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Teenagers scare the living shit outta me.

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“Oh so [/that/] explains why you’re being a violent yet retarded asshole that decided to wake me up before nine by demolishing your room?”

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Chapter 4-Teenagers scare the living shit out ta me.
Summary: “Oh so that explains why you’re being a violent yet retarded asshole that decided to wake me up before nine by demolishing your room?”

Mikey’s point of view
I woke up groggily the next morning only for the sounds of what was no doubt my brother crashing around in his basement trying to get dressed while falling over everything possible.
I sat up, yawned and rubbed at my eyes before grabbing my glasses on my side table. Slipping them on and yawning again, I glanced at my Batman alarm clock: 8:45am. Yeah definitely my brother.
Mumbling to myself, I tossed off my covers, making a mental note to castrate my brother the minute I got the chance, swung my legs round, stretched and grabbed a t-shirt. Pulling it on, I left my room and made my way almost zombie like downstairs where the sound of my brother trashing his room was amplified.
“Gerard what the actual fuck?” I said thickly as I yawned, running a hand through my bed hair as I stepped in his room.
It was absolutely trashed; like the way it was last night except his comics, CDs and DVDs were scattered and a huge pile of clothes were piled up as Gerard tripped, stumbled and swore his way around the room.
“What’s it look like!” he said exasperated throwing his arms up in frustration.
“Um…demolishing your room in record time?” I asked tiredly, leaning against the doorway.
Gerard stopped trashing his room to temporarily look at me in disbelief.
“What!” I exclaimed in defence, my voice breaking, “I’m just up, not had my caffeine or nicotine hit yet! What else did you expect? A clear, detailed explanation of your sudden madness?”
Gerard rolled his eyes then flipped me off before going back to his quest of demolition. That was when I realized he was only in his boxers-Spiderman ones at that. I rolled my eyes before saying, “Why aren’t you dressed anyway? Haven’t you got work?”
I frowned in confusion, “So…” I trailed off obviously wanting him to elaborate.
“I can’t find anything to wear!” he yelped sounding like a complete girl.
“Um…” I pointed at the obvious pile of clothes on the floor by his desk “What’s that then? Look like wearable stuff to me.”
Another flip off from him, another eye roll from me. Suddenly I realized something. Smirking I said, “Oh I forgot, dressing to impress are you? Ya know, for your date?”
I ducked quickly as Gee threw a misfit converse at me.
“Shut it you.”
“Well just drag something on and get your ass in gear if it isn’t a ‘date’ then.” I said still smirking as I shot up, air quoting the word.
Gerard ignored me, holding up a Green Day shirt and scrutinizing it, “Do you think this will go okay with my gray skinnies?”
“Yeah it’ll look sweet, maybe your biker boots and black denim jacket too.” I said then shook my head, “Are you trying to impress this new friend of yours or what?” I asked as he pulled on his shirt and jeans
“No, I just want to look good is all.” He said absentmindedly, taking my advice as he pulled on his leather biker boots tripping over his bed in the process, “Fuck!”
“Why?” I asked holding back a laugh as he got up grumbling in fluent Italian.
Gerard shrugged as he frowned at the two belts he picked. Rolling my eyes again, I reached over and grabbed one of them, “Pink will stand out good.” I advised him.
“Thanks bro.” he said gratefully looping it around his waist before running a hand through his hair and applying some black eyeliner before pulling on a black studded choker and similar looking wristbands.
I rolled my eyes grinning slightly in amusement. If my brother wasn’t trying to impress this guy, then I was dating the high school prom queen. Which for your information, is so not gonna happen.
“You finished dressing yourself up now? Only you got like under an hour to get to work.” I said in a tantalizing voice though I smirked.
“Oh be quiet Mikey mouse or I will decapitate you with the closest thing to me so God help you if I find anything sharp!” Gerard growled at me.
I held my hands up defensively, “Wow don’t get your morbid mind anymore twisted then it is already, dude.” I said, “You had your coffee and nicotine fix yet?” I asked knowingly letting my hands drop when I was sure Gerard was too busy scrutinizing his reflection to do anything torturous to me.
“Nope.” He replied, popping the word at the end as he ran a hand through his hair, frowning as his nose and eyes screwed up in annoyance and making me laugh so much I had to cover my mouth with my hand.
Once I composed myself I said, “Oh so that explains why you’re being a violent yet retarded asshole that decided to wake me up before nine by demolishing your room?”
Okay, I was wrong about it being safe-if the boot that just whacked me on the head was anything to go by.
“Ow.” I said frowning, rubbing my head and flinching slightly as it hurt. No doubt that was gonna leave a bump the size of a baseball before noon.
“Hurt?” Gerard asked in mock concern.
“No shit.” I growled, glaring at him as icily as possible which is kind of hard when you feel like a zombie first thing in the morning no matter how many hits to the head you get.
“Good, now you know not to piss me off.” My brother said brightly, “Can you put some coffee on for me bro? I gotta gel my hair, it ain’t staying right.” He added in, glaring as his fringe stuck up.
“Yeah sure.” I said rolling my eyes before grumbling as I went upstairs, “Sure I’ll make you coffee after almost knocking me out with your freaking boot, yeah and put fucking cyanide in it while am at it.”

Gerard’s point of view.
I rolled my eyes as my younger brother grumbled no doubt every violent swear word known to man as he went back upstairs. God, what got up his ass and died this morning?
Shaking my head, I applied some gel to my hair and ran a hand through it one more time before conceding that there was nothing else I could do to my abnormally pale complexion and greasy hair. Knew I should have showered last night.
I grabbed my cigarettes, wallet and I-pod and, checking the time on my cell, saw it was now just after nine. Great, got under an hour to get to work and then another five hours until I see Frank. I felt nervous and butterflies wearing studded boots in my stomach at the thought.
Lighting up a cigarette on my way upstairs where the smell of freshly made coffee was filling the air-along with my brother’s pretty impressive swearing vocabulary-I realized I was being a total girl! I mean come on! I know I’m gay and everything, but there’s no need for me to go in total brain cell meltdown about one guy that I don’t even know except from those probably 30. 06 seconds in which I made myself look like a total, socially awkward, vampire looking fucktard! Okay that description of myself maybe true (according to a certain someone who is currently cursing me to hell for giving him a black eye) but hey the guy didn’t have to know right away!
You know, if this guy went by first impressions dating or friendship, I was surely and truly fucked.
I suddenly realized I had been voicing my thoughts out loud and mentally cussed myself. Taking a drag of my cigarette and putting thoughts of a certain pierced punk hottie out of my mind, I continued into the brightly lit white kitchen where mine and my brothers’ mother was telling Mikey off for his language and smacking him with what looked like a spatula as he winced and yelped.
“OW! Alright Ma I get it! Ah! Sorry, okay, okay no more violent possibly deadly threats about my brother I got it! OW! Ger off Ma!” Mikey all but squealed.
I grabbed my cup of coffee and leaned against the marble counter, giggling quietly as I raised my cancer stick to my lips.
I jumped slightly, almost dropping my mug and cigarette as Ma now turned on me, hand on her hip and her spatula of death still in her hands while Mikey, wincing still as he went to sit down at the table, stuck his tongue out at me.
“What Ma?” I asked wearily, my eyes on the spatula in her hand, knowing full well if I did something wrong she would find some way to castrate me in the most painful way with the thing.
“How many times have I told you about smoking those things in the house?” she sighed looking at me disapprovingly.
I shrugged, “Don’t know, lost count since I started to be honest.” I admitted truthfully before sipping some of my coffee and taking a drag.
“You know it’s not allowed in the house and especially not in front of your brother. Think of the example you’re setting to him!”
I was careful not to catch my brother’s eye as he did the same, deciding to look distractedly at the ceiling as he tapped his fingers on the table.
After being nagged at for smoking for a full ten minutes I finished off my coffee and snatched a slice of toast from my brother which ma had just made him, (No one trusts that kid with the toaster, no one.) earning a smack with the spatula by Ma and being told to sleep with one eye open by my brother, I made my excuses and left for work.
Putting my headphones on and letting The Pixies blast in my ears, I finished off my toast and lit up a cigarette, still trying not to think anything negative about what’s going to happen after work.

Frank’s point of view.
I woke up with a yelp of fright as a loud beeping sound filled the room.
“FUCK!” I all but screeched as I fell out bed.
“FRANK HONEY! ARE YOU OKAY UP THERE!?” my mom called up.
“Stupid fucking alarm clock, waking me fucking up at fucking shit o fucking clock on a fucking Saturday.” I grumbled trying to fight my way out of the covers-only for me to kick my side table and send my alarm clock, coffee mug and comics to fall on top of me, “SON OF A SKITTLE POPPER!”
“Frank, sweetie, are you sure you’re okay in there?” My mom asked as she knocked on my bedroom door, sounding exasperated. She was far too used to me doing this.
“Um…” I bit on my lip as I still struggled to get out of the mess I got myself into, “Can, can I get back to you on that in like twenty minutes or so?” I asked, my voice breaking slightly.
I heard my mom sigh though there was a faint tone of amusement in her voice as she replied, “Okay sweetie, I’ll put some coffee on for you.”
“Thanks!” I called just as I was able to pull the covers off my head before I glared at my alarm sitting oh so innocently on the floor, “See? Why can’t you wake me up as nicely as she does?” I asked it annoyed.
No answer.
I huffed childishly, “Fine be like that.” I said tartly before getting up.
I ran a hand through my bed hair and yawned widely before rubbing the back of my neck. Sighing I picked up the shit that had fallen and placed it back on my side table, checking the time as I did so: 11.00 exactly.
I shrugged before something on my hand caught my attention; frowning curiously, I saw it was a number and the name Gerard underneath. Then it hit me.
“Shit shit fucking cannibal moosie fucktarded skittle popping hamster killer shit!” I cussed, tripping over my converse as I scrambled around to find something to wear, “Fuck I’m meeting probably the hottest guy I’ve ever met in a few hours and I look like shit!” I muttered, “Way to go Frankie boy, way to go.” I said sarcastically.
I decided to wear my favourite shirt (Bouncing Souls motherfucker!) my ripped black skinny jeans and my favourite Misfits converse along with my neon purple belt and my long sleeved striped black-flag hoody. After putting them on, I went over to my wardrobe mirror to put in my lip and nose rings and my ear studs before applying some red eyeliner to my eyes and running a hand through my hair before putting in some gel as it wasn’t sitting right at all.
“Hey sweetie who you dressing to impress?” my mom asked amused as I came into the kitchen.
“Mom!” I whined, my usually pale face now probably resembling a tomato, “I’m not trying to impress anyone! We just moved here yesterday!”
“Didn’t you say you met someone?” my mom questioned curiously as I grabbed my mug of coffee and drank most of it in one swallow.
“Yeah.” I said slowly, lighting up a cigarette.
My mom frowned but didn’t comment. That is one of the many things that I love about her. She doesn’t nag much and doesn’t judge you. She’s also very laid back. Maybe too laid back if I’m honest.
“So is he who you’re trying to impress by any chance?” She asked innocently.
“What! NO! He’s just a friend! Well maybe if today goes okay then yeah I can class him as a friend but he’s no more than that!” I spluttered, going redder.
My mom laughed at me and I pouted before taking a drag of my cigarette in what I hoped was a self dignified silence.
“Okay if you say so, so what time are you meeting him at?” she asked, stirring her cup of tea as she leaned against the counter.
“Well.” I said slowly, “He said his shift finishes at two so just after I guess.”
“He works?”
“Yeah.” I said frowning slightly.
“What’s his name?”
“Gerard.” I said.
“What age is he?”
I rolled my eyes; what is this? Twenty questions?
“I don’t know, about seventeen, eighteen maybe? He looks pretty young but if he’s working then…” I trailed off shrugging again before drinking some more coffee.
“So he’s around eighteen years old, he works and his name is Gerard and according to the way you said his name he must be quite a hottie.” My mom tallied off.
“Mom!” I whined.
“Am I right?” she smirked.
I opened my mouth then closed it, finding no reason to deny it.
“Thought so. So does he work in a strip club?”
I choked on my coffee, “What! MOM!” I all but squealed, “What the hell?”
“What? Don’t you think Gerard sounds like a porn star’s name?”
“Not until you pointed it out to me!”
My mom just laughed as I continued to yelp.
“Jesus Christ woman! Remind me to never tell you who I like again if the first thing your gonna do is accuse them of being freaking porno-“
“Oh so you do like him then?” Mom cut in slyly.
“Da, I what- I just met the freaking guy and we only talked for like what? Three minutes!?” I spluttered.
“Seemed long enough for you guys to swap numbers.” She said smirking still.
“You know what? I’m not even going to bother having this conversation with you!” I said tartly which just made my mom laugh, “I am going to have a bowl of cereal and watch MTV and pretend you don’t exist for the next four hours.”
“You do that.” She said, still smirking.
I huffed and did as I said I was going to but not before my mom could get in another dig.
“So you hoping he’ll invite you over to his place for some fun or what?”
“MO M! STOP BEING SO FREAKY!” I practically screeched.
Gerard’s point of view
It's now roughly round about eleven and I'm just starting out my shift. Why? Cause my homophobic asshole of a boss all but dragged me by the ear into the office and bitched me to hell and back about my 'tardiness, ill-appropriate attire, and poor attitude' Honestly! He all but jumped down my throat, ripped out my intestines and forced them back down again for nearly an hour! Oh yeah and I forgot to mention the asshole also said, and i quote this here, "you are a worthless faggot who deserves to rot in hell and brings shame to what the store stands for.' That's pretty rich considering most of the customers here have the same style as me and like the same music and at least 25% of them are gay. So ain't that pretty much slamming your customers? That's what I thought. Personally I think he's just scared of people being different. Or teenagers in general.
I jumped about a foot in the air in shock, "Holy fuck! Steve don't do that you fucktarded fucking cow fucker!" I shouted at him a hand over my heart which was pumping so fast I thought I'd drop dead in any minute.
Steven just looked at me and laughed. I flipped him off annoyed. Steven is my co-worker. He goes to the same school as me and Mikey though a year above me. He's usually the one who backs me up when that jerk Alex starts pushing me around though Steven likes to bug me too sometimes. But apart from that, he's an okay guy I guess.

"Well." Steve dragged the word out as he jumped up on the counter, "Maybe, if you didn't space out so much, I wouldn't be the cause of you almost suffering a heart attack." He pointed out shrugging.
"Well." I mocked him, "Maybe if you weren't such an asshole you wouldn't find it necessary to scare me shitless almost ten times a day."
Steve frowned then, "Hm touché." he admitted pointing at me.
I rolled my eyes, "You know what?" I asked him as I hit the desk with my hands.
Steve raised his eyebrows at me, "No. Who's what?"
"Whose wha-ah shut up!" I spluttered and shoved him off the counter, "God damn it dipshit!" I threw my arms up, "It's too early for this crap!"
Steven jumped up from in front of the desk.
"Shit!" I shouted and fell over the chair causing a loud clatter as I knocked stuff off the desk, "Fuck." I groaned then frowned when a pencil hit me on top of my head.
Steve giggled like crazy, "You're right, it is too early for this crap, I've got hiccups now cause of your stupidity." he hiccupped as if to prove his point and laughed like a maniac. I swear that guy's not right in the head.
"Just fuck off man." I grumbled as I stood up and dusted myself off. I picked up the pencils and stuff I knocked over then faced Steven who was trying so hard not to laugh but was so not achieving it, "What?" he asked giggling like there was no tomorrow.
I shook my head, "Fuck you man, fuck. You." I threw my arms up in exasperation, "I'm getting some mother fucking coffee."
"Drinking that shit as much as you do ain't healthy Gee." he informed me grinning as he sat on the desk.
"Oh yeah? Well neither's getting up at shit o'clock on a fucking Saturday!" I shouted back defensively from the office.
Steven laughed out loud.
"Fucking ass fucking dick licking mother fucker!" I cussed him under my breath as I made my coffee.
"I heard that!" Steven called through in a sing song voice.
"Good!" I called back simply, "Learn from it!"
Steven continued to laugh as I came back into the room, a steaming hot cup of coffee in my pale delicate hands.
"You are such an idiot." I grinned as he leaned on the counter for support.
He grinned and looked at me, "Oh shit Gee don't drink that right-"
"AH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKETY FUCK!" I cussed thickly as I burned my mouth after drinking some coffee.
"As it's hot." Steven finished lamely.
"Aw no shit Sherlock!" I exclaimed fanning my mouth to cool it down, "Ah fuck!"

"10:45 ladies and gentleman 11:45 and this place is officially a ghost town!" I announced to an empty store.
Steven shook his head grinning as he labelled some converses.
"Welcome to Hot Topic, the most popular store for ghosts as the customers here are invisible!" I continued sounding like an annoying advertisement guy.
I frowned, "Hey Steve?" I said curiously.
"Hm, what?" he asked.
"Do ghosts exist?" I asked raising my eyebrows.
"No...don't think so." Steve said slowly thinking.
"Oh." I made a small popping sound, "Sorry ladies and gentlemen, false advertisement, this place is simply an empty shithole!"
Steven burst out laughing, "No wonder with sales assistants like you working here claiming it's a shithole I'm surprised the boss hasn't fired you."
"Don't mention that fucked up son of bitch." I grimaced.
Steven chuckled. It was quiet for a little while.
"11:05 people and Steven is still labelling converses." I announced dully sitting on my chair legs propped up on the desk, "All star converses available in nine different colours at $45 dollars each-a complete rip off!" I declared sitting upright as a customer finally appeared.
"Do you get kicks out of being annoying or does it just come naturally to you?" Steven asked grinning as his eyebrows rose.
"Comes naturally I think." I said thoughtfully, "$10 dollars pal." I said to a gothic looking teen who just bought a leather choker.
The guy said thanks as I handed him a bag and receipt then left.
"So how long you planning to continue your commentary?" Steven asked me amused.
I shrugged, "Until I get bored of that." I stated, "And I'm doing it because I am bored."
"You are just plain weird." Steven stated bluntly, "What you do, is not normal."
"No, being weird is normal." I corrected him swinging myself over the counter and leaning against it my arms folded, "Being normal is weird."
"So, you're saying I'm weird?" Steven asked smirking slightly in amusement as he pointed at himself.
"Dude, you were never normal in the first place." I told him bluntly earning a finger, "Same to you mate." I retaliated by flipping him off.
"Whatever." he muttered and moved on to hanging up some belts.
I rolled my eyes then decided to go into the store room to see if anything needed restocked.
"Mind switching on some Green Day Stevo?" I called.
"No prob." Steven answered.

Fifteen minutes later I was keeping Steve and passing by customers entertained by absently singing along to the music.
"Don't wanna be an American idiot, don't want the nation under the new media." I sang as I folded up some electric purple skinnies making a note to buy Mikes a pair.
Suddenly my mobile rang from my jeans pocket, "Welcome to a new kind of tension." I sang then answered, "Yo whassup?"
"Hey Gee got a problem." my brother's voice spoke through. Speak of the Devil much? It's that telepathic link through brothers I tell ya. Wait, that's just twins ain't it?
"Oh hey Mikes what's up? You're not hurt or anything are you?" I said anxious.
"What? No, no not that, I'm fine, It's just I can't get an answer from Ray's, he must be out of town or something." Mikey replied.
"Oh shit didn't he mention something about helping Bob with his new drum kit a few days ago?" I asked.
"Oh yeah he did!" Mikey said brightly.
I rolled my eyes.
"Fuck he won't be back for hours, Bob lives in Chicago of all places." he continued.
I bit my lip thinking hard, "How about you come with me and you can meet Frank?" I suggested.
"You sure Gee? I don't want to spoil your date or anything." I could practically hear that smirk on his lips as he said this.
"Fuck you man, it's not a date." I replied irritated slightly, "Wanna hang out or what?"
"Yeah I guess , what time?" Mikey asked.
"Come round at about one, I'm kinda held up right now." I replied as Steven pointed to a box of hoodies, a box of his own in his arms.
"Yeah ok I'll text you when I'm on my way kye?" Mikey told me.
"Sure love ya Mikes."
"Love ya too bro."
I hung up then put my mobile back in my pocket and sang along to 'Holiday' as I started helping Steven out with the hoodies.

"You should really consider being a singer Gerard." a voice spoke from behind me an hour later.
I stopped singing along to Thursday's 'Last call' and turned round.
"Frankie!" I said happily as I hugged him. I blushed furiously as I pulled away, "Shit sorry I've had a shit load of coffee." I said quickly.
"It's fine Gee don't start hyperventilating on me." Frankie giggled.
I grinned brightly then I remembered something. "Oh Frankie can you do me a really big favour?" I asked sweetly.
He raised his eyebrows slightly, "What?"
"Well." I dragged the word out, hesitating.
"Well...what?" Frankie imitated me. I pouted slightly earning a girly hiccup like giggle again.
"I've got this younger brother, his name's Michael, and he was going to hang out with his friends but they're both out of town so he's kinda stuck and I kinda-"
"Wait I know where this is going." Frankie sighed leaning against the counter. Aw fuck he thinks I'm bunking him off!
It was silent except from the throbbing pulse of the music echoing around the store and Steven chattering away to some punk looking pinkette girl who was hanging off to every word the guy said. I looked up and glanced at Frankie from underneath my fringe yet again feeling strangely attracted to him. His perfectly chiselled jaw line, small thin pink lips pierced with a glinting silver ring, smooth olive skin and dark hazel eyes...God I sound like a corny love story!
Frank bit his lip ring then swept his hair out of his eyes then to my surprise, a grin broke out on his face, "So, is your brother a good as a singer as you are or did it skip generations?"
I laughed somewhat relieved, "He's okay really, more of a guitarist but he's not that bad."
"Sweet! Another guitarist! Can't wait to meet him!" Frankie said enthusiastically.
I giggled. I just knew he and Mikey were gonna hit it off perfectly.

Half an hour later and I was drinking more coffee as Architects played while Steven and Frankie, who had been getting on really well surprisingly, were having a playful debate about whether The Misfits were better than The White Stripes, something that shouldn't even be put into question in my mind.
"Dude! You are seriously tone deaf if you think Shit pipes can play better than the Lords and Masters of classic rock, The Misfits!" Frank declared theatrically.
I choked on my coffee from laughing while Steven spluttered in indignation.
"Shit pipes!" I laughed, "What the fuck?"
"My thoughts exactly Gee-tard my thoughts exactly."Steven nodded energetically.
I hit him over the head with a pair of gloves sitting on the counter, "WHAT THE FUCK!?" he yelped holding his head while Frankie burst out laughing, hand on his stomach.
"Quit calling me Gee-tard you fucktard." I responded annoyed.
Steven muttered cuss words at me while glaring at Frankie half heartedly as he laughed. Suddenly my mobile went off.
"FUCK I'M VIBRATING!" I all but shrieked as I jumped off the counter.
Both Steve and Frank looked at me, "What!" I asked defensively as my voice broke slightly.
They burst out laughing. "Vibrated huh? Kinky much?"
"Kinky what the?" I asked as my eyebrows rose. Then I clicked, "OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE GUTTER! THAT DIDN'T COME OUT RIGHT OKAY!" I yelled quoting Mikey from last night.
"What, what you said or the scream?" Frankie asked in between giggles.
I was quiet then, "Both." I replied bluntly causing them to laugh harder. Déjà vu anybody?
"So...who's the text from?" Frankie asked trying to look over my shoulder as I read my text.
"Neh! My mobile, my text, so I get to read it not you!" I retorted childishly sticking my tongue out.
Frank folded his arms and pouted, making Steve laugh, "You suck." Frankie muttered childishly at me.
I snorted as I texted Mikey back, "Now who's coming out with kinky remarks?"
"You're the one who vocally told us you were 'vibrating'" Frankie replied smirking.
"What's so perverted about that!" I exclaimed.
"Oh c'mon you're telling me, that doesn't sound even a little bit perverted?" Frank persisted.
"Nope." I made a small popping sound as his and Steve's jaws dropped, "Because my head isn't in the gutter as often as yours apparently occupy so much." I slid my mobile shut satisfied and put it back in my pocket smirking.
"Steve back me up, ain't vibrating kinky?" Frankie pleaded to Steve as I scoffed and rolled my eyes, arms folded.
Steve shrugged, "Never tried it."
Frank threw his arms up in defeat, "I give up with you two!" he declared resigned as we both laughed.
"Do I even wanna know what you guys are talking about?" A familiar voice asked us smirking.
We turned and I squealed.
"MIKEY MOUSE!" I all but rugby tackled my brother causing us to hit the floor while Frankie and Steve burst out laughing.
"Ow?" Mikey questioned as we sat up. I giggled.
"Mikey mouse meet Frankiestein, Frankiestein, Mikey mouse." I introduced them brightly.
Mikey rolled his eyes at my words and grinned at Frankie who grinned back.
"Wait, did you just call me a monster Gerard?" Frankie questioned me.
"YES!" I said brightly.
"Yes it's true!" Frankie cried out in true theatre drama style, hand over his eyes in apparent despair, "But how can you be so cruel to admit it?"
The other laughed as I stated bluntly, "By using the lovely invention of using my voice Frank."
Frank let his hand drop limply to his side while the other two laughed harder and he pouted slightly, "Way to go and ruin my act Gee." he grinned crossing his arms.
I shrugged, "I try." I went to drink some of my coffee when Frankie smirked then shoved me playfully causing it to spill.
"YOU FUCKER!" I yelled laughing, wiping coffee away from my mouth while the other two looked as if they were gonna pass out with laughter.
"I try." Frankie shrugged then he had the nerve to finish off my coffee.
"You did not just finish off my coffee." I said in disbelief.
"So what if I did?" Frankie retorted smirking even more.
"Oh it's on now man!" I declared then jumped on his back.
"Ah Gee!" he whined laughing.
Okay I definitely like this guy.
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