fast as he could go.
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