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Knives and pens

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Andy goes to save raine when amy gets in his way.

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" have you seen these girls sir?" the officer asked

" uhhhhh, ummmm yes ." I wimpered

" you have?" my mom questioned

" yea mom the black haired chick I met at school, her names raine.
And you've met Amy." I said

I stared at the officer and started to break down in tears. I was crying in front of my mom and a officer. I got off the ground and wiped my eyes, I walked up to my room grabed some book bag and packed some stuff like my cell phone, I touch, some t-shirts, my hot topic gift card, some money, wallet, and a small pillow. I walked down stairs snatched the picture of raine from the officers hand and walked across the street. I grabbed amy's Arm and brought over to my house.

" this is the blonde hair chick!" I said

" what are you talking about?" Amy asked

" spit it out your the blonde chick who kidnapped raine!" I shouted

" no I'm not and Andy is my boyfriend right baby?" she said


Amy poured and planted her lips on mine it was the worst thing it hurt so ba it started to sting. She wouldn't let go till I pushed off and punched her. My mom ad the officer gasped. Right when the officer was about to grab my hand I slid under him and ran. I ran faster then I've ever run with my book bag on my back and the picture of raine in my hand the officer hopped in his car and turned on his siren on. I hid in a bush and crawled through them intill I heard whining. I crawled through the bushes and found raine hurt.

" are you ok?" I asked

" no not at all!" she whined

" what happened?" I asked

Before raine could say anything I took out the pillow I packed and laid it on my chest. She laid her head down and looked at me. She moved up closer and climbed on top of me.

" ok so let me tell you what happened. I was sitting by my tree listening to music when suddenly I Hurd something. I Hurd someone in the bushes behind me. I turned around when suddenly someone popped out of the bushes. I tried to scream but they tapped my mouth shut. Amy walked out of the bushes and started telling the guy to rape me. He did what she said and after that my clothes were all ripped up. I always thought I'd be a virgin till I met you. I wanted you to take my virginarty. Though now it's been taken by someone who decided to rape me." raine said

I rubbed raine's neck and kissed the top of her head. She fell asleep and I decided to try and get some sleep. I did manage to sleep but when I woke up the same thing happened!
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