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Meeting the bands

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Andy and raine run off and they start black veil brides!

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That night I decided to go to Raines window and trow rocks. This is one of the stupidest moves in the book! She actually answered and I was so happy. She smiled and I couldnt help but masturbate cause all I wanted to do was have sex!

" Andy!" raine shouted

" shhhh we need to be quiet but grab a bag and stuff were leaving!" I said

" ok I'll leave my parents a note!" raine said

" don't I really don't give a fuck how fucking worried they get." I said
Raine nodded and came out the back doorin five minutes good timing! She hopped in my car and I drove off this made me think of a song and I started to sing. It wasn't one you Hurd on the radio I just made it up. That song eventually became rebel love song. When we stopped raine ran straight to the door and almost into a guy with long black hair and had a Mötley crew shirt on.

" oh sorry." raine said
" its ok by the way I'm Ashley." the guy said

" I'm raine and thats my boyfriend Andy of there." raine said

" hey I'm Andy." I said trying to sound polite but this guy didn't look like a guy you'd be polite too.

" nice to meet you guys. Hey do you wanna hang out after your pregnant looking girlfriend gets something to eat." Andy said

" yea sure." I said

" Andy, baby I'm gonna vomit." raine said

" oh shit." I spit out and ran over to her. I petted her back as she trew up in the bushes. Ashley had a grossed out look on. After ran vomited in a fast food restaurants bushes
we left. Ashley took us too some place were there some other guys
And a girl. Raine started to freak out when she thought she had peed on the floor. Maybe It's been OH MY GOD! I've lives across the street from raine my whole life and 4 monthes ago I got her pregnant it never showed so we never said anything. Then we had sex agains he was still pregnant and it started to show then! I remember blocking raine out of my life then she moved and they erased us from their memory!

" it all makes sense!" me and Raine shouted out at the same time.

Then raine screamed. Oh shit her water broke the chick on the couch got up and grabbed her hand. Ashley grabbed the car keys and we rushed raine to the car. We headed to the hospital and got their just in time. Maybe my dream wasn't all coming true and maybe I really was a senior with a pregnant girl friend. Maybe I wasn't a freshman who met her by the tree. How ever it goes I wanted to run away for her.

In hour later a jet black haired baby girl was born. She looked like raine and me a lot. I didn't know what she was going to name her Bur I loved.

" what are you gonna name her?" Ashley asked

" yea whats her name?" safes asked sweetly

" her name is well really weird but you guys will deal with it. Her names black veil brides but were calling her veil." raine said

I liked the name and my kids name started a band too.
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