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2 weeks later

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Raine and Andy have to tell their parents what will happen when they do?

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It's been 2 weeks since I've had half sex with raine and she hasn't talked to me since! Was there something wrong with me? Did I mess something up? I wanted to find out what was wrong till I felt someones hand on my shoulder. I spun around to find raine standing there smiling at me.

" can I talk to you?" raine asked

" sure whats up." I said

" well you do remember 2 weeks ago when we met?" she asked

" yes." I said

" well remember what we did?" she asked

" yes." I said ashamed

" well I took a test yesterday and I'm pregnant." raine said

" WHAT!" I said

Right then I fell down I fainted and when I woke up I was on my couch. Raine was sitting above me and smiling. Was this real or was I dreaming again?

" ok should we tell are parents?" raine asked.

" it's real your pregnant!" I screetched

" yes but don't freak!" raine said

That night raine and her parents came over. Raine got up from the tabled and coughed. Then she put her hands on the table.

" I'm pregnant." raine said

" what?" raine's dad said

" yep I'm pregnant!" raine shouted

After raine said that her dad stood up and walked over to her and punched her. After her dad punched her she ran out of the room. I decided to get up and make a stupid move. I punched her dad! My mom, and Raines mom gasped. My dad got up grabbed my hair and dragged me out of the house. I was stupid and I knew it. What did I do! I punched my girlfriends dad! MY PREGNANT GIRLFRIENDS DAD!
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