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Homophobia is gay

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Chapter 5-Homophobia Is Gay "
Gerard’s point of view
Gonna get coffee!" I sang out loud as we walked down the street, me practically skipping three yards in front of Frankie and my brother, "Gonna get coffee!"
"A day in the life of Gerard." Mikey commented laughing gesturing at me as I danced down the street, “See this is what happens; you give a vampire wannabe coffee and cigarettes and he’s set for life.”
"Coffee and cigarettes, hm a vampires two best friends." Frankie added in grinning causing Mikey to laugh harder.
"Gonna get coffee!" I sang again as I spun in a circle, arms outstretched, "I'm gonna get coffee!"
"What do you think would happen if we left him here acting like that?" Mikey questioned grinning.
"I don't know but uh I love his uh enthusiasm he's showing here." Frank giggled like crazy after he said this.
"Gonna get coffee!" I sang doing some kinda pirouette or something,
"That's all for me." I finished facing them letting my arms drop as I walked backwards, a huge grin plastered to my lips.
"You are so gonna get locked up in the local asylum Gee-Gee." Michael said shaking his head in amusement.
"Asylums will probably reject him." Frankie said making Mikes laugh, "They, they don't take in experts when it comes to being a psycho I don't think."
"Haha very funny Mikey mouse and Frankistein." I said pouting hands on my hips.
"Will you quit it with the fucked up nicknames Gee-tard." Mikey sighed folding his arms while Frank raised his eyebrows in amusement.
"What? And 'Gee-tard' ain't fucked up at all?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow.
Both Frankie and Mikes looked at one another their own eyebrows raised. Then they smirked and looked at me. "Yeah but so are you." they said in unison, "Ah FUCK!" they both cussed in unison as I threw a cig at them each and surprisingly hit them in the eye, knocking Mikes' glasses off.
"What the fuck bro?" Mikey frowned glaring at me playfully a small glint in his eye as he cleaned his glasses and readjusted them at the end of his nose.
"BULLSEYE!" I cheered pumping my fist to my side grinning, "Never thought that would work but, BULLSEYE!"
"You are such a moron sometimes and I've only known you for like a day and a half." Frankie giggled while lighting up the cig I threw at him.
I rolled my eyes, "Whatever just move your tight asses so I can get some coffee."
"Again?" they both whined grinning.
"Hey! Part of the day plan fuckers." I replied sharply while laughing as I flipped them off.

We were heading towards Starbucks, the only place that is NOT a shithole in this town as its home to the lovely, sweet creation of coffee with the room filled with just as sweet, heavenly aroma of the addicting stuff. Me and Frankie were laughing our heads off at Mikey who was having a killer of a nicotine buzz considering it was only his first cigarette. I felt guilty at first, being the one responsible of causing my younger brother to smoke in the first place but it quickly faded when Mikey haven told me it was fine and he was old enough to make up his own mind, said he won't tell anyone it was me if it made me feel better. "Aw holy shit this is fucked up!" Mikey giggled like crazy spinning in a circle.
"Well." Frankie dragged the word out in-between giggles, hands clasped behind his back, "That's what happens when you smoke your first cigarette in what? Two weeks?."
"You guys could've told me I would get what is it called again?" he asked looking at me in confusion. "Nicotine buzz." I informed him taking a drag from my own cig.
"Yeah that shit." Mikes said brightly, his voice going up a pitch, "Aw fuck this is fucked up shit!" he sang as he stumbled, “Woo cool! I stepped over a crack!"
"Dude." Frank nudged me in the ribs, giggling while Mikey continued to giggle crazily and stepping over the cracks on the pavement, "S'okay?"
"I think so." I said slowly.
"You ever had this Gee-Gee?" Mikey hiccupped giggling.
"Uh yeah when I first started smoking yeah." I informed him.
"Woo this is kinda...woooo!" Mikey spun around in a circle earning us a few weird looks as me and Frankie continued to laugh like there was no tomorrow. "FUCK DRUGS I GOT NICOTINE FUCKERS!" he declared loudly throwing his arms up wildly then stuck the finger up as if to emphasise his point.
Frank stared at Mikey, arms limply at his sides as he all but gawped at my brother. I simply slapped myself in complete disbelief. This is not how I imagined Frank and Mikey getting to know each other. Mikes is as high as a kite!
"Aw brother, my brother think he's superman next thing you know he'll be shouting about unicorns and puffy pink clouds like he did last time." I mumbled.
Frank raised his eyebrows at me as he jumped up on the wall, "Mikey, get down from there before you kill yourself would ya? Please?" I called to him in a resigned manner.
"Okay!" Mikes said brightly then jumped off the wall only to trip over his own two feet as he did so and hit the solid concrete, "Aw fuck."
"Aw aw man!" I laughed grinning.
"Fucking idiot." Frank giggled.
"Aw shit that hurt." Mikey mumbled standing up and dusting his jeans off before readjusting his glasses, "Won't be doing that anytime soon, eh?"
"No you shouldn't." I advised him biting my lip to stop myself from laughing unlike Frank who was close to passing out from laughter.
"Did hurt though." Mikey repeated bemused rubbing his ass, "Aw fuck."

"For the hundredth time bro, I am not paying for your coffee, no chance in hell!" I said loudly ten minutes later as we entered Starbucks. Our more than quiet entrance earned a few disgruntled glances from the customers. Eh never said we were gonna keep a low profile did I?
"Aw why not?" Mikey whined pouting rather cutely I have to admit as he folded his arms.
"Because." I mocked him earning a huffy sigh from him, "The last time I did it burned my wallet by nearly twenty degrees if you catch my drift!"
Mikey rolled his eyes then continued to carry out his huffy manner by keeping the pout on his lips, arms still folded and huffing in annoyance added by stomping his doc marten clad feet as we walked across the room.
"What age are you? Five?" Frankie asked him laughing gesturing at him in exasperation.
"Five and a half actually mister!" Mikey retorted childishly in a baby voice before putting his hands on his hips and sticking his tongue out. Me and Frankie stared at him blankly then burst out laughing earning some more glares of annoyance.
"It's not funny! uh you adults suck!" Mikey dragged the word out this only made us laugh harder, "Fwankie, Gee Gee won't buy me my coffee!" he turned to Frankie pretending to sniff and tremble his bottom lip, "Pwease tell him to buy it for me? I'll be a good little psycho maniac for now on!"
This was too much for both us and the customers. Me and Frank supported each other laughing hard while a few customers muttered furiously at us.
"Aw c'mon Gee Gee buy the kid his coffee, stop being such a stiff." Frank said in a persuasive kinda voice.
"Uh fine." I pretended to sigh in annoyance and roll my eyes as I took out my wallet, "But if he gets a buzz like he did with the cigarettes you can deal with him this time!"
"DEAL!" Mikey grabbed my wallet and all but ran up to the counter. I blinked a few times in shock as Frank tried to stifle his laughter behind his hand.
"Hey! Give me back my wallet you fucker!" I shouted at him.
"What? No way man, you'll buy me the cheap ass black shit you buy on a daily basis!" Mikey called from the queue waving my wallet around.
"No need to get racist Mikes!" Frankie choked out only to yelp as I hit him on the shoulder, "What was that for?" he whined.
"Don't encourage him dipshit or I swear to God I will set your hoody on fire." I frowned, "God fuck me being a parent." I said grimacing at the thought.
"Yeah fuck that if the first thing you do is threaten to set them alight." Mikey called over.
"I said his hoody dumb fuck!" I said defensively then, "Who asked you anyways?"
"Hey I deserve the freedom of free speech after my top rate performance of acting like a childish brat!" Mikey called back outraged then, "Uh yeah can I get a white coffee with hot milk, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles please?"
"WHAT!" I yelped, "That's thirteen dollars you jerk off!"
"So what you're paying for it!" Mikey stuck his tongue out at us as he paid the woman at the counter who was glaring at us disapprovingly.
"What cha mean, so what? That's my point!" I called back annoyed.

I sat in the booth next to the store window beside Frankie, glaring at my brother with my knee across my leg and my arms folded as I chewed the inside of my cheek in aggravation. Mikey took no notice.
"Wish those fuckers would stop glaring at us." he mumbled, lifting his coffee to his lips, looking over mine and Frank's shoulders. I snapped out my moody silence and peered over the edge of the booth as Frankie peered round the side in confusion.
"Huh? Who?" he asked raising his eyebrows.
"Those guys over there near the doorway." Mikey said quietly nodding to the said place.
We continued to look and then I saw them doing the same to us.
"Fuck!" I cussed quietly then quickly ducked.
"Gee what's up?" Frankie asked facing me.
"Alex." I gasped panicking.
"Shit." Mikes whispered in shock, "Shit, shit, shit, shit fucking sheep shit shit."
Frankie looked at him with raised eyebrows again then looked at me, confusion evident over his face. "Alex? Who's-"
"He's probably the most arrogant, obnoxious, and most irritating and self obsessed prick I've ever had the misfortune to meet." I admitted grimly.
"Jock?" Frank questioned knowingly.
"Jock." Me and Mikey confirmed.
"Yep definitely sheep shit Mikes." Frank sighed drinking some coffee.
I jumped up slightly and peered over the booth again, biting my lip nervously. If these guys catch me, I'm so dead! Alex said he was gonna murder me after that P.E incident yesterday! Fuck! I sat back down then distracted myself by drinking some coffee.
"Gee, relax he hasn't noticed us-" Mikey began.
"Hey look what we have here! The fag, his slut of a brother and an emo freak."
"Yet." Mikey groaned hitting the table with his head as Alex, his girlfriend Jennifer, and his mates I realised were Jason, Jonathan and Andrew sauntered over to our table, smirks on their faces, and more verbal degrading abuse to boot.
Oh yeah before I go into detail about this fucked up situation lemme explain why they called Mikes a slut. Thing is, they think Mikey is bisexual and the assholes who disapprove of anyone who's anything but straight, see it as sleazy and slutty as they find both sexes attractive. Fucked up I know but hey that's New Jersey for ya folks.
"What cha want Alex?" I sighed slouching in my seat, my coffee in my hands which were shaking slightly in fear and anger.
"Nothing from your brother anyway, don't know what disease I'd get." Alex replied casually smirking leaning on the table arrogantly.
"Hey back off man." Frankie spoke up irritated.
"Frank don't!" both me and Mikes hissed.
"Or what freak? What are you gonna do if I don't?" Alex smirked cockily looking at Frankie smugly. "What's your problem? You think you can walk over to us and start shit?" Frankie spat back acidly. "Yeah I do, and the only shit starting here is the bullshit coming out your mouth fag." Alex growled at him.
"Please more bullshit comes out of your mouth that it makes your ass jealous." I retorted without thinking. It was silent. Then Mikey and Frankie collapsed into a fit of silent giggles.
"Shut it freak or I'll rip that pretty face of yours apart princess." Alex growled dangerously leaning over Frank to grab me by the scruff of my hoody.
"I don't take compliments from assholes like you ya prick." I retorted then, and I don't know why I did it, I spat in his face.
"You fucking gay freak!" Jennifer all but shrieked making the three of us flinch. It was like a banshee! "You asked for it Way!" and before I knew it, I felt pain, and warm liquid running down my face and into my mouth, the metallic taste of blood slipping down the back of my throat.
"HEY BACK OFF ASSHOLE!" I heard Mikey yell then I heard something breaking and Mikey getting his head hit against the window.
I looked up, blinded by the blood that had splattered over my face to see Mikey holding his head where blood was trickling, the remains of an empty cup shattered on the table. I felt Frankie standing up and I turned round to see him punching Alex in the jaw earning a cracking sound to fill the room.
"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Jason roared then punched Frankie sending him crashing into the table. I stood up, stumbling slightly feeling light headed by the sudden blood loss I had suffered and made way to punch Jason.
"WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!" a voice roared furiously.
"Aw shit let's get outta here!" Andrew said then glaring at us, he hissed, "You three are so dead when we see you at school freaks!"
Then they ran out the store just as the store manager swooped down on us looking furious.
"ALRIGHT YOU FAGS GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY STORE! YOU LOT AIN'T WELCOME HERE YOU GOT ME!" he then all but strangled the three of us by the neck and shoved us out the door and into the crowded street, "AND DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT COMING BACK!"
"Aw like we would want to after that rude service." I grumbled standing up and pinching my nose to stop it from bleeding,
"Aw fuck, you guys alright?" I asked ignoring the shocked looks from passer-bys as I held a hand out to Mikey.
"Uh yeah think so." Mikey grimaced taking my hand gratefully and standing up, "Uh the prick smashed a cup over my head though, waste of fucking good coffee I tell you." I laughed despite the predicament. "You still alive Frankie?" Mikey asked him holding a hand out to Frank who grinned rather painfully and took it.
"Yeah the bastard's gonna leave a fucking bruise there though." he groaned rubbing his jaw he then turned to me and he paled, "Aw shit Gee your nose is fucked!"
"Ya think!?" I said thickly raising my eyebrows.
"Aw Jesus Mikes that's gonna give you a killer of a sore head in the morning!"
"No shit Sherlock." he grimaced wiping the blood from his head on to his jeans as if it was simply annoying him.
"Ah do we need to go to the hospital or-" Frank began worriedly. I cut him off,
"Nah I don't think my nose is broken, just a bad nose bleed."
"Just a scratch before you ask." Mikey reassured Frankie who had opened his mouth, "Heh that rhymed."
Frankie let his jaw drop then quickly shut it as it seemed to aggravate the already swollen bruise on his jaw line as I shook my head in amusement.
"Aw Mikes what are we gonna do with you?" I asked exasperated.
"I'll tell you what we're gonna do." Mikes grimaced, "We're gonna get cleaned up before we get pulled up by the cops."
"Yeah sounds like a plan." I agreed.

Half an hour later the three of us were sitting in my basement bedroom with a few needed medical aids, three ice packs, some disinfectant and a stitches home kit. Frankie was sitting cross legged on my bed holding an ice pack to his jaw looking at some of my drawings I had pinned upon my wall in amazement while I stitched up the wound at the back of Mikey's head, biting my lip nervously as I had to use needles. My nose had stopped swelling now but a bruise was taking its place.
"These are awesome Gee." Frankie spoke up over the beat of Misfits playing from my stereo, "You're really good at drawing!"
"I keep telling him that." Mikey said in a resigned voice then flinched and yelped, "OUCH! you done that on purpose you prick!"
"Oh be quiet I did not!" I scolded him impatiently, "Now stop being such a baby and sit still, you know I hate needles so I want this over and done with as soon as possible."
Mikey let out an impatient groan and folded his arms frowning crossly. Frank giggled and I grinned at him.
"There done." I said finally after five more minutes of short conversations.
"Aw finally, thanks Gee you're the best." Mikey said relieved then gave me a peck on the cheek before putting away the first aid kit.
"No prob." I grinned, "You okay Frank?" he had been quiet since his little giggle at me and Mikes earlier. He jumped then smiled slightly. "Yeah am fine just thinking." he replied as he put down the ice pack and stretched.
"Hm, about what?" I asked curiously lying down on my bed.
"Heh how much homophobia pisses me off is all." he shrugged, "Fucking pricks." I let out a small breath of relief causing Frank to look at me questionably. "Eh I thought you'd be a bit, ya know, freaked out about me being gay.” I replied grinning sheepishly.
Frank looked at me bewildered, "Course I'm not freaked stupid! I'm gay myself if you must know!" he said putting on a posh accent making me laugh.
"What you fuckers laughing about?" Mikey asked grinning as he came back downstairs holding three cans of cola in his hands.
"Oh nothing I was just telling our dear friend Frankie over here about that time you thought a blow job was another name for a leaf blower." I said innocently.
Frankie burst out laughing as Mikey looked ready to murder me. "You did not-" he said warningly. "Kidding!" I said hastily grinning holding my hands up defensively, "Though he kinda knows now." "You prick." Mikey said shaking his head though he laughed.
Suddenly there was a soft thud sound and me and my brother looked to see Frankie on the floor having just fell off the bed from laughing so hard.
"Aw fuck that hurt." Frankie groaned as he stood up rubbing his back and grinning up at us.
"You won't be doing that anytime soon will you?" Mikey asked him.
"Well not if your brother tells me any more of your retarded moments then no I won't." Frankie laughed. "Fuck you man!" Mikey said grinning, throwing a can of soda over to him as I laughed.
"Pass." he shrugged then opened his can and took a drink only for me to kick him in the back causing him to spray it over himself. "FUCK GEE!" he laughed shocked while Mikey burst out laughing.
"Payback for doing that to me at work earlier!" I laughed catching the can Mikey passed over to me.
"Sooo." I dragged the word out as I rolled on to my front on my bed, "What cha wanna do?"
Frankie bit his lip ring in thought while Mikey shrugged absent minded.
"Oh, well that helps, that's a perfect plan thanks a lot." I replied to the silence sarcastically.
Mikey threw a pillow at me and I fell off the bed.
"What the hell man!" I said outraged as I jumped up.
"Stop being an asshole." was Mikey's advise as he flipped me off.
"Me? An asshole? No chance! Think you're getting me confused with someone else bro." I replied innocently while Frank giggled that cute hiccupy laugh I was growing to love so much.
"Oh yeah? Like who?" Mikey raised his eyebrows at me sceptically.
"Well, like yourself for starters." I shrugged.
"Fuck off Gee-tard honestly." my brother sighed in resignation.
"What?" I dragged the word out, smirking as I lay upside down on my bed and looked down at Mikey who was lying underneath me, "Want me to be truthful and tell you why our little spats end up with you telling me to fuck off nearly eh...ninety-nine percent of the time?"
"No, I don't."
"Good cause you know why you don't?" I asked.
"Do I want to?"
"Not really." I admitted biting my lip, "But! I'm gonna be good and tell you anyway like a good, sweet, older brother should." I added in brightly.
"You forgot the psychotic, moronic, pyromaniac, sadistic asshole part." Mikey chipped in matter of factly.
Frankie burst out laughing as I frowned and hit Mikey over the head.
"Be quiet and don't interrupt when I'm having my best annoying moment of the day."
"Aww I don't think it’s the best, I can come up with one or two." Mikey admitted, "Or a few hundred, which ever you prefer ya know?"
"No I don't now shut up." I said flatly making Mikes roll his eyes, "Now do you want me to tell you why you don't wanna know why you tell me to fuck off ninety-nine percent of the time or not?"
"No but you're gonna tell me anyways so go ahead." Mikey sighed sweeping his hair back away from his eyes and readjusting his glasses.
"YOU WANT THE TRUTH!? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! YOU THINK YOU CAN, BUT YOU CANNOT CAUSE YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" I randomly shouted pointing dramatically at my younger brother as I jumped up on my bed, "TRUTH HURTS MOTHERFUCKERS!"
It was silent then I let my hand drop limply as Frankie burst out laughing again and Mikey slapped himself.
"Gee? What the fuck?" he asked.
"No idea." I admitted honestly shrugging, "Seriously I don't."
"You telling me you started that whole conversation for no reason whatsoever?"
"Pretty much yeah." I said grinning slightly, "Plus I've always wanted to say that heh." I laughed slightly.
"Oh God, I'm seriously starting to worry about your mentality not to mention insanity bro." Mikey sighed grinning slightly as he ran a hand through his hair, "In other words, I'm wondering about what's wrong with your mental state."
"Ah don't bother, I gave up wondering what went wrong with it when I was eight years old Mikes."

Twenty minutes after my little outburst we decided to go the city centre to see the new Saw movie that had been in the movie trailers for the past six months and finally released coincidently today when we were going to the pictures. Mikey was all but bouncing along the street in excitement having been wanting to see the movie since it was first advertised. To be honest, I wasn't that all too excited about it, you see one Saw you saw them all no pun intended I swear. But come on! It's the same storyline over and over except with just another twisted way of psychologically fucking the poor victims’ heads up. I preferred the first one as I had been close to pissing myself laughing the whole way through it but hey who was I, a self confessed horror movie loving freak to deny the chance to watch people decapitating themselves in 3D? Yeah that's right fuckers, blood, guts and everything sweet in three dimension picture! Gotta love image technology!

So yeah having just got myself hyped up about the movie me and Mikey were acting like two giggly junior girls watching some pop singing jerk off performing for the first time. Frankie didn't look too excited about it though, he was biting his lip ring again nervously and playing with the hem of his Blackflag hoody.
"OH! I wonder if the blood is as realistic as they make it look like in the trailer!" Mikey wondered enthusiastically, he then turned to notice Frank's less than enthusiastic expression, "You okay Frankie?"
"Huh? yeah I just uh." he cleared his throat nervously and fidgeted with his sleeve, "I'm not much of a gore movie kinda guy, I uh kinda get freaked out heh."
Mikey looked at him sympathetically.
"Aww don't worry Frankie-baby." I cooed. Frankie-baby? Where the fuck did that come from? Must be all the coffee I've consumed today, fucking my mind up big time. Mikey giggled as I put an arm around Frank's small shoulders and squeezed it reassuringly, "Don't worry, I'll protect you from the bloody decapitated limbs and guts sugar."
"Aw you're so sweet Gee Gee." Frankie smiled cutely putting an arm around my waist.
"I try." I smirked.
"Never try with me." Mikey pouted then he laughed when me and Frankie ran up to him and hugged him to death.
"Aw poor Mikey feels left out Gee Gee!" Frankie said sympathetically ruffling Mikes' hair affectionately.
"Don't get all depressed on me Mikey mouse. I wuv you too!" I said in a sickly sweet voice clinging on to him tightly.
"Ok ok I won't I feel loved already, now let go before you strangle me!" He laughed.
"Ah but how do you know that's what's intended?" I said darkly, smirking as I pulled away from him slightly.
Michael rolled his eyes at that and hit me over the head.
"OW! That was mean!" I whined pouting.
"It serves you right." Mikey said matter of factly folding his arms.
Frank just laughed, "You two are such kids!"
"We know." We admitted in unison then started laughing.
Frankie’s point of view.
The three of us were sitting on the edge of our seats unable to tear away from the bloody screen. Well Gerard and Mikey were anyway, I on the other hand was sitting well back in mine, face pale and eyes wide almost popping out my skull behind my 3D specs.
"Aw gross!" Mikey said laughing as some poor guy sawed through his arm.
"Why in the hell are you laughing?!" I all but screeched looking at them in shock, "That's just plain cruel! Inhuman even!"
Gerard laughed as I squeaked in terror and hid my face in the crook of his neck.
"Aw relax sugar it ain't that bad." Gerard reassured me then his and Mikey's faces went white as the glasses we wore showed us the chopped off arm in very graphic detail, "Okay scratch that." Gee advised as Mikey grabbed his empty pop corn tub and threw up, "It is that bad."
"I told you it was inhuman!" I hissed in Gerard’s ear strangely sending a tingle of pleasure down my spine at how close I was, "Aw just tell me when it's over!"
"Hey Frank."
"What?" I said my voice muffled.
"It's over." The two brothers said in unison.
"Oh thank God for-" I said relieved looking up, "AH OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!" I all but screeched pointing at the screen.
Both he and Mikes burst out laughing at my reaction.
"You two! Are fucking evil! Sick motherfuckers you two are! The, the uh spawn of fucking Satan or, or something!" I spluttered obviously struggling to come up with proper insults.
They both slumped in their chairs laughing uncontrollably as I no doubt looked ready to imitate what was on the screen on them.
"I swear to- oh you guys are so lucky we are in a public area right now or I might strangle you!" I hissed.
"Calm Frankie calm, deep breath, relax and yeah I'm gonna just throw up now." Gerard grimaced then grabbed an empty pop corn tub and imitated Mikey.
I rolled my eyes then let out a high pitched screech making Gee and Mikey laugh as Gerard wiped vomit from his mouth with his hand.
I muttered something inconsiderate then threw some popcorn at Gee and Mikey. Gerard, grinning, ducked and Mikey frowned as some of it got stuck in his hair. I bit down on my lip ring then burst out laughing. Gerard looked up curiously then let out a splutter of laughter.
"Don't you even go there." Mikey said darkly pointing at his brother.
That set me off. I all but went into a fit of laughter.
"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Someone in the back row shouted at us.
"Stop shouting we're trying to watch a movie!" I exclaimed frustrated making Mikey and Gerard giggle like crazy.
I reached over to get some more popcorn the same time as Gee and our hands made contact.
"FUCK I WANT MY HAND IN ONE PIECE PLEASE HAVE MERCY!" I screeched without thinking, sending the tub flying.
Gerard and Michael burst out laughing as I glared at them. Though me glaring at them seemed to have no effect as they continued to laugh hysterically.

Mikey’s point of view
We were walking home from the movies, me and Gerard still laughing at Frank.
"Oh shut up you two at least I didn't throw up like twelve times!" he smirked smugly at us.
That sobered me and Gee up.
"Huh and to think I'm the one who can't stomach gory horror movies." he sighed smirking still arms folded.
"Fuck you man." I grinned shoving him playfully.
Frank stuck his tongue out at us, "Oh what time's it?" he asked suddenly.
I frowned slightly as I took out my cell, "Eh about eleven-thirty." I said as I looked t the time in vague amusement then up at the other two who were gawping in shock, "Woah who would've thought? Time flies huh?"
"Yep." Gee made a small popping noise making Frank giggle. Then he got an idea, "Hey seeing as it's Saturday and I don't need to get up early at all thank God." this earned a laugh, "Wanna stay over for the night Frankie?"
Frank's eyes lit up, "Seriously?" he asked in disbelief.
Gerard shrugged, "Don't see why not, bout you Mikey?" he asked me.
"Fucking ready." I smirked evilly, "Ready to get payback for the pop corn in the hair incident Frankie?" I asked innocently.
"Oh shut up Mr I-thought-a-blowjob-was-another-name-for-a-leaf-blower Way." Frank retorted smartly smirking.
"At least I didn't screech like a little girl in the cinema." I shot back putting on a childish girly voice making Gerard laugh.
Frank glared at him lightly and he shut up.
"Yeah well, at least I didn't throw up!"
"At least I didn't shout 'I just came!' in a loud voice when some guy asked why the floor was sticky for crying out loud!"
"Oh please we all knew the mess was all down to you Mikes."
"What! Oh we all know it was you since you were sitting so close to my sweet older brother, you were almost sitting on his lap!"
Gerard stopped laughing and blushed furiously.
"Oh it's on now Mikey mouse!"
"Hell yeah it's on!"
"Bet you couldn't stay up the whole night and watch horror movies without shitting yourself!"
"Oh please! You're looking at the master of all scream-athons!"
"What you screaming like a bitch when you think the boogy man is under your bed?"
"Oh you did not just go there!"
"Oh yes I did!"
"Oh it's on pansy!"
"Definitely bitch!"
"At least I don't sound like one!" I concluded smirking.
"Oh that's it! I'm calling my parents right now and I'm staying at your place pal! Then we'll see who the real pansy is!" Frankie declared.
"Hey guys you may wanna calm it-" Gerard began wearily.
"YOU STAY OUTTA THIS!" we both snapped.
It was quiet then-
"Yes sir!" we both saluted.
My demented brother took a deep breath, "Good I'm gonna have a cig." I took one out lit up and took a deep drag, "Better."
"Still say you sound like a bitch." I muttered to Frankie.
"Don't even think about it." Gerard said bluntly flicking my lighter.
"Yes sir!" we meeped.
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