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Chapter 21

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"Can I have you address, and I'll send the ambulance straight over!"

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The thought of never having a family again, losing another one, was so painfully sore, I felt my body ache. But like I said, I thought of nothing. Too much thinking had made me tired. Too tired. Dead tired.

After hours of sitting there in my dead-like state, I started to think. I didn’t mean what I had said. It wasn’t Franks fault he felt hopeless. But its not too late!

I stood up and opened the door.

"Frank! Frank, where are you?" I called.

I heard a squeaking noise then a loud thump. I ran to the kitchen. There I saw him. Frank. On the floor. A snapped rope around his neck.

"FRANK!", I screamed.

I ran to him. I turned him over. I began to search his arms, neck, chest for a pulse. I was sure I could feel something, but part of me was sure I was imaging it. I grabbed the phone and dialled.

"Hello, this emergency services, what is the nature of your emergency?", said a calm lady on the other end.

"My friend has hanged them selves! They have cancer! I think there’s a pulse! Please send someone quick!"

"Can I have you address, and I'll send the ambulance straight over!"
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