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5am Wake Up Calls Are Not Good For Trainee Ninjas

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Rain's POV. Written by Nemo.

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RAIN - The clock on the small metal bed side table bleeped, piercing and loud. 5 am. Fuck. Pretty much crawling out of my bed, I grudgingly stood in the tiny, clinically clean bathroom and peered into the mirror. Shit. I looked awful, pale and drawn; my eyes blood shot from lack of sleep and my dark hair a tumbled mess. If he was going to keep me up any later for after hour’s combat training tonight he had another thing coming. I would kick his ass, no fucking question. I was dog tired, and it showed. I suddenly remembered my bed back home, Scott and Ralf taking up all the space while I practically slept on the floor. Oh, the relationship my former boyfriend and our dog had was a long lasting and very beautiful one.

But all gone now. Put it behind you. Get a grip Rain; you ain't seen either of them in more than a year. As Captain said, your career is your life now and you must follow your military training and trust me Rainie they'll thank you when you're a hero like me blah blah blah blah blah. His annoying hero lecture sounded again in my head. Shut the fuck up.

After a shower I threw on my SHIELD uniform. Standard grey. But oh no, I was special. I was better than most at combat, apparently. All I really saw in it was that I could defend myself. Gymnastics as a kid had helped in a few sticky situations of course but nowadays apparently that made you Clark Kent. But no, I am not a ninja today. Defy the boss man and ask Nick to help Elin in the lab. Yes. Because even if it's not the end of the world I apparently need to be able to do 30 press ups in a minute. If some more aliens invade that are killed with sweat then let me know, other than that I'd rather sit on my ass looking at crap under a microscope. Not that all Elin did was look at crap under microscopes.If they'd let me train with Hawk at least I could learn something. At least archery's a good skill. Being a save-the-people-for-I-am-eternally-good type is not a skill. First avenger my ass. I mean if they thought that was the best in the 1900s then they must have been further behind the times than we thought. He irritated me constantly with his hero of the people attitude and just stood there all like "I am a blonde superman now think I'm great or I'll make you do two hours extra training tonight". I mean it's like he thinks I like him or something.

I snuck down to the labs, and Nick and Tony were there with Elin, discussing the fabled tesseract as always. He spotted me through the glass doors and nodded as I entered the lab, but then frowned, quickly asking,"I believe the Captain is expecting you down in training this morning."

Shit fuck damn the fucking bastard. He'd already started whining about me to Fury.

"I'm not due to report in until 0800 hours, so the Captain can stick his training right up his-"

"Thank you Miss Haile, but your opinion is not needed this early. I'll put this one down to sleep depravity, but you watch your mouth when referring to your betters, or next time I will let the Captain deal with the problem himself, maybe with a few extra hours of combat training. Do I make myself clear?" He barked.

"Yes, sir." I muttered, and sat in the corner of the lab muttering to myself about the unfairness of the world.
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