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Baby Don't Cry

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Mercy-Jane is an upset 25 year who is about to lose someone.

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Mercy-Jane's POV
It had been days since I'd gone to see the little tyke, I didn't know what was keeping me from him, maybe it was the way he looked at me when I cried or It could be the way his frail body looked when he was sleeping or maybe I was just to ashamed to look into his beautiful green- gold eyes knowing that soon they wouldn't have enough life in them to reassure me that he would be alight. I couldn't think I needed to get out of this place but I couldn't not without saying goodbye. As I grabbed my keys to the Camaro all I could do was think about what I would do when I saw him, what if he was already gone, what if he wasn't there and they had taken him already, now I was panicking. I locked up the house and got into the car, half way through the drive to the hospital his favourite song came on A Little Piece of Heaven, I pulled over tears streaming down my face lucky I did seeing as my phone was ringing. I picked up the phone;

"Mercy, where are you he needs you"
"Why would he need me?"
"MJ please he pleads for you every time he is awake"
"How can i face him, how am I supposed to face him" i heard rustling and someone else came on the phone,
"Who's this?"
"It's me Johnny"
"What's wrong" I began to worry
"Nothings wrong but you need to come see him"
"Why, why does everyone expect me to be there he's not even my biological brother"
"MJ!" Johnny was in shock I had never said that before
"I'm sorry I didn't… I was on my way when his favourite song came on I had to stop"
"Oh MJ I'm so sorry" i hated it when he empathised with me, come to think of it i hated it when anyone did,
"It's ok" I stopped myself from crying into the phone, Johnny would worry If I did
Johnny had the tendency to worry about me which was normal for the whole band seeing as I was Syn's little sister.
"Look I'll be there in half an hour ok"
"Alright be careful"
"I will"
I closed the phone and placed it on the passenger seat, I drove towards the hospital while I thought about why Johnny was so protective, I figured it was just my imagination.
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