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Fallen Angel

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THIS IS A BLACK VEIL BRIDES FANFICTION!!!! When Andy six moves to some prep town with girls who are cheerleaders and don't wear underwear with skirts that show their butt, he meet Amy. Amy...

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I hate my new town! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! Everyones a prep and they are mean this is my second night hear! My name is Andy sixx and my dad had to stay behind cause of his job and me and my mom moved too some weird town. I've been crying in my pillow all night and over 48 hours in this new place! I'll never meet any cool chick who's hot and is really funny and wears skinny jeans year around! That's not going to happen because this is plastic surgery happy town!

I look at the clock to find it say 5:30 a.m time to get up and do my hair and make up for school. I finish around 6:00 grab my stuff and remember that it's my first day ad year of high school! THANK GOD! ( if there is a god! ) i walk to school and find my neighbor who lives across the street sitting near a tree. She has a super short skirt on and her top isn't even a top! I smile and walk past her. I call this chick her cause I forget her name!

" hey andy!" she says

" hey ummm Amy right?" I say

Please be right please be right! I thought

" yep it's Amy by the way see that girl with the metallica shirt on. Don't hang out with her she's emo! Plus she's a fag. Her names raine and she sits their before school starts and when I walk by she gets up and runs toward the school so I don't punch her. Cause I used to do that! It's fun to punch her since she's a small vegitarain! She has no friends and doesn't need any!" Amy said

I looked at raine and stared to think how cute she looked short black shoulder length hair, bangs that swooped in her eyes, thick eyeliner and a tattoo that looked like a heart with some letter I couldn't make the letters out though.

" I'll be right back." I said

" were you going Andy?" Amy asked

I didn't answer and walked over to were raine was sitting I stood over her and she looked up. I smiled she smilied , I waved she waved, I pushed my bangs out of my eyes she did the same thing. I decided to sit down next to her. I wanted to make a move when she put her head on my shoulder and hugged me.

" sry about this by the way my name Is raine." she said

" it's ok and my name is andy." I said

" I like that name it's one of those names were you now the Childs emo. Plus boys with name andy are hot." she said

I looked at her, she looked at me. She closed her eyes and sighed then I made a move and kissed her.
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