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Dream come true

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Andy and raine have some fun

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I looked at raine her blue eyes stained my blue eyes. Hers so dark and mine so light. I grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs. I brought her to my room and sat her down on my bed. I finished putting up some kiss posters and sat next to her.

" so what you wanna do?" I asked

" I don't know?" she smirked

" do you want to?" I started to ask when raine tumbled on top of me and started to kiss me. I pushed her of and switched positions when I felt something wet in sticky on my pants. I was cumming. Raine took of her pants and underwear but she didn't take off her shirt I did the same. I put myself in her and cummed. After and hour we got back on are underwear and pants. I kissed her softly with no tounge.

" if I get pregnant were buying a house." raine laughed

" I will do anything!" I said
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