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Chapter 24

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He didn't reply. My brain filled with questions… How had he got my number?

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Frank had been home for 2 days now. I was sat on his bed drawing. I was alone as Frankie and his dad had gone to see Frank's mum and had decided it would probably be better for if I stayed home.

My laptop sat next to me, playing Green Day on fall blast. I wouldn't mind starting a band. That would be epic! I'd have to sing though, because I have no idea how to play drums, and I'm shit at guitar...

I was just setting up the PC to play 'Die, Die my darling' by The Misfits when a message popped up on my phone. It told me that I had a new message. From Bert.

Bert was the asshole who used to supply me drugs when I was 13. It was only for a couple of months, around June - early December, but Bert spent a long time afterwards trying to get my to buy them.

I'd forced myself to stop when I saw a documentary about drugs which freaked the shit out of me. But Bert had also had a serious obsession with me. He fancied me. To be honest, him, Frank and, I suppose, Frank's dad are the only gays or bi-sexual I have ever known.

"Hey Gee! Long time, no see!
Got some new meow-meow and shit in.
Wanna buy babe? Love you someday-fuck-buddy.
Bert xXxXx"

Pervert. I picked up my phone, abandoning my sketch pad.

"No thank you. I don't need it.
And I will never be your sex buddy, ok?"

He didn't reply. My brain filled with questions… How had he got my number?
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