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Like we used to

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Amy is here! Plus her death eating friend BRENDAN! will raine and Andy divorce or will Amy and brendan's plan fail?

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( 8 years later )

I sat in a chair helping veils with her homework. She was on spring break and had to write a page on what her parents did for a living. She was having trouble on explaining how her parents didn't believe in god. She went to a catholic school cause it was 5 minutes away!

" daddy." veils said

" yes." I responded

" why was I named veils?" she asked

" well your actually named after the band. So your real named is black veil brides." I said.

" oh. Is that why I get made fun of cause i'm named after a devil worshiping band?" she asked

" yep pretty much." I respond

I sighed why do kids her age cause so much nonsense? Was it their stupid attitude. No one will never know. Right then Ashley ran in the yep he ran into the door of the tour bus! He then scream fuck at the top of his lungs! When he finally got in the tour bus he was panting.

" your wi-ife has bee-en raped." he Pangea

" WHAT!" I Said

" by Brendan with amy's help!" he said
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