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You Had My Heart

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I arrived at the hospital but did not get out of the car, I kept thinking of ways to escape. BANG!!! Someone had hit the car door,
"Holy Shit "
I wound down the window,
"Sorry MJ didn't mean to"
"Crap Johnny what's wrong" as I began to worry I stepped out of the car and locked it you couldn’t be to careful in this neighbourhood,
"He's awake and asking for you"
"has anything changed"
"he's getting worse"
there was an awkward silence...
"where are the others"
"Syn and Zacky are with Matt and Jimmy who are all getting coffee"
"what" the fact that Johnny had confused me was beyond belief but at this point in time it didn't really matter,
"Don't ask"
"I wasn't planning to"

We headed to the front door, I was getting more and more worried as we came closer to his room, all the doctors that were passing us had grim faces. I felt I was going to be sick, we came closer to the room all I could think about was what he would say to me, I wouldn't care if he yelled at me I had been a bitch not coming the last few days to see him, I had no excuse all I could think to do was to cringe into Johnny who was dragging me ever closer to my step brother. It was kind of a weird family tree when I was born my father took me away and pretended I was dead, my older brother Brian was only three at the time, when my other younger brother was born my biological father had left me with my stepmom then 20 years later he was born now I'm 25 and shit scared of losing him, seeing as I was having a family flash back it is also right to mention that my stepmom Is dead and everyone now know the truth,

"Brian" he hugged me hard which could only mean one thing,
"MJ he's dyeing"
"How long has he got" my voice faltered which made him hug me tighter
"he probably only has one more day"
"oh why did I leave him alone for so long I could have helped"
"he don't beat yourself up about this it's not your fault right guys"
"yeah" they all chanted back
"Miss Haner"
I looked up it was his doctor
"what's wrong is everything alright"
"I'm afraid there is nothing else we can do for your brother but let him die peacefully"
Shock ran through my body as I heard those words, nothing we can do, die peacefully, what was I supposed to do without him how could I go on he had been a light in my life before I meet my real family he had always been there when I needed cheering up, now my life would have one less person in it and that thought scared me to the core i was supposed to be his keeper, my brothers keeper know i just felt helplessly worthless we atleast he had my heart with him aalways.
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