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Save me please

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Raine gets kidnapped. Is Andy to blame?

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I sat there kissing raine for awhile when I checked the time. I broke the kiss and started to panic. Raine sat there and started to nibble my neck and I calmed down. It's like she knows my special spot! She put her hands on my waist and I felt her hands slide down to my thighs.

" stop panicking Andy. I skip school all the time. The teachers are too. Fucked up to notice!" raine said

She must of felt my thighs shake from panicking all I could think was what would happen when she fucking got up and said we couldn't do this anymore cause I get scared when she touches my thighs...

" I'm not panking." I said

" ok maybe I'm imagining things." she said

After that I nibbled her neck and we played around finally we both fell asleep side by side. Her head on my chest, my chest under her head. My drool on her face, her drool on my shirt. When I woke up though she was gone and I was in my bed. Was that all a dream? Wad raine some girl I made up was Amy some made up girl too? Was I back in Ohio? This was wierd intill the doorbell rang. Then my mom rushed down stairs. I put on my kiss shirt and some nice skinny Jeans. Did my hair real. Fast and did my eyeliner thick and quick. When I walked down stairs their was an officer holding up a picture of raine and Amy.
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