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Love isn't always fair

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Andy finally figures out The truth......

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I woke up to find out I was back in Ohio in my regular house, in my regular hometown. Maybe it all was a dream, maybe raine was a girl I made up and maybe Amy was too. There probably wasn't a officer who hated my guts. I knew I was still in Ohio. I got out of bed and looked out the window yep. It was snowing like a mother-fucker. The dream felt so real I don't know why though.

I decided to walk down stairs for breakfast and get ready for band practice after. When I walked down stairs their was a girl who looked like raine with her parents standing next to her and she looked at me. I noticed I was in y boxers and a kissshirt. I smiled very shyley and waved.

" well umm this is my son andy." my said embarrassed
" hi I'm Andy." I said
" hi I'm raine." the girl with black hair and bangs in her eyes, a metallica shirt, and black skinny jeans.

She reminded me of the girl raine from my dream was this dream coming true?
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