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The day before Cronus failed on a 4th attempt

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Cronus fails on a 4th attempt to..... take over.

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Here's how it all happened. Cronus planned to take over effective at tomorrow. He said, "Soon I will get rid of all of those heroes!!! Muhahahahahahaha!" Hera saw Cronus talking and told Jay all about it. She also said, "Be careful, because Sybaris has been resurrected by Cronus." Jay told all of the team members about this very incident. All of the team members were shocked, and a little surprised as well. Archie was the first one to respond and said, "What? that is impossible, and for Zeus's sake, I thought I stabbed her to death 6 days ago." Jay correctly answered, "I know, but it's true that she had been resurrected. Hera said so." Theresa, meanwhile had a vision and said, "I sense something suspicious.....this could be bad, because she is not alone, and instead she has harpies!"
Everyone gasped. They knew it was bad, and they had no choice but to find and defeat the villians. So, in the afternoon, they trotted off to find the villians. Archie heard something, and immediately told Jay. Archie said, "The sound is monster like." Jay answered Archie by saying one simple word. "Sybaris!" he shouted. Sybaris appeared, and grabbed Atlanta and threw her into the sea. "HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP!" she shouted. "Atlanta!! NOOOOO!!!!!" Archie shouted, and threw himself into the water to save Atlanta. Jay said, "Heh, looks like Archie loves Atlanta after all, but we've got no time for watching." Soon, he got hold of her, and stabbed Sybaris under her arm, and she collapsed. However, it was not over yet. The Harpies began to attack the heroes. With a water pistol, Neil shot some of the Harpies. Soon there was one left. Archie stabbed it in the throat, and it vanished for good.
Soon when they returned to their house, Oliver, the mighty descendant of Oedipus, muttered to himself, "Man, Atlanta got thrown into the sea, ah, but what the heck, Archie saved her. I envy him." Meanwhile, Atlanta and Archie was hanging out, and Atlanta said, "Thanks again for the saving, Archie.", and she softly kissed him on his cheek. Archie responded her by saying, "Aw, stop. You are making me blush." After this, Oliver said, "That's my favourite outdoor sport. Making Cronus go mad like a crazy, green-haired lunatic. Ha-ha!" Everyone agreed with him, and they are off for another adventure tomorrow when they face Cronus once again!! (TO BE CONTINUED)
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