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Rebel love song

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Andy and raine together for ever

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I fixed my tie as I sat down and started to freak. What was Raine doing right now? Was Sandra helping her get ready? Was are daughter really going to be a brides maid? I was freaking out. Ashley came up to ms. His cute face, ive been starting to have feeling for Ashley and it's really hard. I smiled and sighed Ashley hugged me and it felt so right! WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING I AM GETTING MARRIED TODAY!

" you know something andy." Ashley said

" no" I said

" that's not how your supposed to response! Well I had a crush on you sense I've met you! But know your getting married and I get kiss you or date you." Ashley said

I noticed I was straight and I was having feelings for a guy! Oh shit this was bad. I smiled at him and broke his hug I got up and fixed my hair. It was as ling as Raines and that kind of scared me. When Sandra walked in she told us it was time. I sighed and nodded. Ok now my heart goes to raine not Ashley.

I stood at the top of the aisle. I was in a church getting married and I didn't even believe in god! The music started to play and I sighed then raine walked down the aisle in a black dress. Sandra behind her helping veils. ( are kids nickname ) I noticed raine's dres had white bleeding roses on it when she walked closer.

Then she walked up on the alter and we said are vows and then we kissed. It was the best wedding ever! The best wedding!
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