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No Light For Loki

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Loki returns to earth to once more challenge the Avengers, but they have a few new recruits on hand to help. Written by my good friend Morrigan Campbell.

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It was dark.
There was no light.
Not even a chink of sunlight shone in from the window.
Loki sighed and slid down against the wall, propping his elbows on his knees and cupping his face with pale hands.
He had been locked in the tiny little cell for weeks, or maybe months, with no light and he had to survive on little slivers of stale bread and sips of tepid water that he got every two days.
He patted his chest, his armour tattered dirty rags now. He could feel his ribs, protruding out from under his skin.
He needed nourishment.
But then again, he need a lot of things.
He needed a bath, he needed to be a king, he needed power, he need control.
But he needed one thing the most, what he needed was-
“The Tesseract.”
Loki blinked, blue eyes calculating, but he was trembling slightly.
That voice wasn't his.
He raised his eyes, squinting into the darkness, trying to see if something moved, but there was nothing.
“Who's there?” His voice was smooth and calm, though slightly raspy from dehydration.
“Don't you remember me, little prince?”
Loki blinked, tilting his head to the side and he pouted his chapped lips slightly. It was what it did when he thought, nothing more than an involuntary action.
His heart was beating rapidly in his chest and his pupils dilated.
Loki was scared now, but he swallowed and tried to remain unruffled, though his voice cracked slightly when he spoke.
He just hoped that was from malnutrition.
“I know who you are.” He whispered, “I remember.”
“Ahhh, it's been a while. You've grown up.”
“What do you want?” Loki asked. He wasn't the type of person for small talk.
“The Tesseract. I need it. Get it for me.”
Loki scoffed, a haughty look on his fine features, and he swept a lock of dark hair out of his eyes.
It felt good to look down at people.
“Have you not realised?” He gestured around his cell, “I'm trapped in here. Probably forever. You're a fool, Alvis.”
“Do not mock me, silly demigod.” The voice was threatening now, and Loki winced as his head suddenly stung, is if he had been slapped.
“Thor has the Tesseract.” Loki said, and he resisted the urge to roll his eyes like a child, “I don't know where it is.”
“Not that Tesseract.” Alvis laughed, and Loki frowned, confused.
“There are no others.”
“Wrong, wrong, wrong. There's another piece of the Tesseract.”
Loki sat up straight, suddenly alert.
The Tesseract would lead to power. Power would lead to authority. He could finally rule, as he had dreamed of.
“Where is it?”
“Earth.” Alvis chucked, a rough, gravelly sound.
Loki replied in a grunt. He wasn't that fond of Earth after the Avengers had attacked him and Thor had forced him back to Asgard and into this little prison.
“Where? How do I get there?” Loki snapped. He was impatient. He wanted to be free.
“The Tesseract is in Ireland. Inside a mortal girl.” Alvis seemed to grow more amused by the second.
Loki snorted in disbelief. He doubted a human could hold such power.
“How?” He sneered, crossing his arms and a look of amused skepticism on his face.
“Think of it this way,” Alvis paused for a second, then starts to explain, “A seed can't grow a plant without soil. The soil surrounds the seed, it nurtures it, it helps it grow and helps it branch out until the plant is strong enough to push through the surface of the dirt. She's protecting the Tesseract, Loki. If you kill her, the Tesseract will die too.”
“The Tesseract can't die, it's not alive.” Loki almost laughed at how insane it all sounded.
“You don't know that.” Alvis replied sharply.
The young man closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose.
He didn't know what to do.
Alvis was just a former friend of his father's, who would teach magic to the children, but every time he would look at Thor or Loki he seemed to swell with hatred and he would work them until they wept for a break, hands raw and bleeding from spell casting and weapon wielding.
Loki guessed he was talking to him via a telepathic spell.
“How do I get out of here?” He repeated his unanswered question.
“Loki, do you promise to get me the Tesseract?” Alvis sounded serious. Dangerously so.
“What do I get if I do?” Loki wasn't the kind of person to do something for someone else and get anything in return.
“Power.” The answer was sharp, and honest, and Loki was only too happy to agree.
“I promise.” He said.
“Loki, you can't kill her. If you do, we'll lose the Tesseract. Again. You have to get her to give it to you.”
“Fine. Now get me out of here.”
Alvis chortled.
“Always so impatient.” With a loud crack, the old man was suddenly in front of him.
Loki stared up at him, then stumbled to his feet.
“Hold out your hands, Son of Odin.”
“He's not my father.” Loki snarled, but grudgingly held out his hands.
Alvis grasped his hands, and held them tight, digging his nails in.
Loki winced.
“Find the Tesseract.” Alvis whispered, and there was another sharp crack, and Loki was gone.
Alvis smiled, and then he too had vanished.
When they had both left, light started to shine in from the window, slowly lighting up the room. On the walls, written with faeces and blood and god knows what.
Two words were written over and over again.
Save me.
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