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Chapter Five

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"Do you want to die here and now? Take my hand and you go back."

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“Amber!” Gerard snapped, hitting her with the paper in his hand. My mind was blank.

Kill me. Kill me?! My stomach burned. “Kill me?! Why didn't you tell me that before you talked me into this?!” I shouted in panic.

“Frankie! It's not that bad, I swear! Ask Amber, I killed her too!” She laughed and nodded.

“It doesn't hurt. Promise.” she locked her pinkie around mine. “Besides, you have to die to come back like us. It's not like we actually die.” she rested her free hand on my shoulder.

Another wave of stabbing heat washed through me, making me bite my lip on a groan. My already pounding heart sped up, nearly making me choke.

Gerard smacked her hands away and took my face in his. “Frankie, trust me. All you have to do is sign this and don't doubt me and everything will be just fine.” he leaned his forehead against mine as he spoke, sending tingles dancing through my skin.

Again, those green pools caught me, calming my rage and fear. I swallowed slightly and nodded. “Okay. I'm good. Pen?”

Amber pulled one out of her back pocket and handed it to Gerard. He set the paper down on the cabinet and signed one of the two lines.

I took the pen and looked over his name at how I should sign. Gerard A Way. A smile touched my lips as I signed the other. My handwriting was so ugly next to his, but I really didn't care.

“Amber.” he murmured, handing her the pen and paper. She wrapped her arms around my waist tightly.

Her quick hug sent me into a small squirming fit as I wrapped my arms awkwardly around hers. “See ya in a couple minutes.” she breathed into my ear, raising goosebumps along my skin.

The arms were gone in a second as she left the room. My eyes flickered to Gerard, who stood silently next to me, flexing his long fingers. “What is she?” I breathed. He blinked at me and smiled.

“Amazing, right? Just wait till we go hunting together. Nothing more dangerous than a succubus with sass.” he grinned.

“Succubus? Like demon?” my cheeks burnt. He nodded

“You felt it, right?” I nodded slightly. “And all you wanted to do was go up to her room?” my whole face burned. “It's okay. She got to me, too.” he sighed. “Oh well.”

He took a step closer to me. I squeaked slightly as he pulled me closer to him by my hips. With effort, I forced myself t hold my breath as he took my face in his hands again.

“And what are you?” I whispered, staring into his eyes. He smirked a moment before heat washed through me, making me gasp slightly.

“Incubus.” he murmured, his lips touching mine. “Close your eyes.” he whispered. I closed them tightly, instantly missing the blazing green. “Sorry about this.” he breathed softly.

He turned my head hard and fast. The last thing I heard was a loud snap.

But I was still here. I looked around in the darkness, looking for any form of light.

“Hey!” I whirled to see who was here with me. I stood looking at myself.

No. That wasn't me. This boy's too......wild. “No, I'm you alright. Just a better you. Stronger, faster, braver.” he murmured, stepping closer to me.

“No, you're not me.” I shook my head, taking a hasty step back he followed me, a gleam of joy flashing in his brown eyes.

“Am so. We're the same person. I'm just another version of you. This.” he held his hand out to me. “Is when you choose. Do you want to go back as me; a better you; or die here and now? Take my hand and you go back.”

“I'm scared.” I whimpered, wanting ti curl into a ball where I stood.

“I can change that. All you have to do is take my hand.” his smile softened as he put his hand closer to me.

My hand slowly crept forward until my fingers brushed his warm palm. Our hands curled around each others.

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