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Chapter 26

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It didn't matter how many times I told him to 'fuck off’, he always replied.

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“Sure you dont want pot sexii? Cum on u no u do! Anyfin u want babi and ill get it.”

I scowled at the text. Bert still hadn't given up.

For the past two hours, Frank had been sleeping peacefully upstairs after he had somehow ended up with the conclusion that I had cheated on him with my friend, Ray.

Bert started texting me again half an hour ago.

Every text he sent, he was hitting on me. Every text I sent, I was cussing and threatening him.

“Don’t you get it? I don’t want anything! Now fucking leave me alone”

I knew this wasn't going to stop him from replying. It didn't matter how many times I told him to 'fuck off’, he always replied.

“Please gee. I miss u. Cum get some sex.. xxxx

I found myself throwing up in my mouth at the thought of kissing an ugly fucker like him.
I started deleting the texts I'd sent to him. But as I did this, Bert carried on texting me-

“I luv you Gee”
“Please talk”
“Gee? Xxxxxxxx”
“I love yoU! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

I ignored them all and carried on deleting. I was about to start deleting my texts from him when all of a sudden my phone died. I sighed angrily.

I dared myself to take the trip upstairs and sneak into Frankie's room, grab my changer, and run down stairs.

I got off the red leather sofa and headed upstairs, quickly, but quietly, taking 2 steps at a time.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"Gee, please..."

"No, Frankie! I... I just can't..."

"Gerard, please I need this...!

If you were a 15 year old boy being begged by your also 15 year old, just over cancer, boyfriend for sex, would you accept?

Well, I can't accept. I'd just feel so wrong! He still wasn’t completely all right! I can't do it...

But I do want it. 4 months and no sex is frustrating thing for a boy my age who has lost his virginity I really want it, but it would be wrong.

"Please... for me..."

I turned my head and looked him, his big eyes staring into me lovingly, his lips slightly parted and begging to be kissed. He wanted it. I wanted it. Why shouldn't we do what we want? I'm sure everything will be fine...

I pushed him forcefully off me so he was lying on his back.

"Ouch! Hell! I can't! Gee-"

"What’s wrong Frankie?"

"My-... My chest! Oh god, Gee! Gee, help me!", he cried.

"Frankie, can you get up?" I asked, taking a big breath.

He shock his head through tears. He tried not to scream in pain, taking deep, heavy breathes every between his coughs.

I rushed down stairs and grabbed the phone and dialled.

"Hello this is Belleville hospital, what is the cause of your call?", said the voice of calm woman

"My friend is in pain! I can't move him! Help, please!"

"Please relax sir, everything is going to be fine. Give me your address and we'll send an ambulance."

I told them the address, before thanking her and hanging up. I rushed back up stairs. I could hear Frank coughs and muffled gasps of pain. When I got in the room, I found him with his head in his pillow. I quickly began to try and dress the crying heap.

"Please, Frank! Help me here! Don't worry, we're going to the hospital."

He remained crying, but let me do up his shirt. I shushed him, ruffling his hair.

"It's okay Frankie. Everythings alright. Shh...", I rubbed his head and let him cling to my other hand, "Everything is going to be alright. I love you, baby"

15 minutes pasted and still no ambulance, I was starting to panic. What was taking them to long?

Frank was still sobbing into my jeans and mumbled things to himself.

A few minutes more passed, then the door rang.

I wriggled away from him and dashed out the room and ran down stairs to the door and gave the men directions to Frankie. While they got him and placed him on a stretcher, another one asked my questions.

"What were you going when this happened?"

"Did he act or eat differently in the last 24 hours?"

"What kind of medical conditions does he have?

The questions continued, but I could hardly answer them as I worried about my beloved.

Soon enough, The men came running down the stairs, carrying Frankie on the stretcher.

"I've got to come with him! He needs me, please!", I begged, as a brown haired man in white tried to stop me from entering the ambulance, "His dad won't be here for 2 hours! His mum lives 3 hours away! Please!"

I begged and cried until the paramedic gave in and let me into the ambulance. I stared down at Frank, scared and sickly.
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