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Chapter 25

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"CHEATER!", yelled Frank, before stomping up stairs.

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"Gerard...?", called Frank Snr.


"There's someone at the door for you!"

I looked at Frankie who was huddled in my arms.

"I'll be back in a min", I promised him, releasing myself from his embrace and getting up off the bed.

I walked down the stairs then stopped and stared at the door.

"Oh my god... RAY!"

"UNCLE JIGGY!", laughed my old friend.
Ray Toro.

Ray had been my friend since I was in pre-school. We were close friends until we left to go to secondary school. I went to BelleVille High and Ray went to St David's, a boarding school that was over 2 hours away. For the first year, he'd come home to BelleVille in the holidays, and he'd always hang out with me and Mikey. But, his parents broke up and his mum moved out. Even though his dad lived here, he hardly visited. I'm surprised he even remembered me.

"God, man, what are you doing here?", I said joyfully, giving him a hug.

"I'm staying with dad for the week. Thought I might pop and see you, but your mum said you'd moved out and lived here now. She never said why", he said confused

"Long story tell you later. But, god, dude I'm glad you here!" I was almost bouncing for joy! My old friend was back again!

"Gee... Gee, who's down there with you?", asked a weak voice.

"Frankie! This is my childhood friend, Ray! Ray, this is-" I stopped. How would he react if I told him I was gay?

"Boyfriend", replied Frankie, ending my line for me.

Ray's eyes grew. Oh god, Frank! What have you done?

I was terrified that he would turn on me, run a mile, call me a freak and hate me.

"Oh… Well, um, n-nice to meet you, um, …", stuttered Ray.

"Frank", replied the small man, sounding as if it was an order.

I wasn't sure why he sounded so nervous, until I turned to my boyfriend and saw his face. His expression was a mix of displeasure, insecurity, hatred, curiosity, and distrust. I swear he was going to pounce on Ray and murder him…

"You say… Childhood friend? Well… Gerard’s out of his childhood now, so… May I ask why you're here?", questioned Frank, crossing his arms.


"No, Gerard. It's okay.", Ray turned to Frank, "I'm just here to see my old friend. Which is Gee. I haven't seen him for a while so, since I'm here visiting my dad, I thought I’d come see him!", Ray grinned.

Frank didn't. His eyes carried on burning into Ray.

"You wanna stay for a while?", I asked him.

"I can't actually. I just wanted to give you my new mob number and check up on you.", his smile looked false, "Anyway here's my number-" He handed me a piece of paper "And If you text me later we'll arrange a get together, yeah? We could do what we used to do when we are kids- I play guitar and you sing!"

"Yeah Ray that awes-"

"Sorry he's BUSY!", Frank yelled, while pushing

Ray out the door and slamming it shut. Then he locked him out.

"What the fu-!", I was interrupted as a hand slapped my face.

"CHEATER!", yelled Frank, before stomping up stairs.

"What? Cheater? He's my FRIEND!", I argued.

"Oh yeah, Gerard. FRIEND! Let me ask you something-", he came back down the stairs and stood himself so close that we were nose to nose. Well, nose to mouth…

"What was it like when you fucked him?", he asked calmly.

"What? Frank, are you hearing yourself? He's my friend! Not my boyfriend! I love YOU, not him!"

"Fuck off!", he turned from and headed upstairs.

"A doctor gave him some medication. It's just a side effect. Let him sleep a little while.", reassured Frank Snr, as I told him about what had just happened.

Frank Snr, who had been peacefully sunbathing in the garden, had been interrupted by the awful sound of his son and son's boyfriend arguing. By the time he was inside to investigate, Frankie was upstairs in bed and I was sitting on the stairs with my head in my hands.

"You sure?"

"Gerard, I know my son, as do you. I think we both know this is very unlike my Frank.", he smiled and sat down next to me on the stairs.

"Gerard, I know this is hard. But, Frankie can't help it."

"I know, Mr Iero.", I sighed.
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