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Chapter 23

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Suddenly, I felt myself sliding down. Falling. Falling into nothingness.

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Frank: 2 day’s later.

I could hear a beeping sound coming from far away in the distance. I could hear the mumble of voices. I could hear so much but it was so far away. I was lying on something flat and rock hard. I felt uncomfortable and tried to move. But I couldn't. My body felt heavy, as if it weighed the same as a 7 story building. Suddenly, I felt myself sliding down. Falling. Falling into nothingness. Whatever I was lying on seemed to be slowly melting. Eating me up as it did. I felt the liquid version of it crawl across my body, cupping my face. I couldn't breathe, and suddenly found myself falling deeper and deeper.

I finally opened my eyes, my sight was incredible fuzzy and lazy-like. The first thing I saw was a bright white light. I was I going to heaven? Was I DEAD?

Oh well. With me dead, Gerard could get on with his life and so could my mum and my dad. Everyone would be so much happier. They wouldn't have to worry about me. Gerard could go back to his family and pretend nothing happened. Pretend I had never happened, and that he was just normal boy…

"Frankie?", I heard someone call…

Gerard… But he seemed so far away. Scarily far away…

"Frankie... Frankie?", he called

My eyes began to adjust to everything, and began to clear. Tower over me, face smothered with worry, was my Gee… MY Gee…

"Gerard…", I whispered weakly, looking up at the beautiful boy above me.

"Oh Frankie!"

"Gerard… Are you dead too?"

Gerard's white skin became paler. He looked dead. Deader than usual…

"What? What are you on about?", he asked, cupping my cheek with his hand. He rubbed his thumb over my cheek. His skin was so soft, but cold. Very cold.

"Why are you in heaven…", I whispered

"Frankie! We're not dead! You're not dead! You here. Here in life. Here on earth with me, Frankie! Y-You didn't leave me…", Gerard sat down on the hospital chair, he rested his forehead on the metal bar of the bed.

"Gerard…?", I asked worried

Gerard looked up to face me. A tear escaped from his hazel eye.

"I'm sorry Gerard…"

"Frank… You scared the living shit out of me! How could you? How could you even considered killing yourself!?", he said coldly, angry watery eyes burning into me.

I didn't know what to say. I stared at him. I felt a tear run down my cheek. Then, a sea full of them. I cried silently, just watching Gerard. He stared at me too. We said nothing.

I could hear him breath, Deep and draconian.

My breathing quivered each time I breathed out.

We stared into each other's eyes. I could read everything.

His pain, his worry, his hopes, his dreams…

I was his pain. I was his worry. I was his hopes. And I was his dreams.

We stared. And stared. And stared.

Then he rushed up and smashed his lips to mine.

I kissed back forcefully. I wrapped my arms round his neck. One hand ran through my hair, the other ran up and down my side.

I moved myself so I was cornered in to one side of the bed. Gerard climbed on and lay next to me. He wrapped his arms round my waist.

We just lay there. Kissing. We didn't speak, but every kiss meant somthing.

A Kiss. I love you.

A Kiss. I'm so sorry.

A Kiss. Don't ever leave me.

He kissed me, proving all the things I saw in his eyes
I was his worry and pain. But I was his hopes and dreams…

"You are my dreams come true…", whispered Gee, before pushing himself back in to the kiss.

I had wanted to leave this? I must have been mad! How could I ever leave this…

I felt his hand leave my side and run its self to my chest.

Gerard stopped kissing, and looked down at my chest.

"Frank… I need to tell you something…"

"What?", I asked.

"The doctor was talking to me and your dad…"


"About…" Gerard pointed at my chest.

I felt myself freeze. I knew what was coming.

"Well…. Frankie…", he whispered, fiddling with the bed sheets.

"Gerard", I placed my finger under his chin and made him look at me, "Its back isn’t it…?"

"No", whispered Gerard, pausing again.

I stared at him

"Its not come back..."

Then I passed out.
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