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Chapter 22

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I just want him okay. Even if it meant, I'd have to die, I'd do it.

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I opened my eyes. It hadn't been a dream, like I'd hoped for. Again, I sat in the horrible blue hospital chairs, waiting for news on Frank.

My life... is over. I've lost everything. Now I'm going to lose the one person that made me stand tall!

I just want him okay. Even if it meant, I'd have to die, I'd do it. Please god, don't take him away from him. He's so young! He's only 15 and he’s lost, sad and confused! Please don't let him die!

He hasn't completed any of his dreams!

He isn't a famous guitarist,
He isn't a singer,
He hasn't got those tattoos he wants.

God, if you let him live, I promise to look after him! If he gets sicker, I‘ll stick by him! Anything to make him happy! I love him, please don't take him away from me! He's all I have! I left my family for him! I got myself disowned by my father for him! I've been trying to clean myself up for him! It's all for him! It always was...

I want him in my arms, hugging me close. I love him. I really do. I really don't think I told him enough!

I heard the hospital doors bang open as someone rushed inside. Frank's dad.

"Gerard! Oh thank goodness!" He ran over to me, and pulled me into a tight hug. "What happened? Where’s Frank?"

"He… He hanged him self! I think its cause I yelled him! I didn't want him to kill himself! He cut himself too and I saw him smoking a cigarette! He is killing himself!", I cried into him, panicking extremely and ending my sentence confusingly.

Mr Iero didn't answer. What could he say? Only lies and hopes, and they needn't be said. He sat down on the seat next to me, and ran his fingers through his hair.

I saw a large nurse fast walk down the corridor to us. She was so big and bulky, she looked like if she sat down, her head would drown in the fat rolls of her neck and chest.

"Mr Iero? Mr Way?", she asked us. We nodded, "Could you come with me, please?", she said gently.

Oh god... Here it is. I knew what was coming. I knew she was going to take us to a room and tell us Frank had passed away. I felt my eyes get ready to pour tears, and the colour drain from my face.

She took us to an office, and asked us to sit down in front of her desk.

Here it comes...

"I can happily tell you that Frank is ok and is recovering. When he hung him self, his neck didn't break, and as you told us down the phone, the rope had snapped. This would explain how he has survived. He'll be fine soon, but we want to keep him in. But there’s some more..."

I was happy I had Frank still. I was over the moon. But I knew what she was going to say next. I was sure of it…

"Its about the cancer", she informed us slowly.

Couldn't she just get it over with? She was talking painfully slow.

"The abscess hasn‘t come back."

"What?" I said, finally speaking my thoughts aloud.

"The abscess hasn‘t come back.", she repeated.

"You mean its gone? The cancers gone??", asked Frank's dad.

"For now" She said calmly.

I stared.

We thanked her and walked back to the waiting room. With the shocking information swimming round our brains...
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